and remember that bad times... are just times that are bad @cloudii Were this a horror movie, the picture before him would look kind of ominous. A six year old girl with stark, white hair and wide, red eyes staring at him blankly in his silent and dimly lit house. But after the initial shock, it was just two kids who barely knew each other having an awkward, unplanned staring contest with a cat as referee. 9 months 4.3K 0 1 My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア General Audiences English Complete FamilyHurt/Comfort EriHitoshi S. shinsou is erasermic's adopted sonCross-posted from AO3Implied/Referenced Child AbuseAdopted Sibling RelationshipCharacters Playing Animal Crossing Read 1. just relax, you're safe here 4313 1 2