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Onyx and Ivory @mangokid
Itachi's Humanity

Itachi's Humanity

Onyx and Ivory

A few warnings for this chapter:

1. Hidan is back so there is quite a lot of swearing/sexual innuendo's/implied stuff to. ye hath been warned.

2. *deep breath*

3. buckle

4. up

5. bitches

Hoshiko diverted to the room that was designated for her. She stripped her cloak off, not wanting to wear it now that she was inside the humid cavern. She tossed it carelessly onto the cot in the room and then followed the sounds of talking to where the others had disappeared. All her anger at the morning with Deidara was gone as she rounded the corner and grimaced. Lounging on a lumpy looking was Hidan, the bane of her existence, as he spotted her from the doorway.

"Oh look, and the little Akatsuki whore shows her face." Hidan licked his lips at her. Hoshiko's jaw locked at the sight of the silver haired man. Her eyes flicked around to the other occupants of the room. Kisame was sitting against the wall, Samehada leaning next to him as the blue man had a sly grin on his face. He was obviously waiting for something to happen between Hoshiko and Hidan. Deidara was tossing some of his clay between his hands on the couch opposite Hidan and looking very uninterested in what was going on around him. Itachi was actually leaning up against the wall next to her. He was only an arms length away from her but he was staring down at the floor. Hoshiko met Hidan's violet stare.

"Don't tell me you missed me now?" Hoshiko grinned over at the Jashin worshipper. Hidan curled his top lip at her.

"Don't get too excited, bitch. The only thing I missed was seeing that tight ass. I'm just surprised your Uchiha hasn't tied your mouth shut yet."

"What?" Hoshiko growled lowly.

Hidan ran his hand over his slicked back hair. "We all know that the Uchiha is fucking you, bit of a shame to see that pussy going to waste on a bastard like him though. Can guarantee that he doesn't know how to use it as well as I do." Hidan flashed her a grin as his eyes flicked down to his crotch area before meeting her stormy eyes once more.

Hoshiko balled her fists up and marched towards the man lounging on the couch. "Not that it is any of your concern but I am not fucking the Uchiha or anyone else in this damn organization." Hoshiko spat vehemently. Hidan just continued to smirk at her as his hungry eyes raked up and down her body. "And besides, if there was anyone in this stupid place that I would even consider screwing around with—it would be Kisame. Seeing as he is the only person that hasn't tried to make an advance on me!"

"Not my type." Kisame added in from the other side of the room.

Hoshiko rounded on him, giving a sigh of frustration. "Well, sorry I don't have gills and a fin! You slimy blue shithead." She heard Kisame chuckling under his breath as she turned back to Hidan. She wasn't all that surprised to see that her speech hadn't deterred Hidan from staring at her like she was piece of meat.

Hidan rubbed a hand down his thigh, dangerously close to where Hoshiko could see a bulge forming in his pants. Of course someone like him would be getting turned on right now. "You're just saying this cause you haven't had a cock like mine before. Lord Jashin crafted it himself for me. It's the God of all cocks, just waiting to have some tight young pussy."

Hoshiko was at a slight loss for words as she spun away from Hidan. There was just no beating this guy! Hoshiko was in way over her head with him. Sure they all joked about how she was screwing around with Itachi, but the reality was that she had never screwed around with anyone before. She would hate to think about what their topic of conversation would be if they found out that she was a virgin. Even so, everything that Hidan was saying was making her feel like a nun in a brothel. She didn't want to let on that it was uncomfortable, but she didn't want to back down from him. He was a pig, and he needed to be put into his place.

"You know you want it, bitch, you're just to tame to ask for it." Hidan continued on as she had her back to him. Hoshiko narrowed her gaze and furrowed her eyebrows, hoping that by sheer will Hidan would be sucked down into a hole and never seen again. When that wasn't happening she lifted her gaze slightly. She had almost forgotten that Itachi was in the room too. He hadn't moved from his position, but instead of him staring at the floor his eyes were shut. Hoshiko did a quick assessment of him, what intrigued her was that she could see that he was clenching his jaw slightly. Was something bothering him? Hoshiko thought for a moment, and then suddenly, like a light bulb had gone off in her head her eyes widened in realization. Was Itachi annoyed…at Hidan? Sure Hidan annoyed everyone but she had never seen him this way before. Even the way he was crossing his arms, it looked like he was trying to reign himself in.

The corner of Hoshiko's mouth curled up slightly. Time to test her theory. If she executed this right, she might be able to figure out the Uchiha just that little bit more. Hoshiko spun around all of a sudden, effectively cutting off Hidan and his vulgar remarks because her ass was facing him. Hoshiko marched right up to the man and jutted her chin out.

"Show me, then."

Hidan pulled a face of utter bewilderment at her sudden change of heart. His expression quickly changed to triumph as he tucked his arms behind his head. "You're just teasing me, you little bitch."

Hoshiko crossed her arms. "I'm not. Show. Me."

