A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7
A Change in Guard

Beric walked to The Godswood, ready to do his duty. The Queen followed with a smug grin on her face, as did her knights and Littlefinger. King Joffrey was there, just as Cersei had claimed.

"Well, it took you long enough. I was just telling them about the change in guard." Joffrey stated smugly when he noticed them. The Hound looked angry, and Sansa was unreadable.

"What will I be doing Your Grace?" asked The Hound

"You will return to your previous post guarding me."

"And Ser Beric's replacement?" asked Littlefinger

"We'll find his replacement soon enough. For now, The Hound should also take over his duty until we find a suitable man."

"Is that wise Your Gra-" Varys began to ask

"My son has spoken." Cersei interrupted. The Hound glared at her, the rage behind his face barely contained.

"Come on dog, I'm going to be late for my fitting." Joffrey started and began to walk away, his mother, the knights followed him. The Hound reluctantly followed the King, as well, looking back briefly before turning the corner. The Eunuch and Littlefinger excused themselves and scurried off in different directions, leaving Beric and Sansa alone. Beric felt uncomfortable. He didn't know what to do, he had served Joffrey to the best of his ability, and changing the guard like this so suddenly and without warning was a bad move, even for Joffrey. Either way he needed to do his job.

"Is there anywhere you need to go M'Lady?" he asked,

"I need to go to my chambers, I seem to have forgotten something."

"If it pleases you, My Lady."

They headed back to her chambers in the Red Keep. A few moments after she entered the room and closed the door he heard muffled crying. Beric did not blame her, as Joffrey and Cersei seemed dedicated to making her life miserable. She had come to King's Landing expecting to be a queen, but is now a glorified hostage, and that isn't even including the reports of a dragon that had come in.

Beric shuddered at the thought. He had attempted to tell Tyrion of the beast, but he did not listen and neither did the Queen Mother. Beric's only hope was Tywin, but even then he had brushed off the reports, claiming the dragon would grow no bigger than a cat, at most a large dog.

"Gods know what The King will do to the girl when he finds out." thought Beric. He had feared for his own safety as well as Sansa's, as it was only a matter of time before Joffrey would be told. As he was thinking this, one of Sansa's handmaidens walked up. She was one of Varys' spies, as at least one handmaiden under every lady of importance was. Still, Cersei had kept changing Sansa's handmaidens whenever she felt they were getting too close to her, much to the Spider's and Littlefinger's charaign.

"Excuse me." she said politely. He stepped aside and she knocked on Sansa's door. "My Lady, you need to go to the Tailor, the King's name day is in three days and they need to make sure your dress fits!"

"I'll be out in a moment!" Sansa replied, her voice still shaky. About five minutes later, Sansa came out of her room. She hardly looked as if she had been crying, but her eyes were still slightly red. The three of them began walking to the Royal Tailor's in silence. The Tailor's workshop was close to the King's Chambers, so it wouldn't be too long of a walk, but the silence was making it unbearable.

"Sir Beric, my actions earlier were not polite and I am sorry. I just needed a moment alone." said Sansa, finally breaking the silence.

"You need not apologize My Lady, I am now your guard. Wherever you go it is now my duty to protect you." Beric replied. It was the usual speech he gave to commoners whenever he was outside of the Red Keep, but it worked. They walked for another minute or two in silence. He didn't know what else to say.

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you do before you were assigned to me? Lord Balish said something about you needing a replacement?" Sansa asked.

"I was a part of the Knights Inquisitor." he replied. "I made sure that any potential threats were identified and caught before they harmed the king."

"I thought the Knights Inquisitor were only focused on threats who escaped Kings Landing."

"That is one of our duties, but eventually Kings realized that they would live longer if threats were caught before they enacted their plans."

Sansa went quiet, and Beric realized why he had been assigned to her. Beric had done his job well despite his ties for around 15 years, both before and after he was knighted by Rhaegar shortly before the Trident. If Sansa happened to say anything "treasonous" or even out of the ordinary he would be honor bound to report it to the king, or at least to a member of the Small Council. It was what everyone expected of him, the Knight Inquisitor who served two kings faithfully. Unbeknownst to them, he and Sansa were more similar than people realized, and his loyalty to the new crown was nonexistent from the moment Joffrey ordered Ned Stark's death.

As he realized this, they got to the Tailor. Sansa's eyes lit up upon seeing the dress and she went to try it on as fast as she could. It was light Pink with a floral design on it. It fit her almost perfectly and the edits the tailor needed to make were minor at worst. She looked happier at that moment than she had looked since she found out her sister escaped months ago. She probably felt similarly, if not the same as when he found out his siblings escaped King's Landing with Elia and her children. As he remembered this, it hit him. The King, Queen Mother and Small Council expected him to report Sansa if or when she stepped out of line. What people failed to realize was that as a glorified bodyguard, investigating and punishing crime was no longer a part of his job.

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