The Smurf Menace (Redux) @capnport
Book One, Chapter Two

It was a lovely, normal day in Smurf Forest, a perfect day for three smurfs to pick smurfberries. Well, it had been perfect, until Century's hand bumped into Tuffy's.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Tuffy snapped. "This is my bush, go get your own!"

"Your bush?" Century said. "These berry bushes belong to everysmurf, you know."

"Well, I smurfed this one first!" Tuffy yelled.

"Gosh, y'all," Clumsy said. "Let's not smurf over this. We got plenty of bushes t' pick from."

"You stay out of this, Clumsy!" said Tuffy.

"Don't talk t'me like that!" Clumsy responded, hands on his hips.

"You're both so dreadfully rude!" Century said.

"That's it!" Tuffy yelled, launching himself at Century. "You're going down, mirrorboy!"

"Stop it!" Clumsy yelled, distressed, trying to pull the fighting smurfs apart. He didn't have to, though, as they stopped fighting when they heard a voice.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?" Five creatures stood nearby. Century would have called them smurfs, if it wasn't for their gray skin, like it had been leached of all color. "Go ahead!" The speaker said, sneering. "Keep fighting! We don't want to bother you."

"Well, golly," Clumsy said. "I've never seen other smurfs 'round here before."

"Smurfs?" Tuffy scoffed, standing up and brushing himself off. "If they're smurfs, I feel bad for them."

"Who are you?" Century asked, standing up as well.

"That's none of your business!" said another gray smurf. "What we want to know is why you're stealing our smurfberries."

Tuffy crossed his arms. "How are these your smurfberries?"

"This land is the property of our village!" said yet another gray smurf. "And you're here without authorization!"

"These smurfberries are ours!" Tuffy yelled. "They belong to everysmurf!"

"We'll see about that!" Yelled the gray smurf with a belt. "Come on, naughties! Let's get them!"

There were five naughties- for that was what they were called- to three smurfs, and the smurfs were not prepared to fight. Clumsy was taken down near instantly, as he tripped directly into the naughties' clutches and was knocked out by a naughty with a snaggletooth that poked over his bottom lip. The rest of the naughties focused on Tuffy, who was a whirlwind of punches and kicks and bites. Century snuck away as the naughties forced Tuffy to the ground and knocked him out.

"Hey!" Snaggletooth said. "That one's getting away!"

"Let him go, he's not even a real smurf," A naughty with a wilted flower pinned on his hat said, in a voice so soft Century had to strain to hear it. Many thoughts rushed through his mind once he did. How did they know that about him? Who were these "naughties?" What were they after? His thoughts were interrupted, however, as Wilted Flower began to speak again. "Let's bring these two back to our Leader. He'll be sure to be proud."

"You heard the naughty." Another one said. "Tie them up, and let's go."

The naughties did just that, a few pulling rope out of their hats and tying up the smurfs' arms and legs. Then off they went, Snaggletooth and Wilted Flower carrying Clumsy, and Belt and another naughty carrying Tuffy. The fifth led the way.Century followed after them, blending into the forest. He couldn't just let them take those smurfs. It wasn't long until he saw where they were heading- another smurf village? A stone wall was being built around it. This couldn't be good. Century did an about face and darted back into the forest, off to tell Papa Smurf what had happened and get some reinforcements.

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