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Chapter 6 dsfalkj I am SO sorry I haven't posted for a MONTH I've been thinking about making another fic for Oumasai too, so I spent time making an outline for that instead of writing this chapter, so sorry about that. Also, writer's block rip Hope you enjoy this chapter though! I'll try to get the next one out ASAP. (Date: April 17, 2018) hmmmm. i know *i'm* the one who said i was writing another oumasai fic, but i cannot for the life of me remember what that was. i think i had one planned that was based of off a vocaloid song, but it's pretty much left my memory unfortunately

--4 Weeks Left--

Saihara clutches an open bento tightly in his hands.

It wasn’t for him, his own bento in a small lunch box bag he had with him. It was for, of course, Ouma. He had noticed how Ouma had barely eaten in the days that he sees him, either talking to others or messing with them rather than actually eating.

Whenever someone tried to comment about it, Ouma would try to wave it off, shrugging with an excuse Saihara was suspicious he made on the spot, a huge grin on his face as he placed both hands behind him before walking away without a word. He always got away with it and Saihara wasn’t very surprised, really. Ouma was a liar after all, and a good one too.

So after going to Akamatsu for advice, he had tried to make food for Ouma. He was sure it wasn’t the best, seeing as he had probably burnt some of the food, but he hoped that Ouma could at least ignore that or not notice it all.

Now there he was, nervously holding a bento full of possibly bad tasting food, staring at Ouma who he had seen walking over to a corner, definitely not eating. It takes some, if not all, his courage to hurriedly walk over to Ouma, raise the bento up a little higher, and try and gently place it on the table.

Thud. The sound of the bento slamming onto the table rings around the closed area. Saihara wants to slam the bento on his face.

Saihara’s still shocked by how hard he had slammed the bento, but he knows he needs to say something before the situation feels any more awkward than it already is. He blushes a bit out of embarrassment, “W-well,” He starts, already sure he’s failing Step One of talking to people, “I h-haven’t seen you eat pretty much anything for days and I got a little worried and I just-” Okay. Talking too fast. That’s fine- it’s NOT fine-

Saihara sighs and places his hand on his face, internally groaning at how quick he was to panic. He really wished he still had his cap on, “I tried to make something for you, but I’m not sure if its good or not.”

He nervously watched Ouma look at the food inside the bento, seemingly analyzing what was inside it. He seemed hesitant to even try it. Did it really look that bad…?

He’s about to tell Ouma to just take his bento since the person who made it is ten times better at it than him, but Ouma picks up his metal chopsticks, picks a piece of beef, shoves it into his mouth, and starts chewing slowly.

He watched Ouma chew, nervous as he feared what kind of reaction would come from the boy. Would he tease him and refuse to eat it? He hoped not. If Ouma hasn’t eaten in a while, then it’ll haunt Saihara out of concern for his classmate.

“ is it?” He asks hesitantly, already accepting an outcome of failure.

“Hmmmm…” Ouma mutters, eyes closing for a second as he swallowed it, “It’s...okay.”

“ hesitated.” Saihara says, now even more concerned that Ouma might not like it at all.

“Do you want me to take it back?”

“N-no! I was-” Saihara sighs, finally deciding to sit down beside Ouma, opening his own bento before using his own set of chopsticks to pick some food up and put it into his mouth, “I just want to know how you really feel this time.”

Saihara could have sworn he saw Ouma blush, but he couldn’t tell as Ouma had rubbed his face at the same time, “Well, it’s up to you to figure out if I’m lying or not!” Ouma says, Saihara already expecting that response from Ouma.

Saihara is surprised though when Ouma suddenly leans forward, whispering, “I’ll give you a hint: I’m telling the opposite of a lie.”

Saihara doesn’t know why, but he slumps out of relief, eyes closing as he placed another piece of meat into his mouth. Sure, Ouma gave him the actual answer, not a hint, but Saihara supposed that that was something he could thank Ouma for.

He and Ouma don’t say anything as they continued to eat their respective bento, Saihara trying to enjoy the quiet. He wasn’t exactly the greatest in conversations, but he knew he should ask Ouma if something was wrong. He was sure those cleaning supplies from last week for something even worse, but of course he couldn’t just assume the worst of it. So why not ask the man himself?

