A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7
Robb’s revalations

News of the king's arrival had spread quickly throughout the castle. Robb was saddened by Myriah and Samwell's departure even if they'd only be gone a few weeks. He couldn't wait to tell them about the kings visit and to show them Grey Wind, his direwolf. He hadn't had time too see them and he regretted not saying goodbye. Unfortunately his father had to execute a deserter that day, something he had to witness. It was The day his father found out about the king coming. The king came two fortnights later and visited his aunts tomb. His friends had left a week before the king came which he found strange."Wouldn't they wait to meet the king?" He thought. The king seemed like a good man, but Grey Wind grew uneasy when the Queen and her brother walked past. Ever since he got Grey Wind he'd been feeling strange. He seemed to be connected to the beast somehow."Maybe I'm a warg" he thought. "Like in the stories."Grey Wind perked up suddenly and started barking and pawing at the door."What is it Gr~" he was interrupted by more howling but this time from a different source. It sounded like Summer, his brothers direwolf. He opened the door and Grey Wind rushed out of the room. He followed. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. His brother, Bran was on the ground unconscious and not moving. Robb got his mother."Did you see what happened? Did you see him fall?" She practically screamed at him."No. Grey Wind started howling and barking and then I heard Summer. I found him like this and got you" He explained."Get Maester Luwin. NOW" she screamed.He did as he was told. A few hours later he and a few other Maesters saved him from dying."How did this happen" Asked Maester Luwin."He fell" replied his mother."But he never falls" remarked Robb."Hush Robb. Why don't you go tell your father." Remarked Catelyn. Robb's stomach dropped for a second time. He was afraid of how father would react. He walked to his parents room and knocked. There was no answer. He knocked again. No answer still. He opened the door and no one was there. Robb checked everywhere before realizing where his father was. He walked to the Godswood."Father father""Yes Robb What is it?""It's Bran. He fell from the eastern tower. I told mother and Maester Luwin.""Why wasn't I told earlier" Ned said with some anger in his voice."I didn't know where you were" Robb said in a small voice. He took his father to see Bran. News of the incident spread fast. King Robert paid respect as did Cersei, Tommen, Myrcella and practically the entire court. Even Prince Joffrey paid his respects, but Robb suspected he was forced to. Again Grey Wind was uneasy around Cersei and her brother."Perhaps they had something to do with it" Robb thought. The next few days were filled with anxiety. Robb heard his father arguing with King Robert. He tried not listening but he heard everything. Robert needed a new hand but his father refused. Robb hoped he didn't go south. Bad things happen to Starks who go south. He heard the stories of how his uncle and grandfather died and shivered. After the third day of arguing the king gave Ned an ultiminium. Ned would go south and he the hand of the king or Robert would give the title of Warden of the North to the Karstarks. Ned went silent then said yes. Robb was worried. He had seen the dead stag and the direwolf. He had also heard his mother whisper about a prophecy someone named Rhaenys had. He sat up in his bed when he heard the name Rhaenys."That's impossible" thought Robb."Rhaenys Targaryen is in Essos somewhere. Unless she sent word to Ned, but why would she do that? She should hate our family." He thought. He fell asleep and dreamt of Myriah. In his dream he was Nymeros. He tried calling out to her but all that came out was meows."Shhh Nymeros. You'll wake everyone up." Said Larra."Meow" Said Robb. He was scooped up by her and carried to Myriah."How many times do I have to tell you to keep an eye on your cat?" Said Larra."Sorry mama" replied Myriah."Usually he follows me everywhere""I'm glad you still have him" Said an unfamiliar voice. Robb looked around and saw Oberyn Martell."How do they know Oberyn?" Thought Robb"I still can't believe you came back after all this time El~" Oberyn was cut off by someone shaking Robb awake."Our father is leaving." Said Jon.Robb and Jon went to the Godswood where Ned was waiting for them."I need to tell you two something. Something you cannot tell anyone about. Not your brothers not your sisters and especially not the royal family""What is it father?" Asked Robb"Jon is not my son.""What do you mean?" Asked Jon."Jon you are the son of my sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen" said Ned."Rhaegar Legitimized you before you were born and before he went to Trident. You're Targaryen name is Jaehaerys." Said NedRobb was equally as shocked as Jon."There's something else.""What" Said Robb"Larra Myriah and Samwell are actually Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon Targaryen." Ned ended his sentence there."Why are you telling me this now?" Asked Jon"Because I will not live to see you again" Ned responded sadly. He told them about the Targaryen's visions and what they meant and Robb found the time to tell him about what he saw. Jon and Robb hugged Ned and Robb wished this moment wouldn't end. When It did Robb asked why Sansa and Arya had to go.

"Sansa is betrothed to prince Joffrey and Arya needs to come with us to avoid suspicion. We think the Lannisters had something to do with Jon Arryn's death." Ned responded. Ned gave the boys time to process this information and the next day Ned rode off with Sansa Arya and the Direwolves. Robb looked at his father for the one last time and wondered how long his father would last. After all, Starks tend to do poorly down south.

1. Introduction/prologue 280 0 0 2. Winterfell 943 0 0 3. Jaehaerys 551 0 0 4. Hopes and Dreams 787 0 0 5. A gift fit for a Queen 442 0 0 6. Leaving Winterfell 383 0 0 7. Robb’s revalations 1016 0 0 8. Bran 234 0 0 9. Tower Troubles 500 0 0 10. The Princess’ Problem 467 0 0 11. Godswood 1071 0 0 12. Visions 839 0 0 13. Prisoner Blues 582 0 0 14. Shocking News 345 0 0 15. Awakening the Dragon 1086 0 0 16. Myr 411 0 0 17. Myriah 1573 0 0 18. Dusk's Dragon 717 0 0 19. The Hidden Spring 994 0 0 20. A Familiar Face 687 0 0 21. King's Landing 3037 0 0 22. A Change in Guard 1045 0 0 23. Stuck 1088 0 0 24. Starlight 1158 0 0 25. The Boys in the Tower 1514 0 0 26. Anu 465 0 0 27. Traitor 592 0 0