Pokémon Adventures Book 1: Turquoise, Jasper, & Ammolite @watertitan
Round 4 - VS Alolan Meowth

Edit: Sooooo, I had a whole plan for Jasper's arc...and then world events happened lmaooo sooo, I made the chaotic decision to switch it up! So I changed the ending of this chapter and propelled it into a new direction!

And boom! Chapter 4! This one came along much smoother than I thought it would. Once I had a clear idea, everything fell into place. Of course, a little midnight inspiration helped a lot too

Oh, and I probably should have put a disclaimer before. For returning readers, the first 3 chapters are a rewrite so please go back and read so you don't get confused

Now, we meet Jasper in his newest form! I'm happy with how he came about. Before he was just a rough idea of a person, but now he has some much better character. I like it.

For this chapter, I had two albums helping me out. The first write up, I was listening to 11:11 Reset by Keyshia Cole. The best song for this chapter had to be Unbothered. Its a mood lol. Buttttt, then inspiration came a few days later after I wrote this! And I was struck by Something New by K. Michelle. And at that point, I just had to listen to the whole All Monsters Are Human album It helped a lot tho lol

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

Pokémon Adventures: Turquoise, Jasper, & Ammolite

Round 4: VS Alolan Meowth – Legends Part 4

Location: Veilstone City
Date: August 4th, 3000
Time: 8:45am

Veilstone City had its own lore. Albeit strange with convoluted plotlines. Baryte had read up on them on the way there. The most popular of them claimed a meteor shower granted people the power to carve out the mountain! An awesome tale if it were true. Too many conflicting accounts, however, made it impossible to know. If only he could time travel or something—that was possible, right?

Probably a pokémon capable. Pokémon possessed many astounding abilities. Time travel couldn't be too hard. Maybe an ancient pokémon helped make Veilstone City? Oh! What if it fled to outer space?

Now that was a theory Baryte liked. There had to be tons of pokémon out there. Some even lived amongst them like clefairy. Someday, he proclaimed with clenched fists and burning passion, he would encounter them all.

Someday soon, he hoped.

For now, Baryte settled for handling his delivery. He arrived in the city at dawn. And as sunlight bled through the parting clouds, scientists rushed through the streets with mounds of paperwork clutched to their chests. Led only by the dimming streetlamps illuminating their path. The life of his dreams. Baryte sighed. Someday he would be amongst them—a famous scientist with discoveries sealed into the paperwork by ink.

Studying all the fossils he scavenged—just like Papa!

No time like the present right? Baryte mused. All the best scientists found their start here. Perhaps he should give that meteorite field a visit? Professor Kapok wouldn't mind so long as I deliver it today anyways.

With a confident grin, Baryte took off. The meteorite field wasn't hard to find—on the eastern side by the residential area. Deserted, even at this hour. No surprise there—many scientists spent their internships studying here. Still, a fresh pair of eyes never hurt.

"'Sides, I got the perfect research buddy," grinning, Baryte tapped the dusk ball on his belt and summoned his rough and tough cranidos to his side. "Cranyte, ready for some research?"

She grinned. Always eager to help regardless of the task at hand. Unlike a certain rockruff he knew…

Baryte took his time examining the craters. Scribbled notes in his favorite fossil themed notebook. A good scientist always kept one handy.

Yet, he didn't observe anything bizarre. Just the average meteorite sight. Although, the did glow heavenly in the morning sun. Even—Whoa! A strange burst of energy smashed into his gut! Chilled his bones as he shivered. Had to be from this meteorite. It glowed different than the others—a powder blue instead of white.

Better get in closer.

He stepped closer…only to roll away as his senses rumbled. Barely avoiding a slash that severed the stone where he stood! His assailant—a gray cat with a golden coin on its forehead—sidestepped a rushing Cranyte and purred.

It wore a slick smirk as it wagged a paw in his face!

"What's the big idea?" Cranyte rushed it again, but the cat backflipped and struck her with a nasty kick to the butt! "Cranyte!"

The cat just smirked and shrugged off Cranyte's angry snarling. It shook its head, eyes darting to the crater.

The crater— "Hold up, Cranyte." Baryte followed its gaze and found a group of floating rocks circling the meteorite in a strange dance! "Are those pokémon?" If only he brought his camera! The cat purred and its smirk turned smug. "Thanks for the heads up!"

It shrugged. And, with one final smirk, it strolled off.

Odd little pokémon. Smart though—Baryte hadn't even seen these pokémon!

Probably used to blind humans like him. Some scientist I am, Baryte chuckled. Next time, he would pay better attention. Now, he had a delivery to complete. Hopefully they stuck around—he would love to catch one.

"Maybe Professor Kapok knows 'bout 'em." With a smile, Baryte walked away. Cranyte took to his side with ease. "C'mon girl, let's deliver this package."

Scientific studies could wait just a bit more, he reasoned.

