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Onionshipping but I get to write the storyline :] @kindapoggers
Forgive and Forget? mmmm stuff is finally happening :]

The week went by quickly, much to Zuke’s dismay, as he wasn’t really able to form an actual proper apology within the week. But, like last time, the duo went out to Barraca Mansion as they had the week before.

May told him that the meeting probably wouldn’t be as long as last time, but he didn’t actually expect it to be this fast. What was expected to be a 3 hour meeting with the occasional breaks every 45 minutes or so turned out to be an hour long meeting, and right there in front of him stood the only person he had been trying to once again avoid.

Rin stood tall and proud. He looked happy as usual, but in a different way - it didn’t seem forced like Zuke had seen in their prior interactions but instead seemed so much calmer, even natural to an extent, but that's beside the point. Rin happened to catch a glance of Zuke heading his way and departed from the group he was in, face going neutral but eyebrows raised in an interested fashion.

“Hey Rin-” Zuke began, but his voice cracked. [What was that-?] Zuke’s face went into a darker shade of green as he gave an awkward smile.

Rin stared at Zuke looking like he was about to burst into tears with laughter.

“Hi Zuke, what’s up-?” He turned away to let out a snicker which didn’t exactly help Zuke regain his confidence

“I wanted to uh- um... apologize, actually.” That got Rin’s attention. He stopped and looked at Zuke but not in annoyance like the previous times but in genuine interest.

“Look, I know you and I aren’t exactly on good terms, but... I’m sorry for what we did to you and your brothers back then.” Zuke scratched the back of his head while he looked down

“I know it doesn’t mean anything, especially after all the work we made your captain go through. You don’t have to forgive me or accept it but as long as we’re able to land on good terms and not get upset just by thinking of each other then that would be enough” He looked up and noticed Rin intently lost in his thoughts.

A silence washed over them and just as Zuke was about to give him time to think about it alone Rin spoke.

“Fine I thought about what you were saying and I agree.” He started to walk towards Neon J “But that doesn’t mean you won’t be on my mind.”

Zuke stood in the same place until it finally hit him [Hold on he thinks about me???]

The duo were escorted out of the mansion but eventually agreed to stick around the Metro Division just to see if they could grab anything to eat while they were there. They walked through the neon lit district and ‘talked’ whenever raging fans throughout the district decided to quiet down every now and again. Right now was one of those moments, Mayday started to pick up her pace and walked closer to Zuke she rubbed her hands together and said

“Soooo~ I saw you and a certain robot talking to each other”

“Woah hold on- are you talking about Rin? Cause nothing happened we were just talking”

“Hah you outed yourself out! Where’d you get the idea that I said you two were flirting?”

“Damn it...” Zuke rubbed his forehead as his face turned dark green again

Mayday had a playful smirk across her face “So what happened?”

“Look I just decided that I should’ve apologized for what we did to them back when things were still tense between us and NSR. I guess we’re ok since he said he forgives me but he never said if he’s sorry too so it’ complicated in a way”

“Oh! Oh..” Mayday’s face became disappointed when Zuke confessed and he took note of that

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! I'm glad you two are on good terms but I just thought that you too would at least be friends. I just didn’t expect someone as charismatic as him to hold grudges.”

“I’m with you on that but did you really think we’d be great friends after that apology?” Zuke ruffled her hair

“Hey you don’t know that!”

After an unsuccessful adventure throughout the Metro Division looking for a restaurant they eventually decided to go with Aunty and try one of her newer plates she made a few days ago.

They were back in the sewers finishing up their take out and watching the news to see if anything interesting happened while they were in their meetings but it was only the usual interview with Tatiana on how NSR was planning on powering the Qwasa and said artists coming out with their new merchandise, or planned concerts but what surprised them was that 1010 didn’t seem to show up or even be mentioned once throughout the news.

“Huh that’s weird right? You’d at least think that Neon J or Rin would be vocal with our upcoming collaboration right?” Mayday stretched and looked at Zuke

“Well yeah but I don’t think a lot of fans would be fond of that especially after we wrecked them during the revolution.” Zuke got up and started picking up his trash

“True I mean if Rin could hold grudges then what are the odds they can’t either”

Zuke walked over to the trash while Mayday switched through the channel in hopes to find something interesting. [May has a point though I guess it would be nice to be friends with him.]

A feeling of happiness washed over him but he simply brushed it off.

Ik I sound like a broken record but it really makes me happy if you guys are enjoying my mediocre writing! <3
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