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There is a place where one can leave the world behind...

There’s a sakura tree in Osaka that Izuku sits under in the shades of the early morning. It’s in the middle of a park on the edges of Osaka. Barely anybody goes there, especially in the early hours when Izuku prefers to sit there. 

It’s beautiful in those early hours, when the sun is coming up and the tree is barely illuminated. Some days, when he knows the train to Osaka won’t get him there in time when he desperately wants to lay in that early morning sun, Izuku simply stays the night under the sakura tree. He wakes up to that early morning sun peaking through the blossoms and just stays there until the moon has left the sky. 

He likes laying there, but it’s also a wonderful spot to write, in the quietness of the park. Nobody’s there anyways, so what does it matter if he’s been there since the previous night or not? He’s the only one who has to judge himself. He likes his judgement right now. 

He likes laying there, but it’s also a wonderful spot to write, in the quietness of the park. Nobody’s there anyways, so what does it matter if he’s been there since the previous night or not? He’s the only one who has to judge himself. He likes his judgement right now. 

Underneath the sakura tree, he feels as if everything just… goes away, never to return while he stays, laying there. The only things underneath the tree in those early morning hours are him, his thoughts, and the tree. It’s nice to just stay there and be separated from the world. 

Underneath the Sakura tree, Izuku leaves the rest of the world behind to just rest. He knows that the rest of the world is there, just as he knows he will have to leave the sakura tree. But that does not stop him from leaving the world to be as it is whilst he sleeps underneath the sakura tree. 

Sleep, he does, and dream he does as well beneath that sakura tree, of many things. Many, many things that he knows will be denied of him while he exists as he does, while he is what he has become. He has become himself, not anyone else, and Izuku knows what the world wants for him and he denies it. 

He denies that he is nothing, that he will become nothing and was nothing. He knows that if he accepts that, he might as well lay amongst the flowers of the Place of Things Left Behind, never to leave again. And that fate, that request from the world is thrown into the weeds, to be denied as it is instead of being left behind. For things that are left behind have been used and accepted once, just once, and he knows that that fate will never be accepted by him. The rest of the world can accept it if they wish, but as long as it pertains to him, he has his final say, that that final say is no. 

When the tree blooms in the spring, he thinks of clipping a branch and bringing the blossoms to be offered, to be given to the place. He decides against it, for the Sakura tree is not something to be left behind, no not yet, and thus he doesn’t bring anything from the sakura tree to be offered. He does, however, bring sakura blossoms back to that place, if nothing more than for a remembrance of that spring, but not that Tree. It is not time for that tree quite yet, he knows. 

There is a time and a place for everything, and The Sakura Tree does not belong with The Place of Things Left Behind just yet. Izuku knows he will leave that behind just as he leaves everything else, but not yet. He still has his peace, so the tree stays as it is. 

That tree may never be his, not in the way that it matters to him, not now and perhaps not ever, but in that early morning sun, it might as well be his to Izuku. For here he has his peace, here he can leave the world behind if he so chooses and rest here forever. Tempting as it is to him, Izuku has no wish to rest forever as it is. Tempting as it is, to just stay beneath that tree for the rest of time, he knows that there are things for him to do. Not yet, but if he so wished to become nothing… the sakura tree offers its branches in acceptance and peace. 

For all that the sakura tree is peaceful, that does not mean that it is quiet. The world beyond is left as is while Izuku stays underneath the sakura tree, but that does not mean Izuku is left as well. He sits there and writes, draws, sings, does as he wishes while he knows that this peace is his, that he does not have to consider the world beyond while underneath the sakura tree. 

Those things, the pieces that he makes underneath the sakura tree are what are left at that place. Memories, things made at peace, left behind, but not the place. That is to be left alone, not left behind. Izuku has to remind himself of that in trying moments, that while as much of him is given to that place, the sakura tree is not his to give. Others have just as rightful claim as him, and this is where his peace lays, and that is not something he is willing to leave behind just yet. 

Izuku… Izuku never takes a picture underneath that sakura tree in the early morning sun. Pictures are fragments, snapshots of singular moments, and Izuku can’t bring himself to even slightly fracture that peace he has found under the sakura tree. This peace he has is meant to be a whole, and a picture, no matter how simple, would shatter it from what it currently is, force it to change to something different. Izuku can’t bring himself to do that, to change any bit of the sakura tree. He feels that the reason to that is similar as to why the place will never be his. 

Izuku may have found something here, but it is something that has existed long before him and will belong there far after he leaves it behind, just as he has left everything else behind. He has found something, but it is not his to take, but simply appreciate and use. Just as the others have found the Place of Things Left Behind, he has found the Sakura Tree, and he has listened to it’s call. 

One day, Izuku has an urge. A very simple urge, to invite the others to the Sakura tree, to have the four of them bask beneath it’s peace, to share it like his place has been shared. But he can’t bring himself to ever ask. It’s not his to own, not his to offer, not his to share. The tree shall be found, not discovered, and Izuku knows that makes all the difference. He had shared his place, but that was of his own volition, and it is his place to share, his home to open up, not anybody else’s. And that makes all the difference. 

Sometimes, Izuku wonders if he will ever leave. If the sakura tree will ever be left behind or if he’s just telling that to himself because he’s left practically everything else behind. He has left everything else behind by this point, hasn’t he? Everything he has left to leave, left to give, is really just things that he has yet to make, things he does not have yet. He will have things to leave behind, but right now? Nothing much. 

So Izuku makes things, he creates, he finds, he leaves more things behind in a cycle, a cycle that seems to be purely Izuku, the Izuku that he is, the one that has made a place for him to leave things he has made in a realm wanting for him to be nothing, make nothing, leave nothing behind. Izuku defies that fate, but first he must make his place. And indeed he has. And that shall be his, only ever purely his, no matter who else comes to occupy it. 

The last time Izuku comes to The Sakura Tree for his peace, he comes with full acceptance, knowing that it is the last time he shall ever have his peace. 

He lays there under The Sakura Tree, grateful for what he knows will be his last piece of peace. He does not do a thing, for this is not something to be changed, not a simple fate to be denied. This is something that he has made, and he will lay in it. So Izuku lays there until the end, until it cannot be put off for another minute. 

When the last is upon him, Izuku knows what he is to do. He stands up, he takes his clipping of The Sakura Tree, the only bit he can lay claim to, for he knows how small it really is, and takes a picture. He takes his fragmented peace and walks away, leaving the tree behind. Things have changed, and it is time. 

Truly, though, the picture he takes is a beautiful one. Empty and singular, the tree stands as it has, as it will, back-lighted amongst the early morning sun, allowing the light to shine through it’s petals and branches. Izuku cries, looking at it, mourning for what he has lost and can never truly gain again. For he could not claim to have The Sakura Tree, so what better way to have lost, for it to be taken? 

Izuku wishes he could have stayed, that that visit was not his last, but sometimes people have to walk away, and leave things behind by no fault of their own. He has not lost the Sakura Tree, for he still has his memories, he still has what he made underneath it’s branches, pieces and parts that are truly his, and he had walked to his exit with as much grace as he could. But it is time to move along, time to leave. 

Once more, Izuku leaves something else behind just as he leaves anything else; with a picture, words, and memories. Things that last, but things that can be left behind just as easily. 

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