A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7
Prisoner Blues

Robb couldn't sleep. The roads to his lord's castles were long, and at this point news of his father's capture was common knowledge and there were those who called his father a traitor, even in the North. He had heard what his father had been saying about the royal children. This meant the Targaryen children's visions were coming true, and he knew he was in over his head. He didn't know how to wage war, how to rally houses or what to do after he got his sisters back.

"If I get my sisters back." He thought. He worried for his sisters, especially Arya. He dreamed that she was on the streets of King's Landing. He would call her name but only hissing or chirping came out. Usually he dreamt he was Grey Wind, but whenever he saw Arya he was a cat or a bird. He wondered if his siblings had similar dreams as his. Dreams where they entered an animal's mind and wandered around. Robb dismissed the notion.

"There are no wargs." he thought. "Not anymore anyways."

He tried sleeping again, but it was no use. He was going to rally the The talk of dragons was also worrying him. He had so many questions about them and no answers. Even if the Targaryen's eggs did hatch, how would they care for them? And what of the Targaryen girl to the East? According to reports she had three dragons eggs, and could they hatch as well? If so, could any egg be awakened?

Robb decided to write down these questions for his war council. If no one could answer them, then he would send for Maester Luwin. Sending for him would be challenging, as a raven or messenger would be intercepted.

"There has to be a way" he thought. He spent the night writing down questions until he fell asleep at his desk, where his mother and Elia found and woke him.

"Mother what are you doing here?" He asked, still half asleep.

"I returned from the Eyrie. Replied Catelyn as he woke up completely.

"And where is Tyrion Lannister?" Elia glared at Catelyn, who looked nervous.

"I let him go" she finally admitted. Robb was shocked.

"You what?" He practically yelled

"He demanded a trial by combat and his champion won."

"He was a valuable hostage. We could have traded him for father or my sisters!" he practically yelled.

"I know but~"

"Mother you should leave. I need time to think" Robb remarked coldly. She did as she was asked and left the tent. He was still reeling from the information he was given. He knew the other lords would be furious over this, and would likely demand action. He couldn't believe his mother would be foolish enough to let such a valuable hostage escape.

"My Lord?" Elia said, startling Robb. He had forgotten she was there.

"Yes Larra?" he replied

"Is there somewhere we can speak privately."

"No." Robb snapped. He didn't mean for it to come out so harsh.

"Sorry, I have had a lot on my mind lately. Unfortunately there's nowhere else to go." He said in a softer tone. Elia still looked nervous.

"Very well then, I have gotten a raven from Dorne. Apparently there are claims two children, a boy and a girl, in Essos are Aegon VI and Rhaenys Targaryen, the children of Rhaegar and Elia. Samwell and I would like to go investigate these claims." Elia said, clearly choosing her words carefully.

1. Introduction/prologue 280 0 0 2. Winterfell 943 0 0 3. Jaehaerys 551 0 0 4. Hopes and Dreams 787 0 0 5. A gift fit for a Queen 442 0 0 6. Leaving Winterfell 383 0 0 7. Robb’s revalations 1016 0 0 8. Bran 234 0 0 9. Tower Troubles 500 0 0 10. The Princess’ Problem 467 0 0 11. Godswood 1071 0 0 12. Visions 839 0 0 13. Prisoner Blues 582 0 0 14. Shocking News 345 0 0 15. Awakening the Dragon 1086 0 0 16. Myr 411 0 0 17. Myriah 1573 0 0 18. Dusk's Dragon 717 0 0 19. The Hidden Spring 994 0 0 20. A Familiar Face 687 0 0 21. King's Landing 3037 0 0 22. A Change in Guard 1045 0 0 23. Stuck 1088 0 0 24. Starlight 1158 0 0 25. The Boys in the Tower 1514 0 0 26. Anu 465 0 0 27. Traitor 592 0 0