"Ehhh?" Deidara's voice came from somewhere behind her.

Hidan jumped up from the couch, towering over her small form. "You have no idea what you're asking for."

Hoshiko didn't move away from him and held her ground, glaring up into his violet eyes. "You've been talking yourself up this whole time. What? Scared now? You said that you could show me how a real man uses his dick. Afraid that it might not be the case?"

"What the fuck is going on, un?"

Kisame chuckled. "I didn't see this coming."

Hidan licked his lips and let his eyes rake over her whole body once more. Hoshiko could practically see the drool coming out of his mouth. "I'll break you."

"Good." Hoshiko smirked. "That means you do know what you're doing." She didn't want to let on that her heart was racing a mile a minute. She balled her fists up to stop her hands from shaking. She sure as hell didn't want to go through with this, but she wanted to see what would happen. How far was he going to let her go with this?

Hidan stared at something over her shoulder for a moment before he let out a victorious laugh. "Hear that, Uchiha? You're little bitch is jumping ship." Hidan lashed out and grabbed onto her upper arm, his fingers were so long that they wrapped around her bicep and touched his hand. Either that or Hoshiko was just that tiny.

Hidan started walking, and gave a sharp tug on Hoshiko's arm to make her follow him. His grip was painful and she grit her teeth to stop herself from instinctively jerking out of his hold. They were approaching Itachi, who still had his eyes shut and didn't acknowledge that they were nearing him. Hoshiko's eyes spotted Itachi's exposed fingers gripping onto the sleeves of his cloak, almost like he was desperately holding himself back. Hopefully her plan was working, if it didn't, this was going to backfire in her face majorly.

"Looks like your dick wasn't good enough for her, Uchiha." Hidan spat bitterly at Itachi. The Uchiha didn't flinch at his words. "Don't worry, you can have her back once I'm through with her." Hidan let out a maniacal laugh and pulled Hoshiko along behind him. What was worse, Hoshiko let him drag her.

Hoshiko didn't recognize the hallway that Hidan was pulling her down. She was just trying to come up with a backup plan if her first one failed. And dear Lord she hoped it didn't fail. Hidan's fingers tightened on her arm periodically as he kept on muttering under his breath all the things that he was going to do with her. Hoshiko would need to perform some kind of brain bleaching jutsu on herself after this was over with. Could she really bend her body like that? She shuddered just thinking about it.

Hoshiko was just about ready to pull out of this whole idea when out of the blue, she felt someone grab onto the back of her shirt and she was forcefully tugged away from Hidan's grasp. She was slammed into the wall with a hand firm against her collarbone, pinning her down and making sure that she couldn't move away. At the same time, Hidan turned, wondering why she had been snatched away from him when a leg shot out and sent him hurtling down the hallway.

Hoshiko stared at the person that was holding her against the wall. His focus was completely on Hidan as his red eyes swirled intimidatingly. The grip that Itachi had on her wasn't painful, but she could feel his fingers digging into her flesh.

"What the fuck, Uchiha?" Hidan bellowed as he picked himself up from the floor. His back had smashed into the caves wall. Rocks trickled down around him as he brushed them off his shoulder. "Don't wanna share, do you?"

"Leave, Hidan." Itachi ordered. Hoshiko could hear the or else in his dangerously low tone of voice. If she had been on the receiving end of that threat, she probably would have wet herself out of fear. Hidan curled his lip like a feral animal about to pounce. He glared at Itachi for a long moment before fixing his hair with one hand.

"No bitch is worth this much trouble. But watch your back, Uchiha. One day you wont be around and then that slut will be mine."

Itachi didn't reply. He was apparently above petty retorts. Hoshiko wanted to shout something after Hidan but Itachi fixated his glare onto her and all her words died off in her throat. Neither said anything to one another as they continued to stare into each other's eyes. Hoshiko could see pure unadulterated rage in his swirling eyes. She tried to move but Itachi's hand on her collarbone kept her locked in place. Hoshiko smirked up at him, and Itachi's glare faltered slightly. "Careful, I—ta—chi." She purred. "Your humanity's showing."

Itachi's glare hardened once more as he fisted her shirt in his hands, spun around and hauled her along behind him. It was much the same with Hidan, except Hoshiko was actually more fearful of what the Uchiha would do to her then the Jashin worshipper. Itachi still didn't say one word to her as they reached her room. He opened the door with the hand that wasn't holding her and hen flung her inside. Hoshiko yelped and stumbled, bracing herself on the other side of the room as she twisted back to see Itachi slamming the door shut.

She could sense him standing outside the door, completely still as his fluctuating chakra bounced all around his body. Hoshiko grinned. Well, looks like her plan worked after all. Now, she had to move onto phase two…

When morning rolled around, Hoshiko found herself lounging on the couch in the main cave area. Kisame was in one of the hardback chairs in he corner, and it looked like he was whispering to Samehada…strange. She wasn't paying him much attention as Hoshiko twirled a kunai in her fingers, and then would stab it into the wall. She was bored out of her mind. She wanted to get out of the suffocating base. Her altercation with Hidan had left the silver haired man cranky and even more insufferable. Right now he had yet to emerge from his room, but all through the night Hoshiko had heard him ranting and raving about Lord Jashin and whatnot.

