Pokémon Adventures Book 1: Turquoise, Jasper, & Ammolite @watertitan
Round 6 - VS Shadow Ampharos

And here comes Chapter 6! This took forever to get done! Honestly, I'm not sure what happened. As I was writing this, I was dissatisfied with the writing of previous chapters so I went back and made some edits. I ended up getting all of this chapter done except for the closing scene which I finished tonight. Honestly, I love it. It goes to show what mental health does to creativity lol Hope y'all like it!

Pokémon Adventures: Turquoise, Jasper, & Ammolite

Round 6: VS Shadow Ampharos – Legends Part 6

Location: Veilstone City
Date: August 4
th, 3000
Time: 3:00pm

Baryte wasn't ashamed to admit he was afraid. Terrified of the golden electricity crackling in the heavy ozone air. He winced. The scent dug up horrid memories he wished stayed buried. But the skeletons rattled for attention. Years ago, two powerful Pokémon brawled in Oreburgh and created a supercell.

That day left a little boy trembling in the closet, begging for Mommy and Daddy to save him. A day he hoped to never see again.

Yet, this pokémon reminded him of it all. It stepped free of the fog with wisps of vapor swathed around its golden fur. Bejeweled forehead and tail were aglow as it locked its ditzy gaze on the fallen tree. Thank Arceus, Jasper shouted when he did. Baryte hated to think what would have happened if he hadn't moved.

Scrambling, Baryte took cover behind the trees. Thankfully, Jasper caught on and leaped into the bushes. Just in time. The pokémon surveyed the area for them with its head cocked. Not a bright one, Baryte sweatdropped. It said nothing of its power. Still, intelligence only made for a clever foe.

Ditzy or not, it was ready to fight. Baryte knew the crackling electricity from its conical horns wasn't for show.

If it gets any closer… Baryte shook his head. He preferred confrontation only when well-versed on his foes. However, he was no stranger to impromptu combat. He snatched a dusk ball from his belt and waited. Strategies raced through his mind, but none settled into a concreted plan.

The pokémon strolled closer and closer. Only a few paces from Baryte's hiding spot as the heavy feet stomped on their path. Just a few steps—Baryte gulped—until their fated encounter. With each thump came a rush of sparking anxiety through his chest. His grip on his dusk ball tightened. And mentally, he counted down.

Five, the air thickened as electricity crackled in a bizarre laugh.

Four, the bushes where Jasper laid rustled.

Three, the footsteps paused, and the laughter grew into a chorus of passionate voices.

Two, Baryte peered around the tree. The strange pokémon cocked its head at Jasper as electricity bolted free of its horns.

One, Baryte took his opening. He lunged into the grass and threw his dusk ball. Just as the bushes Jasper hid in rustled, and something leaped free and smashed into the pokémon! It stumbled back, right into Cranyte's rushing headbutt. The blow sent it tumbling. Cranyte raced after it, with Kito coming from the other direction.

Baryte smirked. People said great minds thought alike. Turns out something powerful laid in that jock's noggin. Who would've thought? Baryte crawled around in the grass until he reached the safety of another tree. From his new position, he felt more comfortable peeking at the fight.

So far, so good. The duo kept it on the defensive. As its arches of golden electricity tore through the ground, they evaded it and struck from its blind spots. Cranyte aimed higher, ramming its back and chest until it lost balance. Kito…well, Baryte never expected the dark type to play fair. He struck lower. When it overextended itself with an electrified punch, Kito danced behind it and slashed at its legs!

Brutal, but effective. The pokémon winced with every step, flashing the orb on its tail. Almost as a warning, Baryte frowned. Oh, how he wished he listened to Professor Kapok and studied electric type pokémon more.

A hand fell onto his shoulder, and Baryte nearly screamed! But another covered his mouth, and a furry of rushed apologies filled his ears. He glanced over his shoulder and found Jasper. Frazzled with leaves and twigs sticking out his afro. Flying beside him was that murkrow they found.

"Sorry, bro," Jasper apologized for the umpteenth time. He finally removed his hand and laid down beside Baryte. His murkrow flew off, but Baryte hoped it wouldn't join the fight. "Didn't mean to scare ya!"

"It's fine," he whispered back, eyes locked on the fight. The pokémon managed to gain the upper hand, ramming a powerful punch coursing with electricity into Cranyte's skull, blasting her away through the trees! Kito rushed in to avenge her, but a pulse of blinding light caught him off-guard. And left him vulnerable to the blast of electricity it sent his way.

"It's an ampharos," Jasper whispered. "They're real big in Johto for their ability to generate bright light."

That made sense. Still, how did a pokémon this strong end up in Lake Valor? Baryte frowned.

"How do we fight it?" Baryte had an idea, but Jasper seemed well-versed on this point. When no answer came, he glanced at Jasper. The jock had his nose buried in that device of his.


Jasper only hummed. His eyes scanned over the screen, darting up only to survey the fight. Still, no answer, and their Pokémon weren't faring well. Cranyte had returned, only sluggish as she favored her right. Kito managed a quick blow before that murkrow came and saved him from another shock.

Baryte rolled his eyes. If Jasper didn't have any answers, then he saw no better option. He sent out another pokémon. This time, a Geodude all the way from Alola that he nicknamed Geodyte. Geodyte entered the fray in a hurry—barreling through the field with his Rollout.

Ampharos sidestepped the attack and whipped its tail at Geodyte. Only to barely graze him. Geodyte swerved back on course and rammed into Ampharos's legs, knocking it over! Leaving Kito to pounce and punch it in the chest.

