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Chapter 1: New Wave


Chapter 1: New Wave

Naruto was happy that he finally got a real mission this time instead of those meaningless chores, they had to protect a drunk bridge builder and made sure he made his way safely to his village and was protected while the bridge was being built it may not have been the most exciting but it was better than cleaning the Inazuka dog kennels. Aside from the drunk man insulting him and being ignored by his teammates, everything was smooth sailing.

Naruto was happy that he finally got a real mission this time instead of those meaningless chores, they had to protect a drunk bridge builder and made sure he made his way safely to his village and was protected while the bridge was being built it may not have been the most exciting but it was better than cleaning the Inazuka dog kennels. Aside from the drunk man insulting him and being ignored by his teammates, everything was smooth sailing.

As they continued their trek Naruto noticed something strange there was a puddle and it was weird to him because it was a sunny day and it hadn't rained in the land of fire in over a week so that puddle couldn't possibly be real which could only mean it's a genjutsu, he looked around at his team to see if they noticed but it seemed like they hadn't, he then looked at Kakashi but he was the same as his team.

"And I thought I was the dumb one" – he mentally sighed

As soon as they walked past the puddle Naruto sensed two presence appear out of nowhere, they charged at Kakashi but before they could kill Kakashi like they were going to do Naruto threw a kunai in the middle of their chains pinning them to the tree, Naruto then made quick work of them with a chop to the neck effectively knocking them out.

He then turns around and looks back at his team with a grin on his face.

"Hey I took care of them since you guys didn't seem to notice the genjutsu earlier"

Naruto expected them to thank him and congratulate him or at least smile but instead, he got an impassive and unimpressed look form Kakashi, a scowl from Sasuke, and hit on the back head by Sakura for daring to show up her precious Sasuke-kun the only one who seemed to appreciate his effort was Tazuna as he looked at the boy in awe.

"Why are you guys ignoring what he just did?! He took out two of those ninjas for you and you ostracize him?" – Tazuna yelled

"May I remind you who's protecting who Tazuna? You will not question how I handle my team" – Said Kakashi in a lazy but commanding voice

"I'm happy that you were willing to stand up for me but it's fine Tazuna-san really" – Naruto said with his usual plastered fake smile, but that was all just a front as on the inside he was trying to figure out what he did wrong

"Why why do they refuse to acknowledge me no matter what I do or say to them it does not affect."

"I thought that by becoming a ninja would mean I would get to prove to people that I'm not a monster and make them warm up to me but nothing seems to work"

But he was brought out of his thoughts when Kakashi began to speak

"Now Tazuna care to explain to us why C-rank missing-nin from the mist? Were after you?"

Tazuna told them his usual story about the wave being poor and not having enough money for a higher ranked mission about Gato and how much the bridge means

"Ok what would you guys want to do?" – Kakashi asked his team

"We should continue with the mission they are suffering over there in the wave and we should help them and as you could see I easily took down those two ninja that tried to attack us and Sakura and Sasuke are just as strong as me" – Said the blond

Tazuna looked at the boy in awe as he saw that he had a heart of pure gold not caring that he lied and cheated his village all he wanted was to save the wave.

Kakashi then turned his gaze to Sasuke

"We should keep going I want to test myself against strong opponents if any more ninja come by" – was his reply

Sakura just agreed because Sasuke said he wanted to. Kakashi sighed and said they should camp out for the night and he'll write a letter to the Hokage about what has transpired and request to continue.

Although Kakashi asked his whole team the only one that mattered to him was Sasuke, if he had said no then he would've taken them back to the village without a second thought.

Naruto and Sasuke were cornered inside of the Ice mirrors of the masked man who was moving at speeds Naruto couldn't comprehend. They were running out of time and Sasuke was looking extremely tired and didn't look like he was capable of taking any more hits.