Itachi was a whole other matter. He had stood guard at her door for a few hours and each time Hoshiko had opened up her door to try and talk to him or leave her room he had slammed it back in her face. He never said a word to her though. She was glad that a part of her plan to 'Get Itachi to Confess' was working—a little too well she might add, but she needed the Uchiha to talk back to her.

Hoshiko plunged the kunai into the wall once again just as Hidan strolled into the room, looking very smug for himself. She ignored him but he walked over to her anyway. "Your little lap dog isn't around right now. What say we finish what we started yesterday?"

Hoshiko rolled her eyes over to Hidan and pulled out the kunai from the wall. "Hidan. If you so much as try to touch me with it, I'll incinerate the very thing you hold so dearly. We'll see how Kakuzu reattaches something that no longer exists then, hmm?" Hoshiko plunged the kunai back into the wall as if to emphasize her point.

Hidan smirked down at her. "You're such a lying bitch, you wouldn't."

"Try me." Hoshiko stated firmly, holding his gaze. Hidan backed off then, hopefully for good.

Deidara came sauntering into the room next. "Morning assholes." He said loudly. Hoshiko barely glanced over at him before returning to her mission of 'how many times can I stab this wall before Kisame says something to me.' Deidara sat himself down on the couch opposite her. "Quite the show you put on last night, un." Deidara said to her. Hoshiko just kept stabbing.

"If you don't stop, I'll slice your hand off with that kunai, shrimp." Kisame finally called out. It seems he's finally had enough of her.

"One hundred and seventy-five." Hoshiko called out as she twirled the kunai around one finger.

"Huh?" Both Kisame and Deidara said at the same time.

"It's how many times I stabbed the wall before you said something, fish face."

Kisame sighed in annoyance. "If Hidan doesn't end up killing you. I will."

"Oh yeah—did Uchiha pass along the news?" Deidara suddenly said as he kicked his feet up.

"What news?" Hoshiko asked, tilting her head back so that she could see Deidara. The blonde smirked at her.

"It seems that his baby brother has defected from Konoha and has joined Orochimaru, un."

The kunai slipped from her numb fingers and clattered to the ground. Hoshiko just felt like the whole world had come crashing down around her once more. The mood in the room changed so suddenly that Deidara and Kisame both shared a perturbed look with one another. Hoshiko was out of the chair and running down the hallway as fast as she could. She sought out Itachi's chakra signature, and found that he was at the entrance to the cave. She pushed herself faster. She came swinging around the corner and launched herself into the cavern; Itachi was facing the roaring waterfall.

"Is it true?" She gasped out, her chest heaving. Itachi didn't acknowledge her presence. Hoshiko stepped further into the cavern. It was hard to even hear her thoughts over the sound of the waterfall. "Itachi. Is it true about Sasuke?"

Itachi angled his face to her slightly. "What would it change if it was?" He asked her, his voice especially flat.

Her fists clenched as she glared at the side of his head. "I'm going after him."

"I will not allow you to." Itachi stated, facing her.

Hoshiko's anger bubbled. "So you're ordering me around now? I don't care what you say. You may not think of him as a brother but I do, and I will not let him fall into the hands of Orochimaru!"

"He went there by himself, it was his choice." Itachi replied.

"And I went to Danzo!" Hoshiko exclaimed. She waited a moment before continuing, letting her words sink in. "It doesn't mean that it was a good idea. I'm going. I failed him once before, I'm not going to fail him again." Hoshiko spun on her heel and marched towards the door. She didn't get very far before she felt Itachi grab onto her wrist. It was a light hold, and she could've easily broken out of it if she tried to, but Hoshiko found herself stopping and turning back to look at the Uchiha.

"…Don't." He muttered. His eyes were staring at the moist ground beneath their feet.

"Why?" Hoshiko questioned. She pulled out of his grasp slowly, stepping back from him. "You do realize why he has gone to Orochimaru, right?" Itachi nodded, still not meeting her gaze. Hoshiko found it odd. She turned away but felt Itachi grab her wrist once more. This time he jerked her around to face him.


"He's gone there to kill you! He has gone to Orochimaru to get power so that he can finally get revenge on the person that brought him so much pain."

"I know…" Itachi stated.

"Then why…" Hoshiko paused, her words dying off in her throat as she realized what Itachi was implying. Itachi lifted his gaze to meet hers just as Hoshiko pulled herself out of his hold again. "Why…why do you want Sasuke to kill you?"

Itachi let out a sigh of resignation and shut his eyes for a long moment. When he opened them he took a step towards Hoshiko and reached out with his hand and grasped onto her shoulder. "Not here."

"Then whe—"

Her words were cut off as they disappeared in a puff of smoke from the waterfall's cave.

