How to Hide Your Feelings (for 6,000 years) @raichel Six thousand years is a long time to be friends with someone. Long enough, even, to fall in love with someone. Crowley and Aziraphale have each handled their feelings differently over all that time, for better or for worse. They've spent a long time keeping secrets, and after the apocalypse-that-wasn't something might very well finally give out. A look into Crowley and Aziraphale's respective exp 8 months 7.5K 0 0 Good Omens Older Kids English Complete Romance AziraphaleCrowleyMadame Tracy Aziraphale/Crowley Mutual Pining Read 1. Method 1: Burying Feelings and Resignation 2834 0 0 2. Method 2: Pretend it Never Happened 2567 0 0 3. Method 3: PANIC 2118 0 0