Deciding to end this the masked men launched senbon at Sasuke who had suffered too much to be able to dodge out of the way, at first he looked worried until his lips curved into an evil grin and Naruto suddenly felt himself change positions with Sasuke, he felt them pierce points in his body that made his muscles extremely heavy and tired the last thing he saw was Sasuke's maniacal grin and Sakura smirking at Sasuke

"That… Bastard"

He then lost all consciousness, when he woke up he found himself in a sewer with pipes sprawled across the walls and in half an inch of water and when he turned around he saw huge crimson steel gates, but he couldn't see anything past them because of how dark it was until Naruto heard something

"Hello Human"

Naruto was jumped back out of reflex, and something walked out of the darkness it was a woman. Naruto looked at her up and down analyzing her, she was 5'4 with the perfect hourglass figure she had perky double F cups and the roundest juiciest ass you'll ever see, just looking at her thighs would be enough to give any man a boner she had shimmering silver hair and what looked like ears at the top of her head. She wore an orange and black kimono that did nothing to hide her impressive bust, the kimono was lined with black foxes that seemed to run up and down the dress with 9 tails swaying behind her

"Are those ears real?" – Naruto thought

"Are you going to stare at me all day?" – The girl said in a neutral tone

Naruto rubbed the back of his hair sheepishly "Sorry my bad but would you mind telling me who you are and where we are?"

"If you tell me your name I'll consider telling you mine" – she said

He sighed "My name is Naruto Uzumaki"

"An Uzumaki huh why's your hair blond then?"

"I don't know I guess I'm an exception?" – He said with a shrug

"Alright my name is Kumi but you humans know me as the nine-tailed fox" – Kumi said waiting for the boy's reaction


"Hmm? You aren't surprised or scared or anything?" – She was taken aback by his reaction, she expected him to be in denial, yell scream, or something like that but not for him to be so composed

"I mean it's pretty obvious the villagers call me a demon and other stuff like that so I decided to look into it and I found out the Kyuubi attacked the village on the day I was born and since tailed beasts are made of pure chakra, therefore, they cannot be killed I figured you were probably sealed into me on the day I was born and this just confirms my suspicion all though I don't know why you were sealed in me and why you're a cute girl instead of a snarling fox" – The blond explained

"You really figured all that out by yourself?" – She said with a blush on her face at being called a cute girl

"I'm not as stupid as everyone makes me out to be you know" – Naruto said

"Interesting" – Was her only response

"So I'm guessing we're in my mindscape?" – He asked

"That is correct but would you mind changing this place up its filthy and depressing" – Silver-haired woman said in a commanding tone

"All right how do I do that?" – He asked

"All you have to do is take off the seal"

"Take off the seal? Wouldn't that mean you break out of here?"

"No seals have many different layers to them that regulate its functions the amount of layers it has depends on the complexity of the seal. This layer of your seal was put in place to keep me separated from you and keep my chakra away from your system until you can handle it" – she explained

"So removing the seal won't kill me?" – The blond asked

"No it won't your body should be able to handle my chakra by now because of you being an Uzumaki and naturally having bigger chakra coils and denser chakra and also removing the seal comes with some perks too"


"Yes perks for the one you can call on my chakra whenever needed which will give you a pretty good power boost, 2 It heightens all your senses allowing you to have a sense of smell even greater than the Inuzuka's, sharper eyesight, and superhuman hearing, 3 Your injuries will all heal instantly and you can recover from even the most severe of injures, 4 I can see what you see, hear feel and smell and I can talk to you freely and you can talk to me and 5 You get 2 Kekkei Genkai"

"Kekkei Genkai? You can give me a kekkei Genkai? Which one?" – The blond asked interested at the possibility of getting a kekkei Genkai

"Flare and Scorch release my natural affinities are Wind, Fire and Lightning release Wind and Fire combine to give you scorch release and fire and lightning combine to give you flare release" – The foxette explained

"I've never heard of scorch and flare release before care to explain them?" – He asked

"Scorch Release is a combined Nature transformation of Fire and wind that can be used to heat a target's body, causing all the liquid in their body to evaporate and leave them as a desiccated corpse, but that's how I use it I'm sure you can come up with your own unique style"

"Flare Release is the combined nature transformation kekkei Genkai made up of fire and lightning-based chakra to create and manipulate a form of a maroon-colored, super-heated, lightning-like energy. Flare Release Techniques have the ability to deviate from their original path by forking at incredibly sharp angles meaning you can control their direction after being fired making them extremely flexible. Water and Wind Release techniques offer little to no protection against it and only make increase the power behind it, while Fire Release techniques only strengthen Flare Release technique however it is weak to Earth Release techniques, being unable to penetrate the earth" – She explained

