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Many of the little smurflings have their favorite games, especially when Papa Smurf isn't around. Shut Brainy Up is a popular one. It's fun for the older smurflings to steal the youngest one's glasses and toss them around; and to hit him on the head with mallets and hammers and any blunt objects they find.

"I'm telling Papa Smurf!" Brainy always says, and he does. But when he says, "Papa, Hefty hit me!" Papa Smurf will say,

"They're just roughhousing, Brainy." He expects his little smurfs to cry when they get hurt, but Brainy's learned not to cry. It makes him feel pathetic and powerless. Since Brainy doesn't cry, Papa Smurf doesn't worry. "Are you bleeding?" He'll ask. And Brainy will say no, because all he has are bruises, which he hides under his hat.

Little Clumsy is taken extra good care of by Papa Smurf, who worries about him. He's always covered in bruises and cuts and bandages, and when he stumbles into the area, the other smurflings will give Brainy back his glasses, or hide their weapons, and stop bullying him. Since Clumsy gets into so much danger, Papa Smurf will listen to him. If Clumsy tells Papa the others are being mean to Brainy, Papa will listen to him. They'll get in trouble.

Brainy recognizes this, so one day he saunters up to Clumsy, with all the innocent confidence of an elementary-school child. He drapes an arm over Clumsy's shoulder.

"Clumsy Smurfling!" He declares. He's always had a flair for the dramatic. "I have decided to smurf you the honor of being my friend."

"Uh," Clumsy says. "I dunno what yer talkin' about."

Brainy sighs. "Do you wanna be friends?" He asks.

Clumsy's face lights up in a grin. His two front teeth were missing- they'd been loose until he'd hit his head and knocked them out of his mouth the day before. "Golly, sure! Do ya like worms?"

Now it's Brainy's turn to be confused. "Uh... I guess?"

"Look!" Clumsy smiles at Brainy and opens up his cupped hands. A little earthworm wriggles around. "I found 'im while lookin' fer rocks! I named 'im Wormy, 'cuz 'e's a worm."

Brainy gasps. "That's so cool! Did you know, worms don't have eyes?"

"Gosh, fer real?"

"Yeah!" Brainy rambles on, random facts about earthworms he had learned in books, and Clumsy's happy to listen. They talked and laughed until Papa Smurf called all the little smurflings in for dinner. They quickly became real friends. While Clumsy made others, his first and best friend was always Brainy.

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