A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7
A gift fit for a Queen

Elia was shaken from the mornings conversation with her children. There was no telling when prophecies could come true. All she knew was that Robert Baratheon was going to come to Winterfell and she needed to tell Ned Stark. She was lucky she and her children woke up early. They packed up their merchandise and rode into the marketplace. After the day was done she walked to the court to seek counsel. She had Rhaenys and Aegon stand outside as she walked through the entrance. As she approached the counsel room she heard arguing. It sounded like Lady Catelyn and Lord Stark.

"...I don't see why we have to keep him here! Why not give him to 'Larra' and her children?" The one who sounded like Lady Catelyn argued. ""He is my blood not hers!" The one who sounded like Lord Ned nearly yelled. Elia knocked on the door and both voices hushed. "Come in" Lord Stark bellowed. Elia walked into the council room.

"Lord Stark" Said Elia as she bowed. Lord and Lady Stark were the only ones in the room.

"I have news. You may not believe me but for years my children have had visions of things yet to come. Since we arrived in Winterfell these visions have become more frequent. Last night both dreamt of a stag and lions coming north. I believe some time in the future Robert will ride north." Elia explained

"Do you have any idea when he will come?" Asked Lord Stark

"No M'lord."

"Is this all Larra?" Asked Lord Stark.

"No M'Lord. My daughter dreamt that if you were to go south both you and the king would be killed." Elia warned.

"Larra how certain are you this will come to pass?" asked Ned

"Absolutely" replied Elia.

"Leave us." Elia did as she was told. She did as she was told and left with her children. The next morning Elia awoke to a knock on her door. When She opened it and there was a messenger standing there.

"I've got a letter and package. I was told to deliver it to your hands only. Something about it helping the realm?" He said handing her a package.

"Thank You!" Said Elia. She paid him a few silver. "You're Welcome" Said The courier, running away. Elia Placed the package on the table and opened it. She gasped.

"What is it Mama?" asked Aegon.

"Dragon Eggs" she replied. She laid them on the table. One was yellow with shades of red, the other blue with shades of purple.

"They're beautiful" said Rhaenys picking up the blue one.

"I wonder where Lord Stark got them" said Elia.

1. Introduction/prologue 280 0 0 2. Winterfell 943 0 0 3. Jaehaerys 551 0 0 4. Hopes and Dreams 787 0 0 5. A gift fit for a Queen 442 0 0 6. Leaving Winterfell 383 0 0 7. Robb’s revalations 1016 0 0 8. Bran 234 0 0 9. Tower Troubles 500 0 0 10. The Princess’ Problem 467 0 0 11. Godswood 1071 0 0 12. Visions 839 0 0 13. Prisoner Blues 582 0 0 14. Shocking News 345 0 0 15. Awakening the Dragon 1086 0 0 16. Myr 411 0 0 17. Myriah 1573 0 0 18. Dusk's Dragon 717 0 0 19. The Hidden Spring 994 0 0 20. A Familiar Face 687 0 0 21. King's Landing 3037 0 0 22. A Change in Guard 1045 0 0 23. Stuck 1088 0 0 24. Starlight 1158 0 0 25. The Boys in the Tower 1514 0 0 26. Anu 465 0 0 27. Traitor 592 0 0