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Under The Full Moon... @nogenderonlylove

The day was fairly comfortable for early spring despite the cooler breeze that blew occasionally. The sky was clear, only a few clouds scattered about, sunlight warming everything it touched upon the small town and surrounding miles and miles of forest that hid it from view.


The diner wasn't as abuzz with activity as one would think, even if it was closer to noon it was mostly empty aside from the usual mill of patrons that ate there.


At one of the tables a friend group of at least four sat, a mix of colorful characters from black to bright pink, a touch of bright gold and crimson red thrown in the mix for an odd array of colors.


A waitress stood by at the counter, wiping it down in preparation for the lunch rush coming up, the cook in the kitchen getting started on the various dishes that would need time to prep. The old couple that usually sat at the table by the large, diner windows conversed quietly over coffee, the two women sharing soft smiles and gentle looks.


All in all it was mostly quiet aside from bouts of boisterous laughter from the group of friends that was quickly hushed by looks from the waitress. Though it was a normal enough occurrence that the patrons and workers were deaf to it at this point, the silent reprimands more out of routine than actual need.


Overall it was peaceful, the morning calm and quiet.


That peace was broken when the bell atop the diner door dinged.


That in itself wasn't odd, the small group paying it no mind when the air from outside wafted in, renewing the stagnant, heavy, coffee scented stuffiness of the air inside to something brief and cool.


They paid it no mind when whoever had come in ordered a coffee, straight black and the hottest they had and a pastry to go with it.


They paid no mind when the waitress had froze up for a split second, smile strained as she rushed to fill the order.


She was always cold towards new people after all and wasn't much of a morning person.


They paid no mind to it when she set the customer's order on the counter, snatching the change and tip up, watching them carefully as they grabbed their drink and sweet and turned to leave.


They paid it no mind when the customer turned on their heel and walked right out the door, bell singing once more.


They paid it no mind until an uneasy quiet had settled over the small establishment, Sero pointing it out after a moment. The rest followed in silence, looking around in confusion. The old women at the window were holding one another's hand, one of them shaking terribly while the other looked out the window at the former customer's retreating back, mumbling warm reassurances that they were gone now and that there was nothing to worry about.


They paid it no mind until they realized whoever had come in had not left even a whiff of a scent, the diner barren of a new smell like no one had even come in.


And that unsettled everyone.



"So...that was weird right? I'm not the only one that thought that whole thing in the diner was weird right?" Mina said, breaking the silence that had taken over the group for a few minutes already.


The girl was clinging to Kirishima's arm as they walked back to their shared apartment, her low cut pink afro resting against the taller's shoulder, her red roots showing through just a bit. Her and Kirishima would need to get their roots touched up soon, she noted, eyes seeing a bleed of black at the male's roots as well.


"Yeah that was super weird. Dude didn't leave a scent or anything." Kaminari echoed, brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes, thanking Sero quietly when the other man silently handed him a hairtie.


"Did anyone actually see the dude?" Sero asked, helping Kaminari with his hair tie when it became clear the other was struggling.


"I think they might have had purple on them somewhere, can't be sure though." Kirishima mused.


They made it to their apartment with little fanfare, the dingy, small space living up to its monthly price. Though it was a bit run down and left much to be desired when it came to aesthetics, it was home for the four of them and that was enough for now.


"I call dibs on the shower!" Mina yelled, pulling herself from Kirishima's side to make a beeline for the bathroom.


"I call double dibs!" Sero yelled after her, both leaving Kaminari and Kirishima in the sorry excuse of a living room, a tv and a couch the only objects in the room, the connecting kitchen off to the side.


"Oh come on! They always do this!" Kaminari complained with a whine, flopping heavily on the old couch they had dug up from some thrift store three years ago. One of the cushions missing half of it's stuffing and another one turned over so they could actively ignore the hole in it that was made by a nesting opossum after they had bought it and had it in their apartment for two months. (They had let the mom have her babies and raise them until they were big enough to be able to leave with her. They still got occasional nighttime visits from Big Mama herself every once in awhile.)


Kirishima flopped down next to him, the blonde automatically scooting into the larger's side. "You don't think the guy was a hunter do you?" Kaminari asked quietly, readjusting himself so he was plastered against the wall of muscle and heat that was pure Kirishima.


"I don't know dude, probably not. They didn't smell like anything remember? If they were a hunter they'd smell like wolfsbane and all that other stuff you know?" Kirishima mused aloud, letting a slow rumble of sound echo through his chest, attempting to comfort his packmate a bit more than his words could.


It apparently worked, Kaminari relaxing bit by bit, leaning his head onto Kirishima's shoulder and allowing the other to nuzzle sweetly against his hair.


By the time Mina and Sero had come from the shower, fully clothed in comfy pajamas the blonde was asleep, the redhead not too far behind, eyes half lidded and heavy.


"Come on now, sleepy time is after lunch you two!" Mina sing-songed, grabbing a stray couch pillow from the floor and tossing it onto Kaminari, who woke with a start, a bit bleary eyed and hair mussed despite only being asleep for a few minutes. "Wh-what?"

Kirishima tapped him softly on the shoulder, "It's our turn to take a shower now Denks."


