A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7
Traitor riah looked at Anu and began to think about her situation. She had stopped wondering why she had not been executed once she heard the whispers of Dornishmen remarking how similar she looked to the Targaryn princess. While she doubted the words of men who had never seen the girl, she couldn't help but guess if this rumor had been why they were spared so far. The fact both she and the false Aegon had had at least four years of training in various areas fit for the royal family, including how to act and rule probably helped. These could not be replaced easily, especially in Young Griff's case, and could prove useful in preventing assassination attempts.
Myriah was still worried though. She had never really wanted to be Rhaenys, and her previous captors knew that. Even if she never gave up their identities to the true Targaryan loyalists, she would still be marked and killed as a liability. While she wanted to tell them the identities, she feared for her true family. She wondered what would the people who orchestrated this do to them since she got captured. They probably would be killed if they hadn't been already. Why would they risk Myriah running back to them?
This was something she had not considered until shortly after she was captured. While she didn't talk at first, she couldn't help but think about this question and compared her brother's handwriting from a "letter" he wrote her to the note he gave her before she left. Her fear was realized when she checked. The handwriting was close enough to his that it looked the same at first glance, but on closer inspection there were key differences in it. It confirmed to her that he was dead and someone else was writing revelation was why she told the Martells everything. Her home in Dorne, her brother, and the men who took her away.
"Aegon" on the other hand never spoke a word. He even yelled at her for telling them. He didn't believe her when she confessed neither of them were the true Targaryns. Myriah couldn't blame the boy, he had been raised all his life to believe he was one of the last true heirs to the Iron Throne. It couldn't have been easy for Young Griff. To have that taken from him was unthinkable. The boy still believed he was the ruler of Westeros, and had promised to have her head when he claimed the Throne. After all, there was still another Targaryan woman he could wed. This last part hit her hard. Myriah knew the trueborn children of Rhaegar had survived, as well as the third child of Aerys, but not their whereabouts. Myriah didn't think he would ever forgive her. To him, his own sister had betrayed him to imposters.
Suddenly she heard someone enter her room. Anu stopped singing its song. This caught her off guard. Usually it continued singing when someone entered the room, if it was in the middle of a song. Myriah turned around to look at the person who entered the room she was in. It was a man, tall and stern looking. No one alerted Myriah to a guard change, and she did not recognize the man standing at the door. He was dressed in guards clothing but something was wrong. He did not have the demeanor of a guard and walked with an unusual urgency. It was only then she saw the blood on his gloves. She then understood why he was her
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