But, how does he even start the conversation? “Oh, Ouma-kun, I just remembered that thing last week with the cleaning supplies and stuff and I’m pretty sure you were lying to me! What’s up with that?” Yeah. Ha ha. No. There was no way he was going to start a conversation like that.

Before he could think of what to say, Ouma suddenly says, “Well, Saihara-chan, is there anything else you need?”

“Um…” Okay. This is it. His chance to ask Ouma anything. Maybe he’ll lie or maybe he’ll actually tell the truth for once. Saihara wouldn’t know, but he was grateful he at least got a moment to speak to Ouma since no matter how annoying others saw him, Saihara honestly saw him as someone he could actually have fun with, and he appreciated Ouma for that.

Okay. Just, ask him the question and get over with it

“Oh! Momota-kun has been wanting me to try and-”

“Hmmmm…” Ouma mutters, eyes closing for a second as he swallowed it, “It’s...okay.”

“ hesitated.” Saihara says, now even more concerned that Ouma might not like it at all.

...God fucking damnit. He missed his chance. Again.

Saihara starts talking about a project they all had to finish next week, a project which could have been done individually or with a group. Ouma had picked to be alone, saying that he worked better alone and sure enough, he had finished it and was waiting for the day they had to pass it. Saihara only knew that because Ouma had brought it to school earlier but learned that the teacher wanted it to be passed all at the same time just so that they don’t lose any of the projects and to make grading easier for them.

Saihara felt awkward as he realized that his voice would raise and lower at some points, hands making random gestures as he spoke. He tried to avoid doing all of this, but Ouma told him it was alright once, his other classmates surprisingly agreeing with Ouma, something that made Saihara relieved.

Saihara could have sworn he saw Ouma blush, but he couldn’t tell as Ouma had rubbed his face at the same time, “Well, it’s up to you to figure out if I’m lying or not!” Ouma says, Saihara already expecting that response from Ouma.

Saihara is surprised though when Ouma suddenly leans forward, whispering, “I’ll give you a hint: I’m telling the opposite of a lie.”

“Ah, I see. That could work,” Saihara says, smiling as he looked at Ouma, grateful to have someone he was able to talk to and get at least some help from, “Thank you, Ouma-kun.”

Ouma hums, satisfied as he placed his bento down, “No problem, Saihara-chan!”

Saihara knew he had a lot of fun during these times. Maybe he couldn’t see the true Ouma completely, but he was glad that Ouma wasn’t completely lying to him either.

Saihara realized that there were days in which he was so glad and lucky to have Ouma around, days where Saihara couldn’t stand on his own and needed a hand to help him up and comfort him, a hug, a pat, and words that he knew were picked carefully, days where the stress got to him and Ouma would take him by the hand and cheer him up with a smile on his face, days where he could see Ouma’s smile wobble just a little, days where Ouma’s tears looked far more genuine than others perceived, days where Ouma himself needed comfort that Saihara did his best to provide. They were days both Ouma and Saihara silently agreed to never tell anyone about and he knew deep down Ouma appreciated it and so did Saihara.

Saihara sees Ouma’s smile become genuinely peaceful, a rare sight to see, and Saihara feels warmth inside of him, wishing that he could see that smile every day, especially if he could be the one to bring it out.

Saihara suddenly blushes at that thought, awkwardly smiling to himself. Ah, he would love to enjoy this moment and let it stay forever. He didn’t know what exactly he was feeling, but it was a feeling he was content with.

He stops smiling when he realizes that one of the main reasons he was here was yet to be taken care of and he feels nervous as he starts to speak again.

“By the way, Ouma-kun…” He says, placing his bento down as well, gently this time so he doesn’t slam it down like the other bento, “There’s something I need to talk to you about. Something...important I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while...”

Ouma must have closed his eyes at some point because Saihara watches as he opens them midway, one eyebrow raised, a smile looking slightly strained on his face before he starts talking, “What is it?”

“I...” Saihara starts, pausing as he tried to find the right words and failing already, “It’s about...last week…”

Ouma seems to have expected this. His eyes open a little more, “What about it, Saihara-chan? Came to ask me about my cleaning techniques or something? If you need those, you should ask Toujou-chan! If your lucky, you could even ask an Ultimate Janitor!”

