A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7

Rhaenys had been having nightmares for the past few days. Some of her dreams depicted a wolf and an otter following a mockingbird as a rosethorn strangled a lion. Others still showed an ocean lit up with green fire left by a dead dragon. Her latest dream involved her riding Nightshade as a frozen army marched South. She feared what was North of The Wall, as the stories of the Long Night didn't seem so childish.

Despite her restless nights she managed to help Robb with winning the war. Catelyn had managed to form an alliance with the Freys. By that point news of Nightshade had made it to the twins, and Walder demanded that Robb marry one of his daughters, and Rhaenys marry one of his youngest sons. When Caitlyn pointed out Rhaenys and Nightshade were not hers to bargain, and she was technically betrothed to Aegon, Walder reluctantly altered the arrangement. Robb was still to marry one of his daughters, and Arya one of his youngest sons, and he had to take some of his youngest sons as Squires, but Rhaenys was not allowed to cross the Twins until an arrangement with Elia and Aegon could be negotiated. Whatever Walder wanted couldn't be good for them, especially considering the way he looked at Nightshade. Ownership of the only dragon in Westeros would make it virtually unstoppable, but also put a large target on their head. She just hoped he was smart enough not to ask solely for Nightshade, as she nipped and hissed at almost any Frey who came close to her. She also was starting to produce violet flame bursts, which while unimpressive, was still incredibly hot.

Even with Nightshade's temperamental nature, she would make a valuable asset. Walder probably would find a way to claim her dragon in one way or another. Nightshade nudged her hand affectionately and she gave her a few pieces of cooked meat. The dragon had learned a few commands in High Valyrian like Sōvēs or fly and Dracarys for dragonfire, but was learning fast. Nightshade listened to her, and often snuggled up to her when she was scared. Rhaenys didn't know why her dragon didn't trust the Freys, but whatever the reason, it was probably well founded.

Still, if Aegon was willing, she may wed someone else, which would give Walder an excuse to marry her to one of his sons. Either way, they had to wait for her brother to respond, and for now she was stuck by the Twins. All she could do was train Nightshade and send Ravens to stay updated with how the war was far, Robb had managed to capture Jamie Lannister and a few other highborn hostages and had won every battle he fought so far. Rhaenys was surprised Robert had let Jamie live, considering he helped save two Targaryens, though it could easily be explained away by his Family. Killing her grandfather probably helped somewhat, and being the son of the richest man in Westeros likely did the rest. Still, his capture meant they could ransom Robb's sister's back, though something told her that Arya was long gone. Just as she was about to wake Nightshade she heard a knock. When she opened the door she was greeted by Olyvar Frey, one of Walder's's younger trueborn sons.

"I thought you were with Robb?"

"I was, but my father wanted me here." He replied.

"Why?" asked Rhaenys, knowing perfectly well what Walder was doing.

"My father called me back shortly after we captured Jamie Lannister and sent a few of his grandchildren instead."

"Do you know why?"

"My father got a letter from your brother saying he would be willing to negotiate an alliance with him if he let you and any bannermen you need cross. I am assuming he is trying to marry us off."

"I see. I am sure my family will come to whatever arrangement they see fit."

"Indeed. I should be going. I just wanted to let you know."

"Thank You."

Rhaenys closed the door and looked out the window. It was going to be a long few months, and so far it seemed she would wed a Frey. After eating she went to bed and she dreamt of the day they found out her father ran away with Jon's mother.

"Your grace, it seems your son has run away," said the poor courier.

"Where?" asked the King.

"It's unclear, but many reports claimed he went to Dorne."

"Why?" Asked Elia, remaining poised and graceful with baby Aegon at her breast. There was anger in her voice that was uncommon. Rhaenys had never seen her mother upset before that moment and grew scared.

"I do not know m'lady, but two of the Starks are riding South. They think he stole their daughter, Lyanna." The Mad King was uncharacteristicly silent. "Lord Tywin has ignored our requests for aid, but Dorne is willing to provide aid as long as Elia and Rhaegar's children are safe."

"Bring Tywin here at once. I want him to answer as to why he has refused aid to his rightful king!" Aerys Finally shouted. "Now get out of my sight! All of you!"

"Will daddy come home soon?" Rhaenys asked as they began to leave. The Mad King's laughs echoed through the keep.

"If he's as smart as people say he won't come back. Why would he anyways? I'd run away too if I had a whore for a wife and a brat for a daughter!" The Mad King snapped at her. The remaining court tried to hide their surprise at this outburst, but to no avail. Many gave Rhaenys sympathetic glances as she rushed out of the room crying, her mother following her. A few of the courtiers gave her a sympathetic gift, but that just made it worse. Her grandfather, the most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms, hated her. She cried until nightfall, when she finally fell asleep. The next scene was Elia having her pack her things. There was going to be a battle soon and they needed safe passage out of the castle when things went wrong. Right as she finished packing she remembered something she left in her father's room. As she found it she heard fighting and hid under Rhaegar's bed. Rhaenys was terrified, even more so than she was during the original encounter, but it wasn't until the door opened when she realized why. This time, instead of Ser Jamie, at the door, it was Ser Amory Lorch.

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