"Damn they both sound extremely useful" – The blond said

He stood there for a bit in thought

"Alright I'll tear off the seal"

"Finally, took you long enough" – Kumi said with her usual stoic tone

The blond sighed he walked up to the seal and was about to tear it off when he felt a kick to his gut that sent him flying back

"Hey what the fuck was that?" – The blond said in a daze

When he finally came to his senses he saw a man standing at a height of 5'10 blond hair as yellow as the sun and cold calculating deep blue eyes but when Naruto took a closer look at him he looked like the Yondaime

"What do you think you're doing brat" – He said with a glare that could melt ice


"What's wrong Naruto? You don't recognize your own father?" – He said in a mocking tone

This made Naruto's jaw drop to the floor

"Y-y-your my father" – His mind was running at 100 miles an hour

"Of course it all makes sense the yondaime was the only ninja in the village with that particular shade of blonde and the blue eyes too how did I not figured this out if you took away my whisker marks I look like a spitting image of him"

"And why didn't Jiji tell me who my parents were there's no way in hell that he didn't know the Yondaime was my father but more importantly why didn't he tell the people of Konoha they could've accepted me or at least stopped the beatings"

All of this was making Naruto see Hiruzen in a different light the man who he trusted the most betrayed him

"What Naruto cat got your tongue?" Minato taunted again

"You bastard what the hell is wrong with you is that any way to treat your own son?!"

"Son? Don't make me laugh all I wanted was the secrets of the Uzumaki clan and a strong heir who I could make a weapon of the leaf that's why I married and slept with that red-headed bimbo. The Uzumaki were strong but they are nearly extinct now and I needed to make sure that their legacy carried on in Konoha"

"Which is why I told Danzo to add you to his root program why hasn't he done that yet?" – Asked the yellow flash

"Did you really think the shinobi council would entrust a jinchūriki to Danzo? You are dumber than they give you credit for" – Naruto said while rolling on the floor laughing even Kumi let out a little snicker

Minato was furious at being made fun of in such a manner so he walked up to Naruto and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck

"I wouldn't do that if I were you mortal" – said Kumi in a serious tone

"Shut up you fox slut" – He replied, she growled back then turned his attention back to Naruto

"You really think you're hot shit now huh? You inherited your whore of a mother's arrogance she talked just like you all high and mighty like she could take on the world but what she didn't know was I cheated on her several times with many different women but the woman I slept with the most was her mortal enemy Mebuki Haruno and she had no idea, it took all the self-control I had to not laugh in her face when she said she loved me or when I took her virginity. Serves her right for making me wait so long I was this close to raping her…"

Minato suddenly felt something wrap around his waist and when he saw the gold chain he instantly paled. Behind him was a gorgeous woman with crimson red hair and blue-violet eyes

"You were about to rape me you say?" – She said with a smile so sweet it would give Willy Wonka cavities

"Wait um how much did you hear?" – He said with a worried tone

"I heard everything" – The redhead said still keeping that overly sweet smile

Hearing this made Minato pale further than he already was

"I know that your real soul is rotting in the gut of the Shinigami but that won't stop me from beating the shit out of you" – she said as she used the chain to slam him into the ground while keeping him restricted

She then proceeded to beat him down HARD

"You bastard… I trusted you… I gave you my first time… I loved you" – Saying all this in sobs while pulverizing him

Seeing this made Naruto's heartache and even made the otherwise cold-hearted fox frown she kept going till Minato's chakra disappeared and she just knelt there sobbing. Not wanting this to go on much longer Naruto approached his mother and wrapped her in a loving embrace.

"It's ok mom he was a bastard and I'm sorry that all this happened to you"

She leaned in deeper into his embrace "I'm…sorry this is how you first meet me…a sobbing mess."

"It's alright just let it all out I'm here for you kaa-san" – he said while comforting her

They stayed like that for a few more minutes until Kushina finally pulled away

"Thank you sochi but I don't have that much time left to let me give you a rundown of what you can do as an Uzumaki you have larger chakra reserves like massive right now I'd say you have more chakra than Tobirama and Hiruzen combined"

"That much huh" – was his response

"Yes you're chakra is also much denser than others which allows you to shape your chakra into chains that you can use for an attack or defensive purposes"

"Anything else I could do with them?" – He asked

"I don't have time to go into detail I just want to give you a quick rundown"

"Alright, any other abilities?"

