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Midoriya perked up as the door to his office opened, the sound of hissing leaving the hydraulic locks as it went about its usual opening processes. Mei had insisted on his office being just as fortified as her labs were, more so given the sensitive information that was kept within the room.


Though Midoriya did find it just a tad bit overkill when another door had yet to unlock and open like the previous with just as many, if not more locks.


He watched as a head of pink hair popped into view, the woman in question holding a bag of what he assumed was breakfast, the smell of coffee coming from the small drink tray that she held in her other hand.


He almost teared up, "Meichan I could kiss you."


"Cheeks only please." She chirped back, bending down so Midoriya could plant a quick peck on her cheek, taking the coffee from her with a grateful smile and a reverent whisper of thanks like a worshipper would to their god.


"Its no problem Izukkun!" She looked him over, noticing the bags under his eyes and the rumpled clothes he hadn't changed out of from yesterday. "Did you get any sleep at all?" She asked him, concern flitting over her golden gaze.


Midoriya gave her a small, sheepish smile, hand coming up to rest on the back of his neck, "Couldn't get my brain quiet enough for it, Shinsou-kun's quirk is amazing! The applications and possibilities for it are truly endless!" He chattered excitedly, Mei taking a seat on his desk as he spoke. Used to his ramblings by now she unwrapped her breakfast and ate leisurely, settling in for the next hour at least.


She didn't quite mind his ramblings at all really, Midoriya was at least eighty-percent of her inspiration for most of her more complex inventions and gear. The attention to detail he kept to helping her immensely, especially when she got burned out or in a stump.


And certain aspects of the quirk he thought about and how the equipment that could help was astounding honestly, he honestly impressed her with his insight.


"So!" Mei started with a clap of her hands, "What have you got on Shinsou-kun so far?"


Midoriya beamed, a bit of red coloring his cheeks as he gathered up the papers like they were something precious, looking as if he'd burst at the seams in excitement.


Mei pretended not to notice.


"Well, I was thinking we keep to the original gear he had, but add onto that you know? Improve on it, there's nothing inherently wrong with the concept, but to put it frankly the item itself is a piece of shit," Mei giggled, hearing Izuku curse was an absolute treat, "So I was thinking voice modulator, but it covers his whole face and depending on how he wants to approach his fighting style, I was thinking a digital visor? One that can light up with different shapes or faces? You're the best at stuff like that so I'll leave that part to you Meichan, but I was thinking he could do something like-"


"-A fear induced reaction that would still enable his quirk to work but would be more effective in inciting a response from the opponent! Like creepy faces lit up in the dark!" Mei exclaimed, grin on her face wide and bright.


Midoriya was no better, his grin so wide she almost feared he'd split his face in two.




"Exactly!" Midoriya seemed to glow as she guessed his train of thought, nearly tearing up but choking those emotions back down to compartmentalize and deal with another day.


He was not going to cry over someone showing an actual interest in what he did and actually listening and contributing to his ramblings with insightful input.


He was not.


Maybe when he got home but not now damnit!


Mei looked over the messily drawn blueprints that Izuku had gotten done, used to his handiwork enough to be able to see exactly what he was going for among the scribbles and more defined lines that littered the paper.


"Excellent!" She clutched the papers to her chest, pushing herself up from the desk to make her way out the door, "I'll get started on the prototypes asap while you mister!-" She turned to point an accusing finger at him, "-go the fuck to sleep!"


Midoriya smiled sheepishly, nodding his head silently if only to appease her.


Mei narrowed her eyes at him, looking him over quizzically before feeling satisfied with whatever she found from her glancing, leaving him to his own devices.


Izuku sighed, putting away his notebooks and various tablets into his messenger bag, knowing better than to try and go against Mei's orders.


She took his health and well being very seriously.


But anyone would when they had promised Inko to watch over her boy. No one could exactly deny the woman anything after having met her.


He waved to Mei as he passed her lab, door open for once, something she made a habit of whenever he actually went home. A way for her not to miss him so she could wave by.


And like usual she waved goodbye in reply to his own, the lab door instantly slamming shut and locking as he went down the hall.


Teonna gave him a nod as she drank her coffee, she mentioned needing at least three thermos worths of it to deal with Mei, (relatable if he was being honest) authorizing the necessary permissions to open the smaller entrance door on his way out.


He squinted under the early morning sun as the door behind him closed with a slam, multiple locks clicking into place before everything fell silent. Just the sounds of birds and the far off sounds of the trains as they neared their arrival at the stations.


And alas, his earlier predictions had come true, an hour having gone by before the train was filled to the brim with early rising pencil pushers and stiff businessmen.


Izuku found himself between a woman dressed crisply and a business man that gave red flag warnings in his head, the man repeatedly glancing over at him, nothing remotely positive in his gaze.


Just as Izuku was debating whether to just bruise or break the man's hand that was getting a bit too close to his thigh for comfort a figure shadowed over them.


"Get up."


Blue eyes gazed calmly at the businessman, the male that had spoken leaning one arm casually against one of the metal poles in the train car, arm bent at the elbow and looking every bit unbothered by the glances his way from the other passengers.


"Excuse me?" The man sputtered, clearly affronted and trying to play it like he was the victim.


Laughable really.


The man that had stepped in looked every bit like a delinquent, dark clothing, hoodie covering spiked hair, medical mask over his face, several bandages covering his arms and just under his eyes, ripped jeans, and black work boots; steel toed Izuku noticed.


