A Princess who was Promised @thecourier7
The Princess’ Problem

The next three days were chaos. Aegon grew distressed around carts and fire while Elia struggled to find work until the next shipment came in. Rhaenys helped with deliveries for the blacksmith but she alone could not provide for her mother and brother. She was also worried about some of the soldiers who patrolled the area near where she worked. They'd always shout at her and every woman who crossed their paths, but recently they had been starting to visit the inn a few doors away. They had been doing so since Ned left but had only gotten worse when Catelyn left for King's Landing. She tried avoiding them but there was always so much she could do, as to their knowledge she was a 17 year old foreigner and they thought themselves to be "honorable members of the Stark guard."

"What do they know. I am a princess of Dorne and trueborn daughter to Rhaegar Targaryen" She thought. She shuttered and kicked herself. She was no longer a princess to the Iron Throne. The Usurper had won it during the war and if she were to try to win it back thousands more would die. That and she had decided long ago she did not want to rule. She would be forced to marry her brother and this alone disgusted her. As she walked home she mentally took note of the pros and cons of being ruling. When she got home she ate quickly and did her chores.

"Mother tomorrow if I finish early can I talk to Robb about the soldiers who patrol by the blacksmith?" Asked Rhaenys.

"Sure, but only if you travel with a group. I don't want you getting hurt." Replied Elia.

"I can go with her" said Aegon.

"Are you sure you're well enough?" Asked Rhaenys. "Yes. I think I'm ok now"

"Are you sure? You've been scared of fire for the last few days." Asked Elia.

"Yes" replied Aegon.

"Fine, but Myriah if he starts to act as he has the last few days bring him straight home"

"Yes mother" replied Rhaenys. Before she drifted off she decided to talk to Robb and have him deal with the soldiers.

The next day Rhaenys finished her deliveries early and began walking to the castle with Aegon. They made sure to avoid the soldiers path and practically ran to the castle. Before they could enter they were stopped by two guards at the gate.

"Lord Stark is not taking anyone today" said one.

"Why?" Asked Rhaenys.

"Lord Bran has woken up." Said the other. Rhaenys' heart skipped.

"Can you tell him that Myriah and Samwell came?" Asked Rhaenys.

"No. But you can come back tomorrow and tell him yourself" said the first guard. They went home and told their mother the news.

1. Introduction/prologue 280 0 0 2. Winterfell 943 0 0 3. Jaehaerys 551 0 0 4. Hopes and Dreams 787 0 0 5. A gift fit for a Queen 442 0 0 6. Leaving Winterfell 383 0 0 7. Robb’s revalations 1016 0 0 8. Bran 234 0 0 9. Tower Troubles 500 0 0 10. The Princess’ Problem 467 0 0 11. Godswood 1071 0 0 12. Visions 839 0 0 13. Prisoner Blues 582 0 0 14. Shocking News 345 0 0 15. Awakening the Dragon 1086 0 0 16. Myr 411 0 0 17. Myriah 1573 0 0 18. Dusk's Dragon 717 0 0 19. The Hidden Spring 994 0 0 20. A Familiar Face 687 0 0 21. King's Landing 3037 0 0 22. A Change in Guard 1045 0 0 23. Stuck 1088 0 0 24. Starlight 1158 0 0 25. The Boys in the Tower 1514 0 0 26. Anu 465 0 0 27. Traitor 592 0 0