A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7

Myriah didn't understand why she still had to pretend to be Rhaenys. The Martells had known where the real royal children had been the entire time and she missed her real brother, Olyvar. The last time she saw him was when she left Dorne four years ago. She had been ten years of age when she left, and Eight when Varys first came to her. He spent those two years teaching her how to act like a princess and kept her and her brother off the streets during that time. He had told her he would take care of them if she did this, and she foolishly believed him. She thought about some of the things Varys had done to ensure their secret was kept and wondered if Olyvar was even still alive.

"Myriah, we need to leave, NOW!" Yelled Connington.

"Coming!" She yelled back, grabbing the last of her things. She felt bad for Connington. She wondered how a man so intelligent and cynical managed to believe every word that came out of Varys' mouth. She walked downstairs to see Jon arguing with Harry Strickland about leaving Myr. She didn't like Harry, as he was old, fat, cowardly and too proud for his own good. Myriah also didn't like the way his eyes lingered on her and any maiden who came into his view. Jon was also especially protective of her whenever he was around. She stayed away from him whenever possible.

"...We've never broken a contract before!" Harry practically bellowed. He was holding the Dragon egg Jon had given him as payment. She didn't know where Varys got it, but it was beautiful.

"Well we need too. Myriah and Young Griff are in danger." Jon said in a quieter tone, attempting to recapture some semblance of a private conversation.

"We've just got here though! My feet are still sore from marching!"

"Then get a horse. We're leaving as soon as Rhaenys is ready." At that moment they noticed her. Jon stood up and Harry stared at her in the way she hated. She reached in her bag and held the bright red rock her brother gave her. It was smooth and somewhat oval shaped, and perfectly fit in her hand. Her brother told her it would bring her good luck and was the last gift he gave her.

It was dark outside when she and Connington walked outside. Jon had some soldiers carry her luggage to some carts and they exited the city. Most of The Golden Company were staying in tents outside the city. Myr could not house most of the soldiers, forcing them to camp there. The largest tent was where Jon, Harry and a few others planned attacks. Soldiers were struggling to pack up their tents and she followed Harry and Jon into the tent, while they were continuing their argument. Young Griff was already in the tent, attempting to bury a bug in the dirt. Mariah started to watch him.

He was a curious boy, and incredibly intelligent. Varys, Jon and Illyrio has taught them well, though he could often be loud and impulsive. She wondered if he knew he was a fake or if he actually believed he was the true Aegon. He seemed to play the part of Aegon Targaryen well but recently he had been asking questions that would get anyone else killed. Just a few days before, he had asked Jon about the Blackfyres. Jon had given a brief history of them, seemed uncomfortable with the subject. Personally, Myriah suspected was that he was from the surviving Blackfyre line Jon mentioned, but kept that information to herself. It would explain why the Golden Company was so eager to help them, and why he had Targaryen features.

"Why can't we just bargain with them? I'm sure-"

"Shhhh" interrupted Jon. This made Myriah jump, as well as Young Griff. Suddenly she began to smell smoke.

"Fire!!!" someone yelled, and Jon rushed out of the tent. Myriah began to follow him, but Harry grabbed her arm.

"You're not going anywhere little princess." He hissed, dragging her closer to him. She began to struggle but his grip was hard as stone. He began dragging her to the war table, while she screamed and fought back as much as she could.

"Let her go!" Young Griff yelled, and began to hit him with a stick he had found. Harry's trip loosened as he tried to swap the boy away. Myriah wriggled out of his grip and grabbed the first thing to her right, and threw it at Strickland. It hit him in the back of the head. There was a crack and the man collapsed. She looked at what she had thrown. It was the dragon egg Connington had given him as payment. Young Griff pushed the body off of himself.

"That was close" remarked Griff. "Is he dead?"

"I think so" replied Myriah. As if on cue, Strickland grunted. "...Nevermind."

Now that Strickland had been dealt with the sound of fighting filled the air, joining the noise of tents burning and the screaming already present. Myriah wondered how this would be explained to the people of Myr after it was over.

"What should we do?"

"Find Jon, he'll keep us safe."

As Myriah turned around she saw a figure in the doorway. Her heart stopped for a few moments. The figure walked closer and she realized it was a boy around her age. He was pale with black hair, and was wearing the armor of the Second Sons. Despite his armor he wielded a sword and shield. He also appeared to have a small bag much like Myriah's.

"Who are you?" Asked Young Griff.

"I would ask you the same thing, but it appears I've found who I'm looking for." Said the Stranger.

"You didn't answer my question" Said Griff, raising the stick he had. The Stranger easily disarmed him and pinned him to the ground with his sword.

"False King Aegon in the name of the True King I am placing you and the false princess under arrest. You are now- FUCK" yelled the Stranger as Myriah tackled him. As she did something fell out of his bag, but she didn't notice what it was. She placed a knife Varys gave her at his throat and looked into his violet eyes.

"It can't be" she thought. She looked closer at the boy. He had Valerian features, but what she convinced her of his identity was his hair. The hair closest to his scalp was as white as snow.

"Fuck me" she whispered in shock.

"Uhhh Rhaenys, we need to leave" yelled Young Griff. Myriah looked up and gasped. She had accidentally knocked over a brazier when she tackled Aegon and now the tent was going up in flames, fast. Myriah got up, as did Aegon and they began to run out of the tent. As they did Myriah felt something choking her. She looked down to see her bag, caught on the table. Aegon picked up his sword and cut at the strap, freeing her, but spilling the contents of her bag. She tried to grab the stone, her last memory of her brother, but she was being dragged out of the burning tent by Aegon. Once they got out of the tent, it was total chaos. Most of the soldiers were trying to put the fires out, and some were fighting a small force of mercenaries. Her heart was pounding, but she kept a tight grip on young Griff's arm. She began to move away from the burning tent but she noticed Aegon staring at the tent, muttering something.

"Rhaenys!, Aegon!" Shouted a voice. The two turned around to see Connington running towards them, followed by two others, a man and a woman. Both of them were Dornish, highborn by the looks of them. The true Aegon remained transfixed on the tent, still muttering in a translike state.

"What's going on? What did you do to the true Aegon?" Shouted the Man.

"Nothing. He started doing that when the tent went into flames"

"Where's Strickland?" Asked Connington

"He's in the tent. We didn't have time to get him out" Said Griff.

"Why can't he get himself out?" Asked the woman. Myriah and Griff explained what went on in planing to the adults while the tent burned. A few moments after they finished, a new voice joined the screams. It was Strickland's.

"Poor bastard must have woken up." Remarked Oberyn.

"What should we do?" Asked Aegon.

"There's nothing we can do. Right now, we can only wait." Said Elia.

Myriah, Elia and Young Griff stayed by Aegon and the tent for the rest of the night, while Oberyn and Jon helped put out the fires.

By morning the fires had stopped and Myriah and young Griff awoke to several people gasping. Myriah was confused until she looked at where the tent once stood. Elia and Aegon both were holding newborn dragons, one yellow with red wings and the other a dark green that turned a more traditional green when the light hit it. Myriah began to walk towards the tent. As she got closer she heard a chirping noise. She looked down to see a baby bird, covered in ash, next to the remnants of its red egg. She picked it up and held it close. She then turned and continued to gawk at the dragons.

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