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Under The Full Moon... @nogenderonlylove
It's Ass 'o Clock In The Morning...

Sero yawned, pushing the cart of groceries through the cereal aisle, tired eyes looking through the variety of flavors thoughtfully despite his sleepy, half dulled gaze.

Every box was a blur of bright, candy colored vomit. Six in the morning was not a good time to be up and grocery shopping when he had to actually be making decisions.

Dark eyes looked over the choices, mind going over whose turn for cereal it was this week. Mina's candy explosion of a cereal was last week's pick, which meant Kirishima's would be this weekend's. Finding his cereal, which was nothing more than granola chunks and honey, Sero dropped it into the cart. Now all he needed was to find Kaminari's juice and get Mina's painkillers.

As he turned down the juice aisle with the full intent of getting Kaminari's juice and snatching Mina's painkillers before leaving to pay, he couldn't help but notice someone staring intensely at a small selection of juice on the shelf.

They were short, that much was obvious, they probably stood eye level with Sero's shoulder at most. A head of curly dark hair framed tanned skin that held a scattering of freckles across round cheeks, running down their neck before the warm specks dipped down into a worn, but cozy looking, black cardigan just oversized enough to bunch in multiple layers at the junction of his forearms.

In short the guy was cute, much too cute to be looking five seconds from a conniption as he appeared to be trying to decide between the two juice choices.

"You okay dude?"

Now that he'd said something Sero regrets it somewhat.

Not because he regrets talking to the cute guy, but because said guy is cute and cuter still with the currently wide eyed, open look on his face that showcases the starry freckles on his round cheeks, and his bright green eyes impossibly big.

Sero has two boyfriends and a girlfriend respectively, so he likes to think he has good taste when it comes to recognizing good looking people. And this guy? He checks off all the boxes.

"What? Oh! Yeah I'm fine? I wasn't mumbling was I? I have a bad habit of doing that sometimes, especially when I'm thinking about certain things and then I-"

And he was doing exactly that, right in the middle of the juice aisle.

Sero doesn't remember ever being this endeared.

Or maybe he does. There was the one time Mina had straight up lifted him and carried his drunk ass home that one night. He could barely remember his name but he could clearly recount every detail of her toned arms holding him up like he weighed absolutely nothing as she ran candy sweet fingers through his hair and pressed sleepy soft kisses to his temple.

And that time Eijirou smiled at him at ass o' clock in the morning, still sleepy and halfway to falling asleep standing against the kitchen counter as he held out Sero's mug of coffee that he probably made without even knowing, the muscle memory that ingrained there was no need to be fully conscious to prepare it.

And there was the time Denki had fallen asleep on him and he was pretty sure he had sleep talked a whole wedding speech in his sleep, mumbling sleepily against Sero's neck as he laid sprawled across him with not a care in the world.

In his opinion Kirishima's bit was his favorite.

That did something to his heart, those three did something to his heart okay?

And it was six in the morning, so he couldn't necessarily be blamed for making heart eyes at a cute stranger that was still rambling on in the middle of the juice isle, cute as could be.

And he kind of reminded him of Denki in a way, how the blonde would ramble on about the different books he read. Except this stranger's ramblings were about juice and not on how the author currently in question of whatever book he was reading, was a racist piece of shit that Denki would have gladly murdered had the very concept of time hadn't befallen them first.

Has he said how much he loved his boyfriend?

Because he does.

And he thinks that maybe he's been in his head a bit too long because the cute guy is looking at him nervously and his eyes are watering just a teeny bit and...oh no how does he fix this?

Come on brain, make mouth say words!

"Sorry what?"

Nailed it.

"No it's fine! It wasn't anything important! I tend to go on tangents whether someone's listening or not." Cute Stranger explained, movements fidgety and nervous, a little too nervous for the situation but Sero didn't think much of it.

Again he was talking to a stranger in the middle of a juice aisle at six in the morning, of course the guy would be nervous.

Sero didn't exactly wake up flawless like Mina did. Even on a good day.

This wasn't one of his good days.

"No dude you're fine! Promise! I'm not much of a morning person, get all spacey when I'm tired you know?" Sero waved him off lazily, sleepy half smile across his face as he did so, an action which seemed to ease the others anxiousness if only slightly.

And that was as good as a win if any in his book.

"Ah, forgot to introduce myself! Name's Sero Hanta!" Sero said as he extended a hand in greeting cheerfully, or as cheerfully as one could at ass o' clock in the morning, "You're not from around here are you?" He questioned, not really smelling anything from the town or surrounding woods on the other.

Cute Stranger took his hand, a smile on his face as he answered Sero in somewhat of a chirped response, "Midoriya Izuku! It's nice to meet you!"

Sero decided right then and there he'd kill a man for Midoriya on the spot if he asked, no question.

He'd done it before but that wasn't something he and Mina would ever bring up to be used in the court of law.


They pinkie swore on it.

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