The residential sector looked much blander than he thought. Elevated above ground level like much of the city. But had the dullest houses in existence. The parents brought some life to it. They rushed out of the area—morning toast clenched in their teeth and briefcases swinging. Baryte laughed. Just like Papa in the mornings.

Though, one parent stood out. Somewhat portlier than the rest with a full bread and gleaming yellow eyes. Dressed like a scientist, except he opted against the glasses and kept a spoink-themed briefcase. A Porygon floated by his short afro while a grumpig—with a messenger bag slung across its chest, no less! —took up the rear. He shot past Baryte, muttering something about medicine as sweat beaded his nutmeg skin.

Seemed like an unreliable guy. And a slob if the coffee-stained tie was any indication. Not the best role model, he sighed.

Shrugging, Baryte went on his way. The house was another easy find. It stood out with its cosmic paint job and star-shaped mailbox. Even had a satellite dish on the roof! Not a bad place to live, he decided.

He rang the bell and waited. Waited…and waited. Yet no response followed. Frowning, Baryte glanced at his pokétch. 10 am—someone had to be up!

Guess I'll leave it the mailbox. Baryte shrugged. Easy enough. Now to find a diner. He knew he should have made some soup when he woke up. Papa always said never to miss breakfast. Maybe that was how he missed those pokémon.

He turned to the mailbox and…found that cat staring back at him! Perched on top with another cocky smirk.

"Err, hi?" The cat huffed and turned up its nose! The gall— "What's that for?"

Cranyte didn't appreciate it, either. She snarled and kicked at the ground. Not that the cat cared much.

"Kito, you done antagonizin' 'em?" A handsome guy walked over with his arms folded behind his head. As Banou would say, a real snack! With skin carved out straight from the night sky and twinkling pale yellow eyes. Silver hair worn in a tapered afro. A truly cosmic guy—ewww, Baryte cringed. Well, would be if he didn't reek of sweat! Still…it made his tight, star-themed tank top and short shorts cling to his well-toned body.

"This your pokémon?" Baryte raised an eyebrow. "It's rude. What is it?"

"You get used to it," Cosmic Dude mused with an easy grin. "And it's a meowth—from Alola, of course."

Baryte pursed his lips. "Not something I'd ever want to get used to." Honestly, Cosmic Dude couldn't be much of a trainer with an attitude like that. Or was it just these meowths? Better look into it later.

Cosmic dude didn't seem phased though. He looked ready to speak when the door finally opened.

"Jasper?" A sickly woman walked out with a cacturne behind her. Her floral housedress and fuzzy green slippers didn't match the energy of her dull ebony skin. Nor the frizzy mess of her massive silver afro.

"Did you ring the bell?"

Cosmic Dude flinched. "Mommy—why are you up?"

Mommy? Come to think of it, they did look alike. Cheekbones and skin tone matched. Although Cosmic Dude didn't inherit those eyes.

Pretty selfish of him to leave her home alone. All for a run? Baryte never left Mama home like that. Good thing that cacturne came with her. It kept her balanced and sent a strange glance his way. Almost protectively—like it didn't know if he posed a threat yet.

Its questions went unnoticed by the duo, however. Locked in their conversation of hush whispers. Only pausing when the mother dissolved into a harsh coughing fit! Yet all Cosmic Dude did was wince and nag her through it. Rude, much like his cocky cat.

They're made for each other, he snorted.

Wait a minute. Did she call him Jasper?

"Sorry to interrupt," he interjected softly. Cosmic Dude gave him a halfhearted glare before nodding. "Are you Jasper Korinaztu?"

Cosmic Dude smirked and folded his arms behind his head. "Yeah, that's me. 'Sup—you a fan?"

Baryte rolled his eyes. "Hardly," he retorted and pulled out the package from his knapsack. A neat box wrapped in yellow paper. "But I have a package for you from Professor Kapok."

Jasper accepted the package and muttered a quick, "thanks," before glancing over his shoulder. "Kito, stop buggin' that cranidos."

Sure enough, that cat had Cranyte chasing after it! Damnit—when did he miss that? Baryte called out to her, but she ignored him. Instead rushed the cat for a vicious headbutt! Well, it would have been if that cat didn't jump over it.

Baryte slapped his forehead with a groan. "Seriously? Train your cat, dude!"

Jasper laughed. "Believe it or not, that's him on a good day." A good day—Baryte huffed. No sense arguing with a lousy trainer. "Tell ya what. Come have breakfast with us. For your troubles, ya know?"

Have breakfast with his cocky jock? Please. Baryte opened his mouth to retort. And his stomach interjected with a vicious snarl.

"Sure, I guess…"

Some free food never hurt.

Baryte expected the house to be a boy's den, like his cousin's. Clothes flung around and the pungent aroma of sweat-stained furniture. The usual. But, he walked into a clean house filled with posters, awards, and trophies! Not just sports trophies—like the track trophy on the mantle. There were science trophies and medals too! Awarded to a Darnell Korinaztu. Hmm, the father, perhaps?