"Yeah, that'll help some," Jasper muttered. "Best to keep a Shadow Pokémon outnumbered."

Shadow Pokémon? Baryte narrowed his eyes. He researched them for Professor Rowan a few months back. Experiments on pokémon transformed them into living weapons devoid of emotions other than anger. They were common in Orre, but two trainers liberated them on two different accounts. Looks like that wasn't enough.

"How do you know that?"

Jasper finally ripped his eyes from the device and frowned. "Right, you can't see it." He gestured to the pokémon just as it got to its feet. "It has a shadowy aura around it. I can feel it—makes me sick."

"Okay," Baryte started slowly with an arched eyebrow. "How can you see—or feel—it?"

Despite the flashes of light and crackling laughter taunting them, Jasper smiled. "I'm a Child of Lake Valor." He yanked a timer ball off his belt. "It's part of my powers."

Child of Lake Valor…that old legend? Baryte read up on it back in Canalave City by Banou's request. Supposedly, the lake spirits bestowed human children bathed in their special water powers every ten years. These children became guardians of the lake and possessed a deep connection with their lake. Yet Jasper claimed to be one of them. He always believed it false.

"Let's say I believe you," Baryte began, "How does that help us win this fight?"

"Easy," Jasper pocketed his device and summoned his new turtwig to his side. "If I can touch it, I can stun it. Long enough for us to get away."

…touch it? Touch that lightning spitting pokémon—had he lost his mind? Baryte certainly hoped not. It would be a shame to explain to his family how foolhardy their son became in only an hour.

Baryte opened his mouth, prepared to berate the poorly constructed plan when Jasper jumped up and took off! His turtwig close behind, glowing a strange green as flowers sprouted with each step. Just as a green glow overtook her body! The ampharos hardly cared. It whacked away Geodyte with its tail and stunned Kito with another blast of electricity! But Kito shrugged it off.

Grassy Terrain, Baryte gasped. He hadn't noticed it at first, but the scorch marks and fallen trees faded away. Replaced by tall, healthy grass. Baryte climbed to his feet and returned his teammates. Maybe this plan had some thought to it. Still, he couldn't wrap his head around just how it would work.

"Kula, Haze!" His murkrow blew a cloud of thick black smoke over Ampharos. Baryte would have lost track of it had it not been for its jewels glowing through the darkness.

Jasper jumped into a cloud as blinding light sliced through the darkness! Once it faded, the cloud was gone. But Jasper remained latched onto Ampharos's tail. The pokémon in question stared at him with its usual ditzy gaze as electricity crackled against its horns.

Then it stopped.

A pale-yellow glow akin to a dimming sun encased both Jasper and Ampharos. Really, it oozed off Jasper like slithering streamers and coiled around Ampharos. Bathed them in its light before it faded away. Ampharos looked the same, except for a bit of light shining in its eyes.

"Run!" Jasper shouted. He jumped off the pokémon and took off with his pokémon beside him. Baryte, after a moment of confusion, followed. He spared the pokémon a glance and found it watching them leave. Unwilling to give chase as it walked back into the fog.

What in Arceus's name?


Jasper didn't know how long they ran. It felt like hours, but he had a feeling that was just the aftereffects of his powers weighing him down. Even now, his head ached, and his muscles screamed for a break. Finally, he relented at the steps to the fancy Hotel Grand Lake. He had only been here once with Mommy and Daddy when he graduated for dinner.

If he remembered right, there were some resources for trainers nearby. Hopefully, they let them rest.

"Jasper?" Baryte approached him. He had taken off his hat and brushed the sweat from his brow. "What did you do back there?"

"I told you, I'm a Child of Lake Valor."

Baryte rolled his eyes. "You say that like it explains everything."

"In a sense, it does." Jasper shrugged, grinning best he could. "But I'll humor ya. Basically, I forced a bit of Ampharos's will out. Not enough to purify it, but enough to stun it."

"Right, 'cause it's a Shadow Pokémon, right?" Baryte frowned, fanning his face with his hat. He looked adorable like that, Jasper decided. "Can't believe they're still around. I thought they were finished."

If only it was so easy. Jasper still remembered the last time a Shadow Pokémon rampaged through Lake Valor. It took the combined efforts of the gym leader and Jasper to take it down! Still, that day haunted his dreams often. He promised himself that the next time they appeared, he'd be ready. But it seemed like he had a long way to go before that was true.

"We have to report this to Professor Rowan." Jasper blinked. Baryte perked up with a strange fire in his eyes. He put his hat back on as his aura flared. "He has to know what's going on! C'mon—we gotta get to Sandgem Town."

Baryte had a forceful aura about him. Solid as stone yet filled with ancient wisdom and mystery. Jasper smiled. Something told him this friendship would be filled with surprises.

"Guess that's my duty, huh? As a Child of Lake Valor and a Pokédex Holder of Sinnoh."

"A Pokédex—wait, I knew that gadget looked familiar!"

Jasper rose and waved his Pokédex before him. It started up, speeding through a stream of code before a photo of him winning a race appeared. The last race he ran back at school.

"Porygon Pokédex Model 1," a computerized voice started up, "belonging to Jasper Korinaztu. If lost, please return to Professor Kapok or Professor Rowan."

"You were right, Baryte. I was supposed to give this journey a second chance."

This time, Jasper was going to chase the star burning in his soul. Or whatever it was Professor Kapok was talking about.

And scene! That closes off Jasper and Turquoise's chapters for now. Next, we move onto the leading lady of Sinnoh. She's gonna be a joy to write cause I love writing black characters in luxury lol Especially when they choose violence.

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