Kaminari nodded, "Mkay." And promptly tried to fall asleep again, only for Kirishima to yank the blonde over his shoulder and carry him to the bathroom himself. And like clockwork Kaminari was wide awake, as anyone would have been if a wall of muscle with a sharp toothed smile like sunshine itself had picked them up like a sack of potatoes.


"Gay!" Mina teased, sticking out her tongue as Kaminari flipped her the bird, disappearing out of sight once they made it down the hall.


Mina flopped on the couch, turning on the tv to a channel showcasing reruns of an old show she remembered Sero mentioning in a previous conversation.


As if summoned Sero appeared, holding a bowl of leftovers from the other night in each hand. He held one out to Mina, who took it graciously in one hand, using the other to pat her lap, eyebrow lifting in an amused manner as she looked at Sero.


Sero, used to Mina's shenanigans, indulged her, arranging himself on her lap, knees comfortably placed on either side of her hips as he settled the entirety of his weight on her.


She gave him a bright grin in return, setting her bowl down on the floor a safe enough distance away it wouldn't be disturbed, wrapping her arms around the other's waist, head placed comfortably on his chest.


"You know, I can't see the tv like this." Sero pointed out, trying unsuccessfully to twist himself so he could see the screen. But a certain pair of arms tightened their grip just a bit more, allowing no escape.


"Sounds like a you problem actually." Mina said teasingly, voice slightly muffled where it was pressed into Sero's chest.


"You guys having bi culture without us? I'm hurt." Kaminari said dramatically, hand to his heart in faux hurt. Kirishima was right behind him, a headband to hold his hair back and comfy sweatpants, forgoing a shirt much to Sero and Mina's appreciation.


"Mina you gonna eat your food?" Kaminari asked, grabbing the bowl anyways from where it sat on the floor.


Only a muffled garble of sounds that might have been words meeting his ears.


"Can't hear you under all that boyfriend tiddy you're gonna have to do the unthinkable and actually remove yourself so I can hear you." Kaminari teased, continuing to eat her food, Kirishima rolling his eyes at the two's antics as he went to get his own bowl from the kitchen.


Something that suspiciously sounded like a muffled "Never" came from Sero's chest, the black haired male sighing, accepting his fate as an impromptu pillow for the woman as he continued eating above her, expression flat.


She was going to be the death of him someday, he knew it.


"You know you might smother yourself and die right?" Kaminari voiced.


Mina chose that time to turn her head, voice free to be heard by everyone, "Like death by boyfriend tiddy isn't a good death. Fools." Finished with her peiece she turned back into her previous spot, leaving a laughing Kaminari and what suspiciously sounded like hacking coughs from the kitchen, as if Kirishima had heard and choked on his food as he ate it.


Fuck that, they were all going to be the death of him.





This new home.


Until then getting to the kitchen at night was going to be a nightmare.


"Oh yeah its gonna be a bitch to get to the kitchen. For you." A voice said, green eyes looking up to land on the owner of said voice, purple hair in disarray, eyes flashing silver for a split second before settling back to normal.


"Ass." Midoriya muttered.


"This ass brought you coffee and a strawberry danish."


"My wonderful, beautiful, lovely ass."


Shinsou laughed, walking through the minefield of precariously balanced boxes and fragile items that lay around the floor as he made his way to where Midoriya was seated, the other clearing a small space clear for him to sit. Though it was unnecessary as Shinsou had already found an adequate seat, said seat being right in Midoriya's lap.


"By all means get comfortable." He said, rolling his eyes when Shinsou actually did, scooting down until he could comfortably lean his back against Midoriya's chest without too much trouble, their height difference making itself painfully known.


"Thank you, I am." Shinsou remarked smartly, though him holding up the danish for Midoriya to take a bite from eased whatever sharp bite the remark would have had anyways.


"So," Midoriya chewed through his bite of danish, swallowing thickly before continuing, "How's the area seem so far?"


Shinsou hummed, "Just as uneasy and terrified as any other town when I'm around, the waitress was giving me looks and I think I scared a couple before I left." He shrugged, trying to play it off like it was nothing. Though by the thick arms that wound themselves around his waist in a firm grip and comforting warmth, he didn't do a good job hiding it.


Shinsou sighed, swallowing thickly as he leaned back into the comforting embrace, idly tracing fingers over scarred arms and a crooked hand.


Though he didn't voice them out loud, Shinsou had a manner of thoughts running through his mind, the majority of which he knew Izuku would disapprove of if he even thought that Shinsou was thinking them.


Which is what Izuku was doing at the moment, lips pulled into a frown as he moved his head on Shinsou's shoulder, tucked warmly in the crook of where his neck met shoulder.


He gave him a gentle squeeze, "What's on your mind?" He asked softly.








"...Nothing Zuku." Shinsou finally responded, the tone of his voice hopefully conveying to the other that he wanted this particular topic of conversation dropped, shutting his eyes tiredly and falling more into Izuku's arms as the minutes passed.


Focusing on the warmth at his back and the feeling of scars both raised and smooth under the pads of his fingers, it wasn't long before he did the impossible and fell asleep.

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