Still cool! He should have expected this from the outside. However, Jasper didn't pin him as a science guy. Well, he didn't think highly of the dude anyways. Couldn't be too bright with a pokémon like that as his partner.

The mother led him to the dining room while Jasper brought over the best food ever! Sickly or not, this lady threw down in the kitchen. She made oran berry pancakes better than his favorite diner in Oreburgh! With a satisfied sigh, Baryte leaned back in his chair.

"Satisfied?" Jasper sat across from him and grinned, brushing his thumb against his nose. "They're my specialty, ya know?"

"Wait, you cooked?" Baryte glanced over to the mom. She seemed satisfied nibbling on his pancakes. Not that it stopped her cacturne from dotting over her. "I thought that—"

"—Mommy's sickly," Jasper cut in with a forced grin. "So, I do the cookin'."

Oh, that made sense. Papa did the same when Mama got sick too. Still weird to hear a kid picking up the slack. Didn't she have a husband? A woman as beautiful as her couldn't be single. Not with eyes like hers. Now those put a sea of shining stars to shame!

"I'm sorry to hear that, ma'am." Baryte confessed, but she waved him off. "I hope you get better soon."

Her soft smile lit up her skin better than the sun ever could. "Thank you. Jasper takes good care of me."

With practiced ease, Jasper waved her off with, "Nothing you wouldn't do for me."

"But it's more than you should." She spoke softly. "Latched to my side like this."

"Mommy," an eerie tension filled the room with Jasper's frown. Something about it sent chills down his spine. "It's fine. I promise."

What an…odd relationship. "Hey, Jasper—how old are you?"

Jasper responded almost instantly, eyes beaming as his cool grin returned. "Thirteen!"

Just as his file indicated. Athletic and paired with a pretty rare pokémon. Shouldn't be hard for him to a trainer. Plus, that cat defended those pokémon with precision. Maybe it had reason to be cocky. Shame it ate like a tepig. Goggling down its pelts by the fridge as a few fell to the clean tiles.

Gross, he scoffed, so much for trained. The cat in question locked eyes with him and smirked. Even slid a claw across its neck! That rude, mannerless—

"Have you started your journey yet?" Baryte interrupted that train of thought before it got worse. "How many badges do you have?"

Jasper only winced and toyed with a strange bracelet on his wrist. Star-themed like his clothes but had a peculiar charm Baryte couldn't make out.

"Jasper hasn't left just yet." His mom intervened with sadness in her eyes. "He's been taking care of me since I fell ill."

Ah. More pieces fell into place. Yet no matter how he split it, Cosmic Dude wasn't suited for his mother's caretaker. An admirable effort though—Baryte loved seeing caring kids. Especially when, years ago, he almost found himself in the same predicament. Thank Arcues Professor Kapok found him on that magical blue moon night.

Professor Kapok, Baryte smiled, taking a sip of his drink. He worked hard as an assistant for months and gained friends and support in Paxton and Banou. All thanks to that sweet human being.

"I can tell you love your mom." Jasper nodded eagerly but his eyes never left his bracelet. A nervous tic, perhaps? Daddy has a similar fixation with his goggles. Something Baryte picked up as well. "However, I think you should give the journey a chance."

Jasper raised an eyebrow. A strange emotion filled his eyes as he tore his gaze from that bracelet. Fear, Baryte guessed, but it didn't fit his aesthetic.

"You should really open this package. It might change your perspective."

His lips twitched before settling into a frown. Brows furrowed and his hands tightened into fists. Thoughts must have raced through his mind, Baryte knew.

Jasper fell silent with a heavy frown frozen on his face. But those eyes fell to his mother. Locked in another of their silent conversations. Baryte couldn't understand how they did it. Even Daddy couldn't read his mind like this—were they psychic?

"Ight," Jasper finally said with a smooth grin. "I'll take your word for it."

I hope you're proud of me, Mom. Baryte grinned and pulled the package from his knapsack. I did good.

How'd y'all like this? I really enjoyed playing around with Baryte. He's a fun guy if a bit critical. I wanted to be sure he sounded a bit different from the jaded Paxton and I think I did a pretty decent job. If not, it'll definitely be different down the job. They're my newest characters so I'm still learning about them and their kinks lol.

For Jasper, I did make a change for him from the OG stories. Starting with a new partner pokemon! At first, he had a munchlax and it was cute and all, butttt low-key uninspired lol. so, Alolan Meowth came along! He was already written getting a meowth anyways so I just switched it up. This was pre-sun and moon so once I discovered Alolan Meowth, everything just fit. I was tempted to do Galarian Meowth, but this felt right.

Next chapter we'll be seeing more of Jasper and his mom so stay tuned!

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