Hoshiko didn't recognize the place where Itachi had transported them. They must've still been in Ame though as light raindrops fell down on them from above. The sun was trying to peek through the grey clouds so little bouts of sunshine could be seen on the ground. The forest wasn't dense, but thick trunked trees surrounded them. Hoshiko used her senses and pushed them as far as she could go but the only chakra signatures she picked up on were hers and Itachi's. They were alone.

She remembered why they were here. She jerked her head up to meet Itachi's red stare. The Uchiha took a step back away from her, putting a little more distance between them. "Why do you want your brother to kill you?" Hoshiko repeated her question once more. "You've spent this entire time being the bad guy, you did all those things…why? It doesn't make any sense!" Itachi averted his gaze from her. As he did, his red eyes slowly faded to black as he stared at a small boulder that was apparently very interesting right now.

Hoshiko furrowed her brows in frustration. Itachi had brought her out here, away from everyone. She had thought that she might be getting some answers, but the Uchiha was keeping his lips shut tight. Hoshiko tried to read his expression, but he was keeping himself closed off to her. There was no possible reason that she could think of as to why Itachi would want to die so early…unless…

"Is it your sickness?" She asked suddenly. She saw his eye twitch. "If that's all it is. I can end it for you right now."

"No." Itachi said firmly. She heard a little bit of emotion in his voice then, but not at her, more like he was angry that he was sick in the first place. "He must be the one to do it."

"Why?" Hoshiko ground out through her clenched teeth. "You can't tell me that the reason you kept him alive was so that down the road he could kill you. It doesn't add up! There must be another reason why you left him alive that night." Hoshiko took a confident step towards him. "And there must be a reason why you didn't kill me too, and don't give me that bullshit that I wasn't worth killing."

Itachi still refused to look at her, and it was getting on her last nerve. Hoshiko lashed out and held onto Itachi's arms. She gripped onto the fabric of his cloak tightly and shook him once. His head lolled slightly as he finally, slowly—painfully slowly met her stormy eyes.

"Just tell me…" Hoshiko breathed out airily. "Just tell me the truth, it's all I've ever wanted from you." They held one another stare for the longest time. Hoshiko silently pleading with him to just come clean. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't just come out and say what he wanted to say. She could see the trepidation on his face about the whole thing. "I'm not stupid, Itachi. As much as you may think I am, I'm not. I've been blinded by anger for all these years, never actually able to look past it and figure out that there was something else going on."

His brows twitched together faintly.

"Do you think I could forget the time you came to my house, sneaking in through the window and begging me to forgive you? Or how when I was worried—or upset…" her voice cracked, "You would always try to make me feel better."

'I'll tell you next time…'

"The night you killed your parents, I went to your house. I saw them on the floor. Your mother was barely alive." At this, Itachi finally showed the most emotion she had seen on his face in months. His eyes went as wide as saucers as he tried to pull away from her but Hoshiko held on tightly. "She spoke to me…she said, 'please do not hate my son.' This whole time I thought she had been talking about Sasuke but…" Itachi stopped struggling against her. "But why would she want me to forgive Sasuke when he had done nothing wrong? I see now that she wasn't talking about Sasuke—she was talking about you."

Hoshiko's hands slid down Itachi's arms, her grip loosening as she dropped her arms to her sides. "Why would your mother, who had just been betrayed by her eldest son, ask for me to forgive you? Unless there was something else going on." Itachi was free from Hoshiko's iron grip, but yet he still didn't move away from her. Hoshiko blinked away her tears, forcing them back for the time being as Itachi's brows creased, and then softened, and then creased again. He was trying to figure out what to say to her.

"Do you believe..." Itachi whispered, "That I could've done all of those things?"

"As you are now?" Hoshiko replied instantly. "Yes." Itachi glanced away. "But back then? No." His gaze returned as he studied Hoshiko's expression. She wasn't wavering in her answer, she was confident in her statement. "Something changed—or something happened, I know it did. You just didn't want to tell me. You still don't want to tell me. There was no possible way that you could stop caring about me, caring about Shisui and your family to do what you did."

"I did anyway." Itachi turned away and moved a few steps back, wanting to put some space between them. "You are still so naïve to the world around you. You were never like this as a child, you never wanted bonds or silly little relationships with anyone—why are you trying so hard now?"

Hoshiko smiled tenderly. "Because you were the first person to see the good in me." She let her words sink in for another moment. "You were able to look passed the angry child, and see that I was just hurt and scared. You put up with me, when no one else would. I gave up believing in you, and I shouldn't have." Hoshiko closed the distance between them again. "I'll agree that I am naïve to most things in the world still, but I am not naïve about you."

Itachi listened to her words and sighed heavily. "Who was it that told you that I had killed Shisui?"

"What?" Hoshiko said dumbly, caught off guard by the change in topic.

"Who told you?" Itachi repeated again. "Who was the one who told you that I had turned my back on the village?"

