Pokémon Adventures Book 1: Turquoise, Jasper, & Ammolite @watertitan
Round 3 - VS Shadow Salazzle

Chapter 3! Probably the best change I've made lol. Not only will be seeing more of Paxton but Turquoise as well. And a little twist. I'll get into timelines later down the road but I'm taking some liberties with source material as you can tell. It's definitely set in the future from the Pokemon Adventures manga, but I'm implementing game-related topics that weren't touched upon. I hope they will be though! I'd love to see what the writers will do with it!

Now, this chapter was also inspired by the Calling All Lovers album by Tamar Braxton. Most notably, Never. That song is so beautiful and powerful.

Without further ado, enjoy the chapter!

Pokémon Adventures: Turquoise, Jasper, & Ammolite

Round 3: VS Shadow Salazzle – Legends Part 3

Location: Lake Verity
Date: August 4
th, 3000
Time: 8:00pm

Fire had never been Paxton's friend. Not just because his team comprised of bug and grass types. It went deeper than that. Flames destroyed everything in their path. What remained could never be salvaged. Much like his home. Destroyed in the blaze, many remembered. They forgot, however, that he sat inside his room when the flames ran rampant.

For as long as he remembered, Paxton loathed flames. And these flames were no different. Regardless of the beautiful pokémon it came from. Those purple flames killed all it touched. And left the air reeking of a foul aroma. Thank Arceus he stumbled away when he did.

He stood before the sultry beast and bit his lip. His pokémon weren't far. All they needed was one opening to tip the scales. Times like this made him wish for a battle notebook. Maybe he should start compiling one…

"A Shadow Pokémon."

Ah shit. That freak from Lake Verity stood behind him. Horrified with his mouth agape. No ugly bug in sight, though. Instead, a cute little penguin stood at his feet. A piplup if he remembered right. Lucky freak, Paxton snorted. Still, everything about him seemed different. Down to his outfit. Could have passed for a ranger if he had not traded the orange for blue. Or tied that dumb bandanna across his forehead. What a weirdo.

"Get outta here," Paxton grounded out. The lizard hissed as purple flames danced across its scales. "It's dangerous!"

The lizard spat a gout of purple flames. This time, though, Paxton was ready. He leaped aside and threw a few pebbles at it. Didn't do much but annoy it. An easy distraction for Kiri. She jumped out of the foliage and unleashed a spiraling barrage of leaves onto it.

"You're up, Mitsu!" His vespiquen flew down from above and raked her claws against it. It winced. Mitsu continued her onslaught. Only to fly back when it retaliated with a burst of purple flames. "Yeah, that's the way!"

Kiri went in to join the fight. Just when a fireball smashed into her back! She stumbled right into a tail slap from the lizard, leaving her sprawling against the grass.

"Kiri! The hell was—"

"—That pokémon is a salazzle." Weirdo interjected, walking over with a strange handheld in his grasp. "She called for help."

For help? The hell was this weirdo talking—

From the bushes, a pair of strange pokémon emerged. Like pre-evolved versions of that lizard—salazzle or whatever. Each with a pair devious grins as they spat more fireballs at Kiri's back. "Where did they come from?" Mitsu flew in for another strike when another lizard took the strike inside. And that salazzle headbutted Mitsu away. "How?"

"Salazzle attracts male salandits with her pheromones." Weirdo stated, glancing at his handheld. "They do anything for her."

That explains it. Still, there had to be a countermeasure for this. Maybe if he sent out another pokémon—Gama could divert their efforts!

"If we wanna defeat Salazzle, we'll hafta handle her cronies!" Snatching some cool luxury balls off his belt, Weirdo threw two pokémon into battle with a cry of "Shine on!" A shinx and starly appeared in a burst of light and smoke. The duo rushed the salandits, knocking them away from Kiri. "These pokémon aren't native to Sinnoh so they shouldn't be much more of them. Nor should they be that tough."

