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The Hidden Spring

(Note: I changed Morran's name to Lewyn)

Jynessa and Lewyn sat at the bank of the Hidden Spring by their village. It was always peaceful, and would light up beautifully during sunset and sunrise. Jynessa enjoyed spending time at the spring, and Lewyn seemed to as well. He was a lot more at peace by the spring than he was usually, as running Rhoyne's Cove was no easy task, and put a lot of stress on him. It put stress on all the founders, but Lewyn was the one who addressed the townsfolk most often and announced the solutions they had come up with. This could be a problem when the townsfolk disagreed with a choice they made, or angry about something they could not change. Fear and anger often clouded people's judgement, something both knew all too well. Lewyn was chosen to deliver the news as he was the most articulate and wise. His looks certainly helped as well. He had plain yet attractive features, golden brown eyes, olive skin, and a kind smile. He was muscular despite his limp, something he was often asked about but rarely answered.

Jynessa's thoughts drifted back to the spring. She, Lewyn and a few others found it about a fortnight beforehand, as they were mapping the area. It was a half day's horse ride from the town and was well hidden behind a wall of trees and bushes. The Spring was a sacred place, Jynessa could feel it and so could Lewyn. Why is it called to them then was a mystery, as they had likely passed it several times over the years. Neither could explain how they found it. They had been riding for hours and had runout of water. Lewyn had claimed to have followed a rainbow path leading to the spring. Jynessa had not seen this, but she trusted his judgment. Even so, after they got to the spring and drank from it she had seen a large horned turtle staring at them. It was the Old Man of the River, she was sure of it. What He was doing in a spring, she was not certain, but they were meant to find this spring. When they got back The Septon who lived in their town believed that the Seven Faced God intended them to find it. The Maester who lived there explained it away as delirium mixed with luck. Later that night a red comet appeared in the sky, which the Septon took as a sign he was right. He began to refer to them as The God's Chosen, while the people of the village whispered different theories to each other. Many believed the Septon while others agreed with the Maester that it was a coincidence. Still another party believed it was a sign of Dragons and magic coming back to the world.

No matter the explanation, The Sacred Spring provided Jynessa a way to practice the ways of Mother Rhoyne in private, and a way for Lewyn to pray to the Seven-Faced God. Jynessa had grown up learning the ways of the Orphans of The Greenblood, but had not been able to practice when she was brought to King's Landing. She would not be able to practice properly for years, until they fled to Essos and founded Rhoyne's shithole of a city robbed her of nearly everything, her religion, freedom and one of her brothers.

On the flip side, Lewyn was a devout follower of the Seven, even after his leg was shattered. It happened during an encounter with Robert Baratheon at the Trident, a little before Elia and her company fled. Lewyn didn't like talking about it. Despite the Royal Pardon he received, the moment Lewyn was well enough to travel he sailed to Essos in order to find Elia and Rhaella. This meant leaving Jynessa's brother Olyvar alone in King's Landing. Lewyn managed to find them in Qohor, though Elia and Rhaella decided to part ways with their children shortly after. Lewyn stayed with Elia, Jynessa and half the Targaryn Loyalists, while the other half went with Rhaella. Jynessa hated those words. She stopped being loyal to the Targaryens the day Rhaegar ran away with a girl no older than 14, leaving his wife, children, and kingdom to his mad father's mercy. Thousands of men, women and children died for his actions. She remembered how their travels forced them and a caravan to travel down Mother Rhoyne, where they barely survived traversing the Sorrows. A chill went down Jynessa's spine as she remembered the close call with the stone men, but that was a story for another time. She pushed the memory away and thought of founding Rhoyne's Cove.

They had been north of Valysar when Lewyn and Jynessa felt Mother Rhoyne's call. They and a few members of the caravan could not bring themselves to leave the patch of land. Princess Elia and the caravan leader recognized the potential of a settlement there and let them stay. Elia and the leader managed to convince the leaders of Volantis of its potential and sent supplies and soldiers while With the supplies they had, the Founders managed to make Rhoyne's Cove a prospering village in the years after the Sack. Even so, Jynessa and the others could tell times were changing. Talk of war became news of war, and the founders knew it would spread to Essos in one way or another. It always did. War would break out between at least two houses, news would spread like wildfire and people would choose sides. Once everyone in Westeros chose sides, it would spread to Essos. The Founders prepared for the worst, as spring was beginning to end and when war came to Essos Rhoyne's Cove would be a good target for attacks. Her loyalty lay with Elia, Lewyn and the village she helped build.

"War never changes." Thought Jynessa as they saddled their horses and rode back to Rhoyne's Cove.

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