"Yes as an Uzumaki you have a natural proficiency to Fūinjutsu it's in you're blood so it should come naturally to you and there are some advanced levels of Fūinjutsu that only Uzumaki can learn" – she said

Naruto remained silent waiting for her to go on

"The next ability is Chakra eater it gives you accelerated healing let's say you get one of your limbs chopped off you can activate it and depending on the amount of chakra you eat the limb will be healed and good as new it also increases your pain tolerance astronomically but it comes at a cost it's extremely painful to use because your body is forcing you're chakra to the wound and turning that chakra into new cells to grow the limb back"

"Wow the Uzumaki sounded amazing what happened to them?" – The blond asked wondering how such a powerful clan could be nearly extinct

"They were attacked by 3 of the 5 great nations they feared that they were getting too strong and sought to exterminate them I was one of the few who managed to escape" – she said with sadness glistening in her eyes

"But there's no time to dwell on the past I can feel my chakra's about to run out" – she said as he form was fading

"I'm sorry that you had such a horrible father and I'm sure as a jinchūriki you've had a rough life and I'm sorry I couldn't do anything about it just remember that I love you Sochi" – she said as she ran to Naruto with tears streaming down her face but just as she was about to make contact with him she puffed into a plum of shimmering dust

Naruto just stood there with tears streaming down from his face

"I love you to Kaa-san" – He whispered

He stood there for a few more minutes then proceeded to the seal and ripped it right off

"Kumi how long have I been in here and how do I get out?" he said

The coldness in his voice made her flinch "Time moves much faster in here a week in here is a minute out there and since you just removed the seal my chakra should be healing you now so just will yourself to wake up"

"Alright I'll talk to you when all this is over" – said the blond and he faded away

When Naruto opened his eyes he was pissed not only because of what happened in his mind but because of what Sasuke did to him his body was shrouded in red 1 tail chakra clock and he flared his chakra and shattered all of the Ice users mirrors

But instead of going to the enemy, he was making his way to the Uchiha bastard who was tried to kill him

"W-what's happening you should be dead" – Sasuke yelled out in fear

"Heh you're not getting rid of me that easily, since you tried to kill me it's only fair if I return the favor" – He said in a menacing tone that was scaring the shit out of everyone present


"Will you shut up you flat-chested howler monkey how the fuck do you expect your precious Sasuke-kun to love you if you have no boobs or ass like damn a chopping board has more curves than you. No one likes you absolutely no one only people that can love someone like you are your parents and I find even that hard to believe, instead of actually training and trying to be a competent kunoichi so you can bring something to the team all you do is fawn over Sasuke and hit me, well not anymore all this shit is going to change and I am going to ask the Hokage for a change of team when we get back to the village" – Everyone was left gobsmacked by what Naruto said

Then what seemed to be over 100 men were now standing at the entrance of the bridge with a small fat man at the front giving them a slow clap

"Looks like the demon of the mist couldn't handle 1 ninja and his 3 brats, some demon" – the small man said

Zabuza narrowed his eyes "What are you doing here Gato"

"Isn't it obvious I'm here to finish the job and kill you and your little lacky over there, I never really even planned on paying you"- He said

"Kakashi our fight is over I no longer have a reason to go after the bridge builder" – Said Zabuza and Kakashi nodded

He was about to charge at them when he felt an arm holding him back

"Let me take care of them besides I need to blow off some steam" – Zabuza raised an eyebrow but didn't say a thing

What happened next can only be described as a blood bath Naruto was tearing through Gato's men like they were made of paper the scene made Sakura vomit and the others queasy.

After the massacre, Naruto made his way to Gato, with the tiny man crying and begging for his life

"Look let's make a deal I won't kill you if you tell me the password to all your bank account information" – He said in a dark tone that made the man shit himself

"Yes yes I'll do anything" – The man said as

He then brought out a notepad and pen from his jacket pocket and wrote down the location of all his warehouses, his secret stashes of cash, and all his bank account information.