“N-no! That’s not what I wanted to talk about at all!” Saihara says. Shit, Ouma was trying to derail the conversation before he could een start it. If Saihara lets this continue on he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get another chance.

“It isn’t? Then maybe you wanna ask how I was strong enough to carry all that! Alright, I’ll tell you! So-”

“O-Ouma-kun-” He tries to start. One more chance. One last chance.

“That’s not it either? Perhaps you want-”

“Ouma-kun,” Saihara says, finally snapping as he let his hand slam down on the table, surprising both him, Ouma, and everyone around them. Fuck, this was awkward, “Please. Stop that. M-maybe this isn’t important to you, but it is for me, at least,” Saihara places both hands on his pants, hands turning into fists and scratching the fabric, already feeling embarrassed for doing something like that, even if it did get Ouma to stop, “So please, let me finish.”

Ouma stops talking, noticing the sudden seriousness he can hear in Saihara’s voice, “Well, Saihara-chan?” He says, his expression stoic and his voice losing all playfulness in it, “What did you want to know?”

Saihara was relieved from Ouma’s decision to agree to listen to him, but he felt surprised at the same time from the sudden seriousness Ouma showed. He really didn’t think that would happen, but he was glad it did.

He takes a deep breath, ready to finally say what he needed to say, “Ouma-kun...what were you-”

They both jump at the sound of the bell, the obnoxious noise ringing across the halls.

Saihara knew he failed.

Ouma suddenly stood up from the table, placing his hands on the back of his head, smiling playfully as he turned around and away from Saihara, already taking a few steps out of the cafeteria.

“Welp, looks like I gotta go, Saihara-chan!” And there went his chance to speak to Ouma again.

“We’ll have this conversation later. “ No, they won’t know, and Saihara knew it wasn’t going to happen.

See you later, Saihara-chan!”

Saihara sighs for the hundredth time that day, and leaves the cafeteria, both bentos in hand.

Saihara realizes Ouma’s bento is still half full

Great. Now he had something else to worry about too

Saihara sits on his desk, head leaning on his hand as he waited for Ouma to get back to the classroom for the start of class. Ouma had already been gone for the second time the bell rang, already making Saihara concerned, though the rest of the class didn’t seem to mind, save for Akamatsu, who sat left of Saihara, and Amami, who sat right of Saihara.

“Hey, have you seen Ouma-kun, Saihara-kun?” Akamatsu asked, hands drumming on her desk as she waited for the boy to get back to class, “Last time I saw him, you were there with him at lunch.” The three were collectively staring at the empty chair near the front of the class, the boy nowhere to be seen

“He left a bit after that, so I haven’t seen him since.” Saihara tells Akamatsu, sighing in defeat as he slumped down on his desk.

“It’s just...I was going to try and talk to him about something that’s been worrying me about him, but he managed to get pass me,” A sigh, “I doubt I’d have another chance to talk to him.”

“Oh, don’t be so upset about it Saihara-kun,” Amami tells him, “Ouma-kun can be like that sometimes-” Akamatsu and Saihara’s expression deadpan at him, “-Eh, most of the time, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. You do still have a lot of time to talk to him before the school year ends.”

“Yeah, what Amami-kun said.” Akamatsu said, patting Saihara’s back as well, “Just give it a bit of time. Ouma-kun will open up in no time!” Amami and Saihara deapan at her, “U-uh, in some time!”

Akamatsu sighs with an awkward smile, “It’ll be okay, Saihara-kun. If anyone can do it, you can!” Akamatsu tended to be worried about all her classmates, but Saihara supposed she knew this was something she thought Saihara could do.

“Thanks, Akamatsu-san, Amami-kun.” Saihara says, a small smile on his face as the two smiled at him

A few minutes later, Saihara and the others turn to the sound of the door opening, Ouma popping out of it. They watch as he tells the teacher of his whereabouts, Saihara feeling like it was just a lie. He notices how much paler Ouma looks. Tired, too.

He says nothing though, because he knows that Ouma wouldn’t ever tell him, the gate between the two of them closing once more, opening at a time Saihara would never know when.

But he’ll keep waiting, for his sake and for Ouma’s.

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