"Danzo did." Hoshiko stated.

Itachi stared her dead in the eye. "Did you ever once hear the words I killed Shisui come out of my mouth?" Hoshiko's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water as she tried to think of something to say. Had he not? Surely he had, right? Hoshiko backed up, her thoughts bouncing all around her head. Itachi advanced on her with each step that she took away from him. "What were you told about the night Shisui died?"

"I—I…that you—you were the last one to see him. And how he was a double spy for Danzo and the Hokage. You were planning a coup to overthrow the Uchiha and the Hokage."

"Did I ever tell you that those were my intentions all those times we spoke after?" Hoshiko shook her head. Her back suddenly hit a tree as she gasped. A dozen little raindrops rained down on her from the shaking leaves above. "You said it yourself. Danzo has been trying to kill you for years. He has tried time and time again…and what happened when he couldn't kill you?"

"I don't know." Hoshiko whimpered, her mind was rattling. She was so confused.

"He made you join him." Hoshiko's eyes widened. Her breath got caught in her throat for a moment as she sucked in a shaky breath. "You were the perfect weapon."

"Weapon for what?" Hoshiko asked, pushing off the tree.

"Against Shisui and me."

Hoshiko shoved passed Itachi, her head held in her hands. She clamped her eyes shut and tried to make sense of what he was telling her. He was giving her information, but she couldn't connect the dots. "I don't understand…you're the one who…"

"You said that back then, you couldn't imagine me doing all those things to the people I cared about." Hoshiko dug her nails into her head. "So I ask you again. Do you believe that I could've killed Shisui?"

"Of course not!" A little sob escaped her mouth as Hoshiko whirled around. "But if you didn't kill him, then who did? Tell me that then, Itachi! Who really killed Shisui if it wasn't you?" Her anger had resurfaced.

"I have already given you the answer, Hoshiko."

Her back went stiff as she continued to hold his gaze. A face suddenly flashed in her mind. It was an old man, a bandage on one side of his face, two small cuts on his chin creating an 'x' mark. She could hear the dreaded sound of his cane tapping on the concrete ground as he tortured her into using her Mizukiri over and over again.

"No." Hoshiko backed up and shook her head. "No, no, you killed him. You're saying this because you're trying to get me to be on your side again."

"Danzo killed Shisui."

It was one thing the think the answer in her head. But to hear the words come out of his mouth was surreal. Hoshiko pressed her lips into a firm like and swung her head from side to side. "How can I trust a single word that comes out of your mouth? If Danzo really did kill him then why didn't you tell me!?" Hoshiko bellowed. "Why would you let me believe that you had killed him?"

"Because what would you have done had you found out the truth?" Itachi asked her calmly. Hoshiko looked at a loss for words but Itachi continued for her. "You would have confronted him, wouldn't you? And you would've died."

"No I wouldn't." Hoshiko stated defiantly.

"Yes, you would've. Shisui couldn't defeat him, and if he couldn't what chance do you think you had against him?"

Hoshiko bowed her head, she knew what he was saying was true. She was no match for Danzo. She had been lucky that Kakashi had intercepted her back in Konoha; she probably would've died that night had it not been for him. "Why didn't you tell me? Did you not think I would believe you?" Hoshiko whispered sadly. She sniffed and wiped at her eyes. She didn't want to cry.

"We wanted to protect you."

Hoshiko's fists clenched as she leered at the Uchiha. "Do I look protected to you!? You have no idea what I've been through! I had to send my mother away because of you! Shisui died because of you! Sasuke is an orphan and is now being preyed upon by Orochimaru because of you! I've had to live in total secrecy for four years because I couldn't return to my home out of fear that Danzo would kill all the people that I still cared about!" Hoshiko's chest heaved as she shouted at him. Itachi remained impassive as she said her piece. "I have been hunted by Orochimaru, been the cause of Ren, Aishi, and Sadao's deaths. Danzo is still looking for me. I have to constantly look over my shoulder out of fear that he's going to pop up and finish the job one day. I haven't had a life in years all because you wanted to protect me! And now I'm surrounded my murderous, raving lunatics!"

Hoshiko turned away from him; tears were now flowing freely down her cheeks as she wept. "Do not think that you are the only one who suffered that night." There was a sound from behind her, the sound of someone dropping to the ground. Hoshiko had a terrible thought that maybe Itachi's sickness had come back so she spun around, anticipating to see the Uchiha curled up on the wet grass. Instead, she saw him on his knees, his head touching the ground and his hands bracing him as he bowed.

"Forgive me."

Hoshiko continued to stare. She couldn't form a reply as she watched Uchiha Itachi bow his head in the most formal apology one could give.

"I failed Shisui." Itachi spoke again. He was quiet, but even then Hoshiko could hear the quiver in his voice. "And I failed you."

Hoshiko wiped her eyes and steadied her breathing. She was rooted to the spot, but she knew that if she didn't make a move and approach Itachi, he would probably stay in that position forever. Slowly, she moved one foot, and then the other. Eventually she stood over him. Hoshiko knelt down and placed her hand on his shoulder blade. She felt his body flinch under her touch as his hands fisted the grass tightly.

