The Smurf Menace (Redux) @capnport
Book Two, Chapter Two

Clumsy was the first to come awake again, and he looked around with wonder. The naughties surrounding them seemed just like the smurfs back home, but gray, and their eyes shined an unnatural red. The naughties carrying him and Tuffy unceremoniously dropped them, which woke Tuffy up.

"Let him loose," the leader of the five-man band said, pointing at Clumsy. "I'll go tell the Leader."

"But what about him?" said the fourth naughty, pointing to Tuffy. The five-man band's leader crossed his arms.

"Ask me that again and look into my eyes." Clumsy looked up, and saw that Tuffy had given that naughty a black eye. He giggled. Served him right!

"Oh, gosh, Tuffy," Clumsy said once Black Eye had left and his bonds had been cut. "Y'sure did a number on that one. What d'ya think they'll smurf t'us? D'ya think..." he lowered his voice. "...torture?"

"They can sure try!" Tuffy said, straining against his restraints. "I'll smurf them six ways to next Sunday!"

"I find," said a familiar voice, "Torture is an inefficient method of getting things done." Papa Smurf? Clumsy looked up. Oh, no, this was not Papa Smurf. They shared the same voice, red clothes, and white beard, but this was where the similarities ended. The naughty had gray skin, of course, and his red eyes matched his clothes. A wicked and devious sharp-toothed grin shone through his beard, and Clumsy gulped. Beside Clumsy, Tuffy stilled. "I find," Not-Papa continued, "It's far easier to ask politely. Torture can come when they refuse to obey."

"What are we going to do with them, oh amazing and mighty Leader?" asked a naughty, peering at Clumsy through thick glasses that just made his blood-red eyes seem more threatening. Familiar, but unlike Not-Papa, not familiar enough to recognize. He grinned, his sharp teeth resembling that of a hungry shark. "Can I have this one?"

"Smurfing try it!" Tuffy yelled, trying again to escape his restraints. "I'll smurfing wreck you, you rat bastard!"

Laughter sounded through the naughties, some of whom echoed Tuffy's words. "Rat bastard..." "Rat bastard..." "He really is a rat bastard..."

"I wasn't talking about you," Glasses said disdainfully. "You can die, for all I care." He looked back at the Leader. "Can I have him, please, oh glorious and brilliant Leader?"

"No." the Leader said, not even looking at him. "No, you cannot. I have something else in mind for these two."

Clumsy gulped. Papa Smurf, please come save us! He thought.

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