the moral of the story @norbury Peter's past is slowly gaining on him, and he wants nothing more than to just forget, but MJ's being quite insistent on roping Peter back into Harry's life. She doesn’t know that Peter is keeping a horrible secret, one that’s eating both him and Harry alive. When Peter runs into a man, who calls himself Deadpool, he’s intrigued. He just might be the distraction Peter needs. 8 months 7.6K 1 0 Spider-ManSpider-Man, PS4Deadpool Explicit English Slow Updates AngstHurt/ComfortRomance Peter P./Spider-ManWade Wilson/DeadpoolMary Jane WatsonMay ParkerJ. Jonah JamesonHarry Osborn Peter P./Spider-Man/Wade Wilson/Deadpool ViolenceSexual Content Deathoriginal plotSlow Burn Read 1. goodbye and hello 4511 0 0 2. take me home 3049 0 0