"H-here" – he said

"Is this all correct? I can tell if you're lying" – The blond said

"Y-yes can I go now?" – That's when Naruto let out a slow dark chuckle

"I said I wouldn't kill you that doesn't mean they won't" – he while said pointing at the villagers

"Y-you tricked me"

"An you're a fat ugly bastard who stole from these people terrorized them and raped the women" – he said as he powered down

He then threw Gato to the angry mob who then dragged him to the village square to begin his torture

Naruto walked up to Tazuna and gave him the notepad "This belongs to the wave so here use it to rebuild this place"

"Also pay Zabuza and his helper double what Gato originally planned on"

"But he's the enemy" – Said Sasuke

"No he's not he was hired to do a job that he planned to follow through with, he's no different from you and I" – responded the blond'

"Of course Naruto and thank you for everything you've done for the wave I don't know how I could ever repay you" – Said Tazuna

"No need for you to pay me I was given a mission and I completed it nothing more nothing less" – Said Naruto

After saying what he wanted to say walked up to Zabuza and the masked man

"Let's go talk over there away from them" – he told them

"Where are you going Naruto" – Said the silver-haired jonin who finally decided to speak up

"That is none of your concern Hatake" – The blond name laced with venom

Kakashi was taken aback by Naruto's formality as he never showed respect to anyone and it honestly scared him

"I was not supposed to be guarding Tazuna today I only came out cause I thought you guys might need my help so whatever I do now is not of your concern" – The blond finished

"Zabuza let's go" – and the blond and two rogue nin walked into the woods

Naruto talked to Haku and Zabuza, Haku revealed she was the girl he talked to in the woods he gave them a talk no jutsu and convinced them to go find a village of their own to join and told them to meet Tazuna at the bridge the next day to get his pay.

The rest of the trip was uneventful Haku and Zabuza took their pay and left and Team 7 continued to rotate guarding Tazuna, there was no communication between Naruto and Team 7 other than Sasuke constantly challenging Naruto to a fight but Naruto always turned him down every time. They said their goodbyes to the villagers who congratulated them but it was mainly Naruto getting the praises and the bridge was named The Great Naruto Bridge.

They're way back to Konoha Kakashi tried to talk to Naruto to get him to stay in the team because he needs someone for Sasuke to compete with to bring out the better in him like him and Obito were or how he and Gai are plus the chunin exams are coming up and Sasuke needs a third member to participate, but Naruto refused to talk to him.

When they reached the gates of Konoha Kakashi sent the rest of Team 7 home but Naruto went straight to the Hokage's office with Kakashi following behind still trying to tell him to stay.

Naruto made his way into the old man's office without even asking the secretary if he was available

"Jiji I would like to request a change of team" – he said as he burst into the Hokage's office

"Hokage-sama he can't we need a third member in our team and I think Naruto is the perfect person to fill that" – said Kakashi trying to get the Hokage on his side

"I've been watching your mission Kakashi, ever since you sent that messenger bird I've been using my crystal ball to keep an eye on your team and I saw how you all treated Naruto and I would completely understand why he would want to change teams" – Said the old kage in a stern voice

"But I'm sorry Naruto there are no available teams for me to transfer you too" – Kakashi perked up at this

"Looks like you aren't going anywhere Naruto" – said Kakashi

"But what I can do is make you your own team matter of fact I have a mission that only you can do" – Hiruzen said

"But Hokage-sam-"

"ENOUGH HATAKE! I have made my decision and it will not be changed you are excused come back later to give me the mission reports" – The old man said leaving no room for arguments

"Hai Hokage-sama" – and he left the office

"Now Naruto what I'm about to tell you is considered a triple S rank mission and will keep you away from the village for a long period of time and could result in your death of course you would be compensated for taking on such a task with promotion to Jonin or anbu upon your return and you will be handsomely paid do you wish to accept?"

"Yes Jiji anything to get me away from them" was his response

The old man cracked a smile "Good now go pack your stuff and meet me at the gate in an hour I will tell you of your mission when you get there"

"Hai" – Naruto left the office

"I can only hope that you come back from the mission safe and hopefully by then the villagers will accept you"

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