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Chapter 3 hi i forgot to update the fic a few days ago enjoy this chapter tho!!! (Date: February 22, 2018) "a few days ago" wait until you don't update for nearly a year my love. it's sad that i lost the steam needed to update so consistently, but i mean at least i'm still trying!!

--3 Weeks Left--

Ouma can barely speak without his throat starting to hurt moments later.

“Here, try this.” The nurse said, handing over a small orange packet with a pill in it, “It should at least help lessen the pain.”

He stares at the small packet, wondering if its powerful enough to actually lessen the pain or if it was just those cheap pills you shouldn’t trust, a thought to ignore all the other ones swirling around his head.

He debated with himself for a few minutes before ripping the packet open, popping the pill into his mouth and swallowing it, his sore throat making the experience much worse.

Once he finished, he gave a quick nod at the nurse and walked out of the infirmary, ignoring the pain in his lungs that followed him around. He didn’t mention it out of fear that the nurse would interrogate him about it and possibly find the root of its cause.

‘Ha, root.’ Ouma feels his smile twitch just a little bit and his lungs constrict for a moment.

It was dismissal time and he watched the other students exit the school, chatting and laughing with their friends as they walked to the dorms, the opposite of where he was going.

Each student was given a dorm, meaning that was where they should reside during school hours. It was a Friday, though, so they were allowed to roam around and such, seeing as there were no classes tomorrow.

He saw Saihara together with Momota and Akamatsu, the two smiling as they listened to Saihara say something with a worried face. Momota pats him on the back while he says something Ouma can only guess as ‘inspirational’. Saihara laughs. Ouma’s heart skips a beat.

He watches the trio leave, going to the opposite direction he was going to as well. That road was where there were houses after all. He turned to leave, steps echoing on the empty road as he walked to his own house.

Approximately, it took around thirty minutes to actually get to his house on foot, twenty minutes if he ran. How long it took to get to his house on car or with a bike, he would never know, especially since he didn’t exactly have the luxury he said he had to afford that kind of stuff. Hell, he barely had enough to feed his own frien-no- family.

‘There’s no way I could take care of someone like Saihara-chan.’ He tells himself, imagining what kind of life Saihara has and how different it was from his own.

Would he have managed to take care of Saihara too? Make him lunch? Tell him everything about himself like it was something so casual to talk about?

Ouma shakes his head. No. He can’t think of that now, not when he has other pressing matters coming into full bloom.

‘Full bloom, huh? Guess I’ve finally reached that level where you try to laugh everything off. Oh wait, I’ve been there since the start. Ha ha, how fun.’

Ouma wants to punch himself.

Suddenly, he hears footsteps a few feet behind him, the sound echoing as the person came closer and closer.

He doesn’t turn around, but he walks faster. As far as he’s concerned, this mystery person was a threat, and he was not going to try and deal with it right now.

The sound of footsteps begin to go faster and Ouma has to suppress a loud yelp as the person holds his shoulder from behind.

He takes a deep breath, turns around, and raises his fist, ready to punch the person following him. He wasn’t the strongest, but he wasn’t going down without a fight.

He lowers his fist as he sees the person following panting, face flushed. He can’t stop the shock from his voice, “Saihara-chan!?”

Saihara continues panting, both hands on his knees as he did so, “O...Ouma-kun! I didn’t think I’d be able to get to you…”

“...and why are you following me?” He asks, breaking from his shock as he crossed his arms, ignoring the throbbing pain in his throat as he spoke, “Are you trying to look for my secret organization, Saihara-chan? Because let me tell you, your plan isn’t foolproof.”

“Of course I wasn’t looking for your secret organization!” Saihara says, finally standing straight, hands fidgeting, nervous, “It's’re always alone when you walk home...and it looked really lonely. So...I was going to try and walk with you.”

“Oh.” Ouma can’t help but feel shocked again, completely baffled by Saihara’s actions. One day, Saihara doesn’t talk to him at all. Then the next, he decided to actually walk with him.

‘Just how unpredictable is he?!’

Ouma claps his hands together, “All right then, Saihara-chan!” He grabs Saihara’s arm and starts walking again, “Let’s go!”

Saihara seems shocked when Ouma turns to look at him, most likely expecting him to turn his offer down and make a run for it. Ouma would have picked that option, but he had a deadline now, and he’d rather try and actually enjoy whatever time he had left to be with Saihara.

He begins singing as he let go of Saihara’s arm, walking a little faster, hands on his back, “I’m gonna live...‘till I die…”

“I’m gonna laugh ‘stead of cry…” He hears Saihara sings back, slightly out of tone. Saihara smiles at him.

Ouma smiles back, glad that someone recognized one of the songs he was singing, “I’m gonna take the town and turn it upside down…”

At the same time they sing, “I’m gonna live, live until I die!”

They stare at each other for a moment before they burst into laughter. This almost felt like a weird inside joke between...friends.

“I didn’t know Saihara-chan liked those kinds of songs!” Ouma says, hiding the fact he was very glad.

“Ah, my uncle really likes them, so I hear it a lot. I guess I just got attached to some of them.” Saihara replies. He walks faster to catch up to Ouma, hands shoved into his pocket as the day grew colder.

“Cool!” Ouma says, turning to look at Saihara and grinning.

“I guess so.” Saihara agrees.

They walk in comfortable silence, much to Ouma’s relief. He doubts that his throat could take another conversation without feeling like it was on fire whenever he opened his mouth.

Ouma bites his lip.

A few minutes pass before Ouma could see the last few roads he had to walk through to lead him to his house. He tries to think of a lie right then and there, not wanting Saihara to see his house. His family was there and they knew about his disease and just who was causing it. Inviting Saihara to his house would be...awkward.