One didn't work for Hatsume Mei and not wear steel toed footwear on the regular around her.


Izuku could feel the sneer of absolute disgust the guy had towards the man, taking a bandaged hand and placing it on the man's shoulder.


"I said, get the fuck up you goddamn creep." He spoke, clearly and in high enough volume that the other passengers had now turned to watch, a few women fixing the businessman with a hard look that would have any man, mortal or god, withering before them.



The stranger clicked his tongue, tugging the guy out of his seat and to the floor with a thud, slamming a boot down in between his shoulder blades, paying no mind to the pained grunts he let out.


"Now shut up and enjoy the ride." The delinquent said, settling down in the now available seat next to Izuku, boot planted firmly on the man and not letting up anytime soon.


The other passengers went about their day.


"Thanks." Izuku said softly.


The guy glanced at him from the side, letting out a noncommittal hum. "You okay?"


"Yeah I'm fine. Better you dealt with him anyways."


An eyebrow rose up in question, "And why's that?" A particularly hard press of his boot against shoulder blades illicited another pained grunt, the man below his boot being smart for once and staying still.


Izuku yawned, covering his mouth with a sleeve covered wrist sleepily, "I was debating whether to sprain or break his wrist honestly."


He needed a nap.


Mei was right.


And wasn't that a scary thought?


A bark of laughter startled Izuku, nearly dropping his bag on the train car floor in surprise.


"Damn, okay kid. Got a bit of spunk in you huh?" He spoke, laughing lightly, voice as hoarse and dry sounding as they came.


"Midoriya Izuku, I'm not a kid, I'm twenty-three." Despite the proclamation he pouted, eyes drooping sleepily.


"Yeah ok kid." The other jabbed, blue eyes looking over him in concern. "You good?"


"Yeah, just tired. Haven't slept in at least two days." He explained, head falling back to rest against the window.


The stranger hummed, "What's your stop?"


"Musatasafu. Why?" It probably wasn't a good idea to let a complete stranger know where he was getting off at, but sleepy Izuku had no inhibitions and thus the possible consequences of his actions had not yet been processed. Also tall delinquent was currently holding the sex offender under his boot like it was his job so with limited capacity to think clearly and concisely he came up to the conclusion that tall man was more trustworthy than the sniveling pig on the floor.


"Take a nap, I'll wake you when it's your stop."


It said a lot that Izuku didn't put up any sort of protest, closing his eyes and letting his head loll on the tall man's shoulder, an affronted noise leaving the other at the action. But he made no move to move him so win.


Besides, tall guy was really warm.


Prime napping requirements met.




As promised the stranger woke him up as the train halted to a stop, the other's boot still planted firmly on the creep's back.

And if the creep's wrist crunched under his steel toed boots as he "accidentally" stepped on him well, only he and the stranger that barked out another laugh needed to know.


And the many women that watched it happen with a certain level of glee in their eyes.


But he's not going to dig too deep into that.


"Try not to break anymore bones kid." The stranger called.


Izuku lifted up his right hand, hoodie sleeve falling to reveal crooked fingers and his skin full of old scars.


"Too late for that!" He chirped, expression every bit open and cheeky. Out of character for sure, especially towards a stranger, but sleepy Izuku had no such qualms or inhibitions of social etiquette holding him back at the moment and he was going to take full advantage of this.


The guy's laughter carried even when Izuku had gotten off the train, the doors closing behind him as he started on his way to his apartment.


Despite the excitement and energy he had on the train, as soon as he closed his apartment door behind him all the energy he had seemed to drain out instantly, which left Izuku stumbling and nearly slamming his head into the walls as he hobbled over to his bedroom, his thoughts not even sticking to the fact he should probably take a shower before he was unconscious, sleep pulling him down like water to a drowning man.




"Let's go have a private chat." Dabi drawled, pulling up the creep he'd previously had under his boot and leading him off the train. Even as the guy sputtered excuses and the threat of lawsuit Dabi ignored it all, walking with the creep quickly to an abandoned alley, where the creep's voice got higher and more annoying.


The woman he'd seen earlier, eyeing them both with interest, predictably had followed them both, appearing at the mouth of the alley. She wore a crisp business suit, pencil skirt and black heels, long dark hair free and down her back as she looked at them.

"The hell do you want Toga?" Dabi called out curtly, the hold he had on the creep's neck tightening when he tried to call out for help, cut off at a strangled cry.


"Aw, Dabi-nii! Why so cold to family?" She purred, walking closer to both men, heels clicking ominously and echoing down the empty alley walls.


Dabi nearly burst out laughing.


"We're not family, far from it actually." He finally answered.


Toga's new face held a pout now, hand on her hip as she looked at him with that sharp, cat eyed gaze of hers.


"After all we've been through? The League misses you you know." She spoke softer now, her tone of voice hinting at sincerity and genuine affection.


"The League were a means to an end, that end has been met. Now stop bothering me, unless you wanted this guy yourself?" Dabi offered.


Toga took the peace offering for what it was, her hand replacing the hold Dabi's had on his throat. The scarred man leaving down the mouth of the alley.


He stopped at the mouth for a moment, "And Miko?" His voice was low, but nevertheless the girl- woman now, it was hard remembering that, seemed to perk up at the call of her treasured nickname, attentive to his every word now.


"Take care of yourself."


She tilted her head, not unlike a curious cat, her manic eyes soft for once as she looked at him. "You too Dabi-nii."


Dabi left before the knife she plunged in the creep's throat could ruin the moment.

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