"Stand up, Itachi."

He complied. They rose together; Itachi towered over her by how close they were. Hoshiko's tears were dying on her cheeks as she sighed in weariness. "How do I know that all of this is true? You know as well as I do that after everything that's happened…"

"I can show you." He muttered.

"You could show me anything." She countered smartly. Itachi smirked. And it was a real one, one that he used to show her back when they were fourteen. It floored her for a moment. Catching her completely off guard.

Her smirk dropped when he suddenly extended his hand out to her. "Then you show yourself. I'm sure by now you've figured out a way to only take a persons memories."

Hoshiko's eyes flicked up from his hand and to his face, and then back down again. Was he willingly letting her do this? She didn't hesitate for much longer before she placed her hand in his and then Itachi began to show her his memories.

It was a strange feeling, to be sifting through someone's memories. It was like Hoshiko was looking through Itachi's eyes. She watched as child Itachi was approaching a curled up girl on the floor. Itachi knelt down.

"Are you ok?" Hoshiko felt her mouth moving, but it was Itachi's voice that came out. Hoshiko was stunned when she realized the girl was her! She couldn't have been six or seven at this time. She remembered when this was; it was after the bullies at the academy had beaten her up. Itachi had come to her rescue.

"Why did you do that?" Child Hoshiko asked in her apprehensive tone.

"I don't like to see people get hurt." Itachi replied.

Child Hoshiko's cheeks flushed as she blurted out. "I could've handled it myself!" She marched off. Hoshiko smiled as she remembered what happened next. Itachi started to follow Child Hoshiko. The small girl turned her head to glare at the boy.

"What the hell do you want?"

"My mother reminds me to always help those who are weaker then I am." Itachi stated proudly. Hoshiko didn't think that one of her punches at the age six would've hurt so damn much. Itachi was left sprawling on the ground as Hoshiko stared up at herself, her fist waving menacingly.


The memory disappeared like dripping water, and suddenly it changed. Hoshiko knew that Itachi was older now. He stood taller and from what she could see, Itachi was standing in the Hokage office with the Sandaime smoking from his pipe. A sly grin was on the old mans face. In the memory, Itachi glanced over to his left, where Hoshiko saw a pre-teen Hoshiko. She remembered this moment as well. It was when Itachi had become her ANBU teacher.

"Hokage-sama!" Young Hoshiko cried out. "I can't have him mentor me, I'll end up killing him!"

"You can try." Itachi muttered under his breath. Hoshiko could feel the smugness flowing through Itachi at his words.

"You bastard! I'll show you—"

Itachi disappeared and then reappeared behind Young Hoshiko. He swiped her legs out from underneath her as she crashed to the floor. Itachi smirked down at the bristling girl.


The scene changed again. This time Itachi was sitting on a log by a fire. It was nighttime in the memory, and Hoshiko could feel another body pressed against Itachi's body. His arm was also around something. Hoshiko suddenly remembered when this was. It was after their mission to Hanabira. Itachi had taken away the memories from the shinobi she had killed and she had fallen asleep on him. Itachi's head turned as he stared down at a fourteen year old Hoshiko. Her head was slightly angled upwards, her breathing slow and even.

Hoshiko could feel something within Itachi as he stared at her. It wasn't love, but it was close to it. His chest felt warm, and even though his back was killing him from sitting up, he wouldn't dare move from his spot. Hoshiko watched as Itachi reached out and brushed a stray piece of her hair behind her ear tenderly. His fingers trailed down her cheek and along her jaw. He halted as he got to her chin as his eyes lingered on Teen Hoshiko's lips for a few seconds. Itachi suddenly cleared his throat and glanced away, focusing his gaze on the crackling fire.


The memory dripped away, and this time it was a memory that Hoshiko was hesitant to relive but knew she needed to. It took place only a week after the previous memory. Through Itachi's eyes Hoshiko could see her teenage self crying on the Uchiha's doorstep. Itachi had one hand fisted at his side and the other was clinging onto the doorframe.

"Fine." Teen Hoshiko said shortly. "If that is how you really feel about me, I'll go. You'll never have to be around me ever again."

Hoshiko could feel the turmoil in Itachi's soul as he watched her heart break. "We have an understanding then."

Hoshiko could remember that she had tried her hardest to not let Itachi know how much he had heart her with those words. But she could still see a little bit of sadness creeping through. Teen Hoshiko swiveled around and marched a few steps before looking back. "You stupid bastard." She hissed at him.

And then she was gone.

Hoshiko could feel her heart pounding against her chest, or was it Itachi's chest? It could have been either of them right now. Itachi's hand slipped off the doorframe as he shut it slowly. Like he was shutting out his feelings. Hoshiko could feel the pain in his heart. It almost brought her to tears.

