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There is a place that everyone walks right by...

There’s a coffee shop three blocks from Tokyo Tower. Izuku never goes in, but he knows it’s there. He stops to look at it all the time when he’s there.  It’s never a particularly busy or popular place, but it’s good enough he guesses. It stays open, it has people inside. 

He can’t bring himself to go inside. He doesn’t think that he particularly belonged there. It was loud and busy, everyone was with someone. He… he was alone.

Izuku was always alone when he went on walks like this, walks where he didn’t say where he was going or why. He said he’d be home in time for dinner and that’s good enough, he supposed. 

Izuku was always alone when he went on walks like this, walks where he didn’t say where he was going or why. He said he’d be home in time for dinner and that’s good enough, he supposed. 

When he took a walk like this, he’d walk down to the train station, through the Place of Things Left Behind, and onto the next train to… somewhere. He never particularly cared which train, or where he went, just walking somewhere. And he went somewhere. Didn’t always end up in the same place, but when he ended up in Tokyo, he usually ended up walking by that coffee shop.

Izuku wasn’t sure what drew him to the coffee shop, but he pauses nearby, just to look at the place when he’s there. It’s a beige building with an outdoor patio, and couches. There’s a collection of people in there, brightly colored people, happy people that rotate around. Everchanging, it’s rare when Izuku finds someone he saw the last time.

Doesn’t mean they’re not there, just they’re hard to find. He finds them though. A older man dressed in all black with a scarf, a girl with short white hair and vivid red eyes, a boy that looks the same age as himself with eyebags, a red-haired woman that always orders a Frappaccino, half-caf and no sugar. Harder to find, yes, non-existant? No.

Izuku supposes it’s odd, that he just stands outside of a coffee shop for an hour every once in a while. He could go into the coffee shop, get a coffee, and sit down to write whatever comes to mind that he’ll leave behind for that hour instead. He never does. The coffee shop is perfectly normal, he knows. And yet going in doesn’t feel right. He doesn’t feel like he belongs amongst those brightly colored people, happy as they are. 

He can be as happy as they are, he knows, he has been happy as they look. But when he’s on these walks, he’s not ever especially happy. He’s here to walk around, gather his thoughts, buy a flower and then be home in time for dinner. He knows what he’s doing, he really does. But he can’t figure out as to why he can’t bring himself to walk inside a coffee shop. It’s a coffee shop! It’s not anything weird, what’s weird is the fact he can’t get himself to go inside, and he’s perfectly normal! As perfectly normal as someone like him can be, at least. There’s nothing wrong with him.

Sometimes, he brings coffee with him when he stands outside of the coffee shop. Because sometimes he arrives at the place earlier than other times, and it can be cold and early in the morning. Izuku doesn’t really mind what time it is when he stands outside of the coffee shop. Just that he does. It lets him think without having to pay attention to where he’s going. That’s what he’s here for, to think and gather his thoughts, not to go inside of a coffee shop. So why does it bother him that much? It shouldn’t, but it does.  

He just… stands there for an hour, staring at the coffee shop. Just across the street, leaning against the building that’s there, staring at the coffee shop. Doing nothing at all besides thinking. He thinks that he should go in. He thinks that he shouldn’t be this hesitant about going into a coffee shop. 

Izuku wants to leave behind his hesitation, leave behind whatever is stopping him from going inside, and just go and get a coffee. But, Izuku admits, that if it were that simple, he would have done so long ago and none of this would have happened. He wouldn't have recognized anything, wouldn’t have had the time he had to think, just outside the coffee shop. He really should just go inside, but he can’t, or rather he won’t for some obtuse reason he can’t seem to find. 

Really, it’s not a bad coffee shop, the furniture is nice, the people are happy, the ambient sounds that drift out to him are perfectly normal for a coffee shop. The coffee shop isn’t the problem here. It really isn't’. Izuku knows this, but he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want to admit it. 