Lucky for him, Saihara’s phone began ringing.

Saihara grabs his phone from his pocket, the word ‘Amami-kun’ in all caps as the phone waited for Saihara to either answer the call or ignore it. Saihara presses the answer button

“Hello, Amami-kun?” Saihara says, covering his other ear with his hand, “Yes, I’m free...ah, I see…” He looks back at Ouma and then at the phone, “I’ll be there as soon as I can. Goodbye.”

Saihara lowers the phone and looks back at Ouma, an apologetic smile on his face, “Amami-kun needs my help to tutor some of his sisters. He thinks I have a better chance at getting them to understand the lesson. Do you mind if I…?” Saihara points at the road.

‘Ah, he’s asking me if he can leave.’ Ouma smiles, shrugging and waving his hand, “Eh, sure.”

‘Ah, he’s asking me if he can leave.’ Ouma smiles, shrugging and waving his hand, “Eh, sure.”

Either way, he turns around and keeps walking to his home.

Or, whatever he could consider his home.

Or, whatever he could consider his home.

He stared at the house in front of him. It was a small one really, the paint peeling off and the windows cracked. Nonetheless, it was his home.

It had been abandoned when the Remnants of Despair had wreaked havoc in the country. No one ever came back for house. Ouma had found it and told DICE that it was their new home. No one complained, seeing as this house was ten times better than sleeping in some alleyway.

Sadly, he couldn’t stay in his house because Hope’s Peak had required that they stay in their dorms or around the campus. All Ouma could do now was visit them now and then.

Ouma pushed the door open, the loud sound of creaking following it. The inside of the house was just as dilapidated. There was more peeling paint here too, the furniture looking rather old and some bookshelf had toppled over long ago.

“I’m home!” Ouma happily calls out.

He hears the sound of someone coming down the stairs and he sees one of the members with pigtails come down, eyes glittering as she caught sight of Ouma, “Ah, welcome home, Ouma-kun! The rest went out for a while, if you must know.”

It’s good to see you again, Shiori-chan!” Ouma says, watching Shiori close another book she was reading.

“You say that as if you haven’t seen us in years.”

“It has been years!”

“Ouma-kun, it’s been one week.”

“I don’t see your point.”

Shiori rolls her eyes, smiling fondly at Ouma, “C’mon, let’s go make something we can eat. We wouldn’t want Hiro-san to get worried about us again, do we?”

They both shuddered at the thought and Ouma agreed with her, nodding as they two walked into the tiny kitchen. All they really had was some tea, bread, jam, and a few leftovers from a time when they had enough money to buy some food from a small restaurant.

He helps Shiori make some food, toasting the bread while she makes some tea. Once they’re finished, they walk to the couch, sit on it, and place the food on the table in front of it.

They eat in silence, the only sound being the strange noises the couch made. Ouma hoped that it would stay like that for a while, sighing as he swallowed some tea and massaged his throat.

Shiori continues to read her book when she asks, “So, how are you feeling today, Ouma-kun?”

“I'm fine.” He says, ignoring the feeling that the question had a little more than just how he was feeling today.

“Mhm. How are you feeling about...that guy?” Shiori slowly asks, flipping the page of her book a little too fast.

“Same as always, Shiori-chan.” Ouma responds.

“Still in love?”

“Still in love, yes.”

“How was your week, then?”

“Couldn’t be any better.”

“What about-”

“Shiori-chan,” Shiori closes her mouth as Ouma said that, the boy looking at her with a serious expression, “What do you actually want to know?”

“Huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Shiori hurriedly responds, now paying attention to Ouma, lowering the page she was about to flip.

“You’re making this conversation longer than it has to be, and you’re willing to lie just for that,” Ouma nonchalantly responds, shrugging as he took another sip of tea, “Now get to the point, please.”

Shiori stares at him before she sighs, closing her book, “You always were the better liar, weren’t you?”

Ouma laughs, “The biggest one of them all.”

Shiori looks away, takes a deep breath, and shows the book’s cover. Ouma raises his eyebrow at it.

There on the cover of the surprisingly thick book were the words Hanahaki: A Study’ in bold text, the cover having a little flower drawn in the corner, “I found a way, Ouma-kun.

Ouma feels like he knows just what Shiori wants, but he played dumb, eyebrow still raised, “A way to what?”

Shirori opens the book again, looks at the table of contents, then begins to flip the pages. She continues to flip each page until she reaches the middle part of the book. She points at one of the paragraphs and begins to read aloud.

“Page three hundred eighteen says, ‘According to Doctor Hanako, her patient, Toba, was able to go through a successful surgery which completely removed the flowers and such, thus curing her from the disease.’” Shiori leans forward, book in hand, a smile on her face, “Surgery, Ouma-kun. We can use it. I don’t know where we can find the money, but if it-”

“Have you read anything after that?” Ouma suddenly asks, surprising Shiori.

“E-er, no.” She responds.

Ouma lowers the tea cup in his hand, “Page three hundred twenty-five, paragraph five, ‘Though the surgery was successful, as stated by the information given to the researchers who wrote this article, it should be important to remember that the patient loses all feelings for the person they had previously fallen in love with.’”

Shiori pales, realizing that she wasn’t the only to read this book, “But…! If it works, you’ll be alright, Ouma-kun. You’ll live.”

“Ouma-kun, please…” Shiori begged, placing the book beside her and reaching over to hold Ouma’s hand, squeezing it, “We need our leader...our friend...our family …”

Ouma sadly smiles at Shiori, reaching over to hug her and then letting go. He whispered, “I can’t , Shiori-chan. I can’t.”

Shiori gives him one last look before she finally lowers her head, smiling bitterly, “...I know.”

They take a sip of tea together.

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