"Was that Hoshiko-nee?" A child like voice said from behind. Itachi turned slowly, masking his sadness in front of his young brother. "We're you two fighting?" Sasuke asked, his dark eyes wide and curious.

"Don't concern yourself with her now, Sasuke." Itachi told him, trying to keep his voice firm.

Sasuke frowned up at his beloved older brother. "But you can't just—"

"Sasuke." Itachi growled. "Just do as I say, please."

Sasuke grumbled something under his breath and then stomped back up the stairs like the true eight year old he was. Once Sasuke was out of his sight, Itachi slumped against the nearby wall. He tilted his head back and slid down until he was sitting on the floor, his head bowed into his knees.

It wasn't long before he felt a hand on his shoulder and a familiar chakra signature. Itachi raised his head and Hoshiko was able to see Shisui standing over his cousin. From Shisui's expression, he knew exactly what had happened. "We're doing it to protect her, Itachi."

"I need to be alone." Itachi muttered as he stood up. Shisui nodded in understand and then disappeared. Itachi clenched his fist in anger and then smacked it into the wall beside him.


This time the scene was at night, and Itachi was standing at the Naka Waterfall. Shisui was before him as the boy who had once meant the world to her stood with one eye shut, blood dripping down from beneath his eyelid.

"If Danzo was strong enough to take my right eye, he'll surely come for my left." Shisui stated.

Hoshiko watched as Itachi looked away for a moment but then faced his cousin. His fists balled up tightly. Hoshiko knew what this was; this was Shisui's final moments. Shisui suddenly reached up to his left eye and shocking Hoshiko to her very core, watched as the older Uchiha ripped out his left eye. Hoshiko gasped as Shisui held it out to Itachi. "You're the only person I can count on, my best friend…please protect this village, and the honor of the Uchiha name."

Hoshiko was crying within Itachi's body. This was horrible to watch. She wanted the truth, but she never expected that this would've been the true outcome of what happened all those years ago. "Wait, Shisui!" Itachi had cried out in anguish. The older Uchiha had moved to the edge of the cliff. Hoshiko's own heart started to race in sync with Itachi's.

"Don't stop me." Shisui ordered, both his eyes clamped shut as he teetered on the edge. "Will you promise me one thing, Itachi?"

The younger Uchiha bowed his head in remorse. "…Anything…"

Shisui smiled at him. "One day…tell Hoshiko the truth about us. She deserves to know…and…protect her, Itachi. If Danzo was strong enough to do this to me, who knows what he will do to her. I'm sorry for the burden that you must bare…but I cannot die peacefully until I know that she will be safe."

Hoshiko wanted to curl in on herself and cry until her eyes ran dry. She wanted to rip out her heart and throw it into the waterfall. She couldn't do any of those things; all she could do was watch through Itachi's watery eyes.

"I will, you have my word, Shisui…" Itachi whispered.

Shisui chuckled. "Don't give me that look…even like this I can tell what face you're making. Goodbye, my friend."

"Shisui!" Both Itachi and Hoshiko cried out at the exact same time. Hoshiko felt Itachi reach for Shisui, but she also did too. She knew it was a memory, but she had hoped that somehow she could reach through time and pull him back off that ledge. Together, both Itachi and Hoshiko cried as one.


Even though Hoshiko wanted it all to stop, she didn't want to see anymore, she couldn't help but open her eyes to watch the next scene. It was dark, and Itachi was standing in front of Danzo. It sent a shock down her spine, seeing the old man through Itachi's eyes. She could feel the burning rage within Itachi. He wanted to kill Danzo, but he knew he couldn't. Hoshiko recognised the place where they were meeting, it was outside Root Headquarters.

"If the Uchiha begin their acts of war, in which case even Hiruzen as Hokage, will have no choice but to take decisive matters." Danzo said. Hoshiko felt a shudder run down her spine. His voice brought back uncomfortable memories for her. "Whether it results in war or not, the moment the coup d'etat happens, the Uchiha will lock themselves into a fate of annihilation..."

Hoshiko froze for a moment. there had been a coup planned. It just wasn't Itachi or Shisui, but the whole Uchiha! They had been the ones planning it from the start!

"...Including your innocent little brother."

Hoshiko felt Itachi's insides clench painfully at the mention of Sasuke. Hoshiko felt guilty herself. She had always regretted leaving Sasuke to fend for himself. Itachi clenched his fists at his sides as his eyes narrowed at Danzo. "Are you threatening me?" Itachi inquired calmly. On the outside he appeared calm, but Hoshiko could feel the storm brewing within him. The turmoil he was feeling as he knew what Danzo was about to make him do.

"No." Danzo replied. "I'm asking you to make a choice. Either align with the Uchiha, launch the coup d'etat and die along with your family...or side with Konoha, save your little brother before the coup d'etat and then help us eliminate all other Uchiha."

