A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7

His first vision was of a great field. A girl with white hair and purple eyes was staring at a witch. They seemed to be arguing.

Aegon was incredibly confused. None of his previous visions had been this clear. Usually they were cloaked in symbolism or involved pushing him towards a decision.

"This must be the work of the Old Gods" he thought. He looked back at his aunt. There was no one else it could be. His uncle was dead and no one else other than them had white hair. He noticed she was talking to a witch while a man in his thirties who looked comatose laid nearby.

"...My child was innocent." Daenerys stated. Aegon was disgusted. If he remembered correctly she was younger than him by a year or so. He was angered at the thought of it.

"Innocent? He would have been the stallion who mounts the world. Now he will burn no cities. Now his Khalasar will trample no nations into dust."

"I spoke for you. I saved you." Daenerys said betrayed.

"Saved me? Three of those riders had already raped me before you saved me, girl..." the witch went on to explain the wrongs the Dothraki had done to her people. While Aegon wanted to support his family, he couldn't shake the feeling the witch would have been right. Daenerys turned and stared in his direction, as if she sensed his presence.

"Fire and blood" he whispered before his vision changed.

The first thing Aegon noticed in this vision was that he and Robb were older, around 16 or 17. They were at some sort of celebration, a wedding or a victory feast. Robb was there too, sitting next to his mother and a number of Stark men. A man with pale eyes looked intently at the musicians and made a hand gesture. After a few minutes they started to play a familiar tune, albeit horribly. Aegon eventually recognized the tune as a poor rendition of the Rains of Castamere. The moment he realized this he saw the musicians draw crossbows and the host's bannermen draw swords. Aegon started to shout a warning, but by then it was too late. The next few minutes were a bloodbath. Despite being outnumbered he Aegon and a few others fought as much as they could. Aegon tacked the closest man with a sword and wrestled the weapon out of his hands. He killed the man and ended up taking out around four men before being hit in the side by a crossbow bolt. He felt another two hit him in the chest and a fourth in the leg.

He collapsed on the stone floor and heard a crack. His arm was broken. He raised his head towards where Robb was. Aegon noticed he was desperate to He started to crawl his way to where he last saw him before he heard Catelyn. She was pleading with the host, Walder Frey, to spare Robb. Robb had three arrows in him, and was struggling to stand. He thought of his sister and he watched the pale eyed man stab him in the heart. Catelyn's throat was cut. Aegon was so in shock he didn't notice the man behind him until he felt a sword through his chest. When the sword was pulled out of him, he fell to the floor. As he bled out, he looked at Robb.

"I'm sorry" he whispered. "I'll change this for us." Immediately after he spoke he heard a wolf howl and a strange cry. He saw a predominantly yellow shape with red markings and a lot of fire. His future self seemed to know what it was, but he didn't. The last thing he saw was Robb. Robb was also the first person he saw as he woke up.

"He's waking up" said Robb

"Thank the Gods" exclaimed his sister.

"We turned around and you were having a seizure." Robb.

"I had two visions. Both of the future." Said Aegon

"Tell us what they were about while we take you to Maester Lewin." Said Rhaenys. Aegon told them his visions and how unusually clear cut they were. Catelyn was shocked and Maester told him his visions were likely the result of his seizure. None dared tell him that he'd been right before.

"Dragons." Said Osha

"What?" Asked Aegon.

"The creature you saw at the end of your second dream, could it have been a dragon?" Asked Osha. Aegon thought for a moment. Remembering his vision, he realized the shape had wings and a tail.

"I think you're right" Said Aegon.

"There are no dragons in Westeros. They've been extinct for hundreds of years" said Robb.

"Times are changing m'lord" Said Osha.

"Didn't your father give us two eggs as a gift?" Asked Rhaenys

"And doesn't our aunt have three eggs?" Aegon chimed in. Robb Luwin and Catelyn looked worried, and Aegon couldn't blame them.

"Dragons were the most dangerous creatures on earth. Their return could be our downfall or victory." Thought Aegon.

1. Introduction/prologue 280 0 0 2. Winterfell 943 0 0 3. Jaehaerys 551 0 0 4. Hopes and Dreams 787 0 0 5. A gift fit for a Queen 442 0 0 6. Leaving Winterfell 383 0 0 7. Robb’s revalations 1016 0 0 8. Bran 234 0 0 9. Tower Troubles 500 0 0 10. The Princess’ Problem 467 0 0 11. Godswood 1071 0 0 12. Visions 839 0 0 13. Prisoner Blues 582 0 0 14. Shocking News 345 0 0 15. Awakening the Dragon 1086 0 0 16. Myr 411 0 0 17. Myriah 1573 0 0 18. Dusk's Dragon 717 0 0 19. The Hidden Spring 994 0 0 20. A Familiar Face 687 0 0 21. King's Landing 3037 0 0 22. A Change in Guard 1045 0 0 23. Stuck 1088 0 0 24. Starlight 1158 0 0 25. The Boys in the Tower 1514 0 0 26. Anu 465 0 0 27. Traitor 592 0 0