And he was right. They collapsed quickly and only three more came to replace them. Not like the houndour packs that loved ambushing trainers.

He's pretty smart, Paxton mused. Still a weirdo though.

"Now, we gotta keep it from dealin' damage! Reuno, Motha!" He summoned two more pokémon. This time, that ugly bug rushed into battle, Followed by…a floating head? Gross! What was with this guy and ugly pokémon? "Reuno, raise our defensives! Motha, knock her around!"

Pulses of light surged around their pokémon. And the fireballs looked smaller than before. Kiri withstood them long enough to knock out a salandit with a swing of her scythes. The starly and shinx followed suit and took out the last two without trouble. Even Mitsu managed to shrug off a gout of purple fire and slash the lizard!

Must be Light Screen. A wave of colorful energy slammed into the salazzle and it shrieked. An easy opening for Mitsu to score another Slash. And that had to be Psybeam.

They had a good momentum going. Hit and run tactics mainly. Even with the Light Screen, Salazzle proved dangerous. With vicious slashes with its tail, it kept them at bay. And breathed toxic flames when it felt necessary. Paxton knew the stat boost wouldn't matter for long. They needed to finish this fast.

"I'm outta ideas," Paxton confessed, stealing a glance at the weirdo. Even he looked concerned as sweat beaded his brow. "Got a plan?"

Weirdo bit his lip. "Kinda. We're outmatched so we can't muscle it down."

"You called it something. A Shadow Pokémon. What do you mean by that?"

Weirdo shook his head. "You wouldn't be able to tell. Shadow Pokémon have dark auras and closed hearts."

Paxton pursed his lips. He had heard about them before. Off in a distant region, there had a rise of them. Maybe a decade or two ago. Hard to believe someone would continue such monstrous practices.

"So, what do we do?"

"I could stun her…" Weirdo glanced at his piplup. It hadn't joined in the fight yet, but something told him it wanted to. Had to be the angered gleam in its eyes. "But I needa touch her."

…Forget that, this man lost his mind! How did he think that would happen? Their pokémon kept that lizard at bay, but that didn't save them from danger. Those purple flames scorched much of tall grass and drove off many of the wild pokémon. Powerful tail slashes severed trees and even stuck a few pokémon. Getting in close wouldn't be that simple.

"Let's say I agree with this dumbass plan of yours," he began slowly as his fingers danced at his belt. Push come to shove, he had Gama. "How would this work?"

"Same tactics," Weirdo stated and shared a nod with his piplup. "We just gotta douse her a bit."

Douse her—Salazzle hissed and pinned down that ugly bug. Would've taken her out had the floating head not blasted it with a strange pulse of heated energy. "Right, is that supposed to be easy?" Mitsu dove in but it knocked her down with another slash of its tail. "We're getting our asses handed to us."

His starly and shinx were the first knocked out. Burned by the purple flames at close range. Kiri fell soon after. Poor girl—the second battle she lost today.

"Not, but nothin' ever is." His piplup rushed into the battle with loud chirps. Salazzle swung its tail, but Piplup side-stepped and circled it. With each step, blue feathers fluttered through the air and Salazzle hissed. "Empola, keep the Feather Dance going!"

Paxton sighed. Well if that's the case. Bomie the budew jumped out of his heal ball and hopped in place.

"Bomie! Water Sport!"

A burst of water rained down and Salazzle's flames sizzled. Their pokémon took advantage and blasted it, but it still stood tall through it.

"Everyone, back up!" Weirdo barked and the pokémon back up. All except for his piplup with glowed in blue light. "Empola! Water Pledge!"

A wave of crystal blue cascaded onto Salazzle and it screamed! And Weirdo rushed into in. Just as the wave splashed off the lizard's skin, he went and pushed his hand on her forehead. It…don't look like much to him. But it made the lizard hack and hiss. Soon it stumbled away, gasping for air as the flames died around it.

"Run!" Gathering his piplup, Weirdo took off. And Paxton followed suit.

This is the weirdest day ever!