But he does. The coffee shop isn’t really the problem here. But the only other thing here that could be the problem is himself, and he doesn’t like that. Doesn’t like the fact he is a problem. A problem he can’t solve when he doesn’t know exactly what the problem is in the first place.

What is the problem here? There is no problem. Izuku just can’t walk into a coffee shop. He can’t do a lot of things though, as much as he wants to ignore that as well. Sometimes, Izuku is very good at ignoring things he doesn’t like, but his issue with the coffee shop rears its head every time he walks by. 

So Izuku just… stops and stays, staring at the coffee shop for an hour or two. Or several. Really, how long he’s standing across from the coffee shop doesn’t matter as long as he’s at the house in time for dinner. 

Sometimes, Izuku doesn’t even think. He just stands in front of the coffee shop and stares. Lets the time pass by, and look at the people that go to the coffee shop. Izuku doesn’t know if he’s ever going to go into the coffee shop at this point. He’s unsure if he cares.

Sometimes,when he has his camera with him, he will take a photo of the coffee shop. Just a little snapshot of the place that he spends so much time at. A place he knows he will leave behind one day, never to return. While he’s here, though, he just likes to stand there and watch. And think, but his mind goes further than his body some days so he’s unsure. 

He takes photos when he notices that something’s changed. Like a new coat of paint or a new barista. New furniture, new tables, new things that have changed the place. Changes he knows he’s technically never experienced. What does it matter if a couch has changed it’s color or size if he’s never sat in it? What does it matter if he doesn’t know the extent of the changes? Does the new barista make coffee the same way, did the tables change because the previous one was faulty or did they just want to keep a theme? He doesn’t know. He wants to know, but he can never manage to get in the door to try. 

Honestly, he doesn’t really try. Izuku thinks that it’s fine, that he’s perfectly fine where he is, just standing outside watching. Nothing is wrong to Izuku, but he doesn’t think that it’s particularly right either. It’s fine, but it could be better. Although, he can’t seem to get better. He just stays as he is, on the other side of the street, watching people go by. Watching the world pass him by as he just stands there. 

One day, he just stops. He doesn’t go back to the coffee shop every time he’s in Tokyo anymore. It doesn’t draw him there anymore, and he can’t figure out why. Izuku goes elsewhere, to other places that call to him, that draw him to be there, somewhere else. Maybe he’s solved his problem with that coffee shop, and that’s why he doesn’t go back. Maybe he’s just gotten bored of being there. Maybe, maybe, maybe. There are possibilities, but Izuku doesn’t dwell on them. What happened is that he stopped going there, and the reason as to why doesn’t really matter to him all that much at the moment. Perhaps later, another time, when he gets bored, he’ll dwell on the what if. 

One day, Izuku walks past the coffee shop. He looks at it, stops, looks inside to see people he’s seen many times but never spoken to and stands there. He’s unsure how long he stands for, but he just stands there and stares. After a while, Izuku takes his camera and takes a picture of the coffee shop. It’ll be the last time he takes a picture of the coffee shop, and it’ll be the last time he stops and stands to stare at it. He resolves to himself to try to stay away, or at least to never stop in front of it again after this. 

Izuku walks away, never to step inside the coffee shop. As to why, Izuku doesn’t particularly care. He leaves behind the photos at the Place of Things Left Behind, with a note. It reads; Of things we walk past, to changes we never know the full extent of, to the familiar unknown we leave behind. May it never be fully known, but it won’t ever be forgotten. Izuku writes the note, and he feels something. He’s unsure what it is, but he leaves the coffee shop behind. It doesn’t matter in the end.

1. There is a place long left forgotten... 2702 0 0 2. There is a place that everyone walks right by... 1735 0 0 3. There is a place where one can leave the world behind... 1778 0 0 4. There is a place no different than any other... 796 0 0 5. There is a place where one goes to learn... 1359 0 0 6. There is a place one goes to find something... 1128 0 0