Hoshiko's stomach dropped. Her heart ached along with Itachi's. What a choice to make. Hoshiko had started to cry again because she knew what choice he had made that night. Itachi had chose to save his brother and the village, putting them above everything else. She felt it, this was the night that Itachi had shred any kind of feelings. He had resigned himself to his fate. She could also feel the longing within him...the longing to see her one last time.


While she had been crying, Hoshiko didn't realize that the scene had once again changed.

Hoshiko's eyes opened as she stared through Itachi's eyes once more. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she saw the glint of a blade at the backs of Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto. "I don't want to participate in a death match…with my son." Fugaku said as he knelt on the tatami mats.

"Tou-san. Kaa-san."

"We already know, Itachi…" Mikoto whispered sadly.

Itachi stumbled closer. Hoshiko could feel his heart shattering with each step he took towards them. "Itachi, just promise me this." Fugaku stated. Hoshiko watched as Itachi's hands began to tremble as he held his sword tightly. "...Look after Sasuke."

"…I will…" Itachi replied, a sob ripping through his throat. Itachi's head bowed as tears began to flow down his cheeks and drip onto the hilt of his sword.

"Do not fear it." Fugaku said. "Even though our philosophies may differ. I am proud of you."

"Itachi." Mikoto sighed sadly. She had begun to cry at hearing her son sobbing behind her. "Take good care of Hoshiko-chan. She will be confused, but I know that she will stand by you if you share the truth with her."

"You truly are a kind child…" Fugaku finished. Hoshiko clamped her eyes shut just as the blade of the sword came swinging down.


The next scene changed, Hoshiko opened her eyes as she saw a flash of sunset, and the top of the Hokage monument. There was another flash, and Hoshiko saw herself standing on the monument. As quick at it had come, the memory was pushed away in favor of another one. Hoshiko didn't have time to dwell on the previous memory, as she was suddenly looking down at herself, unconscious in Itachi's arms.

She knew it was after their battle, he had tossed her under a Genjutsu to win. Hoshiko was slightly stunned by how strongly Itachi was cradling her against his chest. It was then she also realized that he was sobbing. Little droplets splattered against her flushed and scratched cheeks as Itachi held her like a dying man holding onto his loved one for the final time.

"Forgive me…" He whispered. "If I told you the truth. I know that you would leave with me…but I cannot make you bare this burden too." Itachi pressed his forehead against hers gingerly and then lowered her to the grassy ground. He stared at her for a few more seconds, before finally getting to his feet and walking off into the dark woods.


"…I'm sorry, but it's incurable."

This memory had to have been within the last four years. Itachi was sitting on a lumpy medical bed. The male medic nin in front of him had an Amegakure protector on and white scrubs as he jotted something down on a clipboard. Itachi coughed suddenly, a great sharp pain ripping through his chest as he did so. The medic gave him a sympathetic look.

"The drugs I'm prescribing you will keep most of it at bay for a while. Think of them as steroids. Eventually though, your lungs will become so damaged that even then they will begin to fail." The medic handed him a bottle as Itachi necked one back immediately.

"How long?"

"With the drugs?" The medic tapped his chin thoughtfully. "A few more years at most. But no longer then ten." The medic sighed. "I won't lie to you, Uchiha-san, it is going to get painful down the road. Once the drugs stop working then you'll body will begin to shut down inconceivably fast."

"I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Unless there is a way to get me knew lungs?"

He shook his head. "Something like that has never been done before."

"I assumed at much." Itachi replied stoically.

"You can help your body by staying away from cold weather and being out in the rain too much. Avoid using your Sharingan as much as you can too. All that strain on your body is just going to push this disease faster."

"I will take your word for it."

The medic sighed again, remorsefully. "I really am sorry."

"So am I."

Hoshiko wrenched herself away from Itachi's hand. She stumbled back and tripped over her own feet and fell onto her ass. A sob tore its way out of her throat as she buried her face into her hands and wept loudly. She was dribbling and sniffling loudly as she wiped at her snotty nose and gazed up at Itachi who was staring down at her with a broken expression.

"You should've—hick—told me."

Itachi closed his eyes for a brief moment. Hoshiko could tell that it had been hard for him too to relieve all of those memories once more. "We didn't want you to get involved."

"I am involved!" Hoshiko screeched at him. She jumped up onto her feet. "I got involved from the moment I met you, you fucking bastard! You had no right to keep any of this from me!"

"I know." Itachi agreed sadly.

Hoshiko held her fist to her chest as she groaned and angled her face away from him. "I understand why you both did it…" She paused to take a breath. "But I can't forgive you. Not yet." She raised her head to meet Itachi's bottomless black orbs. He bowed his head in acceptance.

"I understand."

Hoshiko let out a sound of frustration as she turned on her heel and began to walk away from him. Tears still flowed traitorously down her cheeks. "Hoshiko." The sound of her name coming from his lips had her heart racing as she turned back to him. He looked like a man watching the sun disappear behind the horizon for the last time. "Shisui…he loved you."

Hoshiko whimpered and blinked her tears out of her eyes. "I know—but my heart already belonged to someone else."


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