Finally, they made it a good distance away. Drenched in sticky sweat none the less. Still, Turquoise claimed this as a victory. Thank Master Doryu for the extensive training. Never thought it would pay off, but…

I needed it, he frowned and took a glance at his team. Only Empola stood battle-ready, but even she had her limits. The last attack draining her plenty. Gotta get to Sandgem Town soon.

"Hey, um…" Stranger spoke up for the first time since the night. Eyes low as he hugged his budew close. Until the soft night sky, Turquoise couldn't tell if tears accompanied the sadness the teen felt. "I gotta tell you something."

His vespiquen nodded, even shoved his shoulder. Stranger flinched but didn't make a retort. Turquoise expected as much. Rude or not, this trainer cared for his pokémon. And even valued their opinions. Not a sentiment many shared. Turquoise saw many trainers who berated their teammates and sent them into losing battles. All for poorly thought out dreams of grandeur. What a waste.

"I'm sorry…for calling you a weirdo and freak and stuff." Stranger started. Their eyes met and his emerald eyes shined through the darkness. "Thank you for helping me back there."

"Hehe, no problem." Turquoise grinned. "I'm sorry Motha attacked you like that."

"Yeah…well, I should introduce myself properly then. I'm Paxton Lotus of Floaroma Town."

Paxton Lotus…it suited him. From his short green coils to his emerald eyes. Even his outfit. A simple white t-shirt paired with dark green joggers and heavy brown gardening boots. Even his brown belt with its full array of heal balls and a green leaf buckle. A true trainer from the town of flowers.

And a cute guy.

"Nice to meetcha!" Turquoise blushed but hold out his hand. "I'm Turquoise Yukule of Twinleaf Town!" They shook hands, and the sensation flooded Turquoise with joy. A new friend! Finally! "Newest Pokédex Holder of Sinnoh."

"Wait, what?!"

Turquoise laughed and withdrew his pokédex. It started up, running through a burst of code he couldn't hope to understand. Before long, it faded into a smiling picture of him from his graduation. Back when he had his hair braided in cornrows.

"Porygon Pokédex Model 1," a computerized voice started up, "belonging to Turquoise Yukule of Twinleaf Town. If lost, please return to Professor Kapok of Ancient Island or Professor Rowan of Sandgem Town."

"Surprised, huh? All thanks to your package!"

Without it, Turquoise feared he would never leave. But now, he stood tall beyond the safety of home. Ready to take the world by storm.

Sooo, how'd y'all like it? I'm getting better with fight scenes, but not perfect yet. Still, I enjoyed writing this one.

In the previous version, it was a Shadow Absol, but then I was like...symbolism! Think of the symbolism! And thus came Shadow Salazzle and her pesky Salandits! Just wanna say Salazzle is one of my favorite pokemon introduced in Sun and Moon. I used her on my first Moon playthrough and chileeeee, perfect! I had to bring her back and it was so much fun to write!

I did my best to keep it very Pokemon Adventures. I recently reread the Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter and was inspired by the scene where the Masked Man's Houndour called for a pack against Lt. Surge. I felt like I needed to keep my fights with that kind of veil rather than thinking about it in the style of the anime.

Initially, during the fight, I was gonna have Vespiquen and Salazzle have a rivalry, but think I realized I couldn't😢😭 If only Vespiquen knew Attack Order. Butttt, who's to say she won't be back?

And yup, Shadow Pokemon! They're gonna be very important to this series, don't you worry. And another one too! Once I finally get to it lol.

Oh! And I added a new pokemon to Turquoise's team! I feel like an Empath needs a psychic type, but I didn't wanna do ralts lol. Soooo, we got Solosis instead! Great because it fits him stats-wise and personality-wise.

Now, we're done with Turquoise and Paxton for now! Time to move onto the next Sinnoh Dex Holder! He's probably a new favorite of mine. I definitely didn't know what I was doing with him when I first made him, but now he's awesome.

As always, feel free to review or PM me with your opinions!

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