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The quest of the lifetime
Chapter two: Chris This is Chris’s point of view also I don’t own any of these characters accept Sam and Chris

Hi my name is Christina. But I want you to call me Chris. I’m a daughter of Hermes. Yes I know I get the god of theves, but honestly I don’t care. Yes that means I have it my blood, but I can be a good kid. Usually.... any way, I’m here to tell you my story. When I was younger about 10 years old my mom was murderd, and ever sense I’ve been at Camp Half- Blood. But I never stopped searching for her killer. I never saw what happened, my step dad (who is really nice to me) woke up to this sound and saw someone standing over me. So he grabbed me and ran with my siblings. He also woke up my mom but she was to late. She was killed on the front steps of my home, with her newborn baby in her hands. So ever sense I’ve been searching for who did it. First I thought it was my step dad but it wasn’t him, I’m still searching. So today it’s quest day, and freaking Annabeth Chase is chosen to go as the quest leader. And so she chooses her companions but the quest prophecy says that two groups must go, so that’s six people and this girl Sam is chosen as the second quest leader. She choose me, why me? Ok the prophecy did say daughter of Hermes finds what’s she’s searching for, but I didn’t think that was referring to me! But oh well, I guess it’s time to go on a quest.

Next up We revel the prophecy
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