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Chapter One

When Artemis graduated college, they decided to move to Star City.

It wasn’t a hard call to make. It was closer to Ollie and Dinah, plus, there were no Zeta tubes in Stanford, so the commute was hell. And for Artemis - there were too many memories in that house. She needed some space.

So Ollie bought them a house - a stupidly large one for just the three (sometimes four) of them, but it was nice and comfortable and it saved them the trouble of looking for a place on their own. Roy decided to go by Will and started his own private security company, and Artemis decided to go into freelance photography. Jade lived with them when she felt like it, and disappeared when she got a job or just got restless. They tracked down an extremely nice, fancy preschool for Lian and went about their lives.


“Can you pick Lian up today? And, uh, maybe tomorrow, too?”

Artemis heaved a sigh, pouring herself a bowl of cereal. “Who called? Dick or Kaldur?”

“Can you pick Lian up today? And, uh, maybe tomorrow, too?”

Artemis heaved a sigh, pouring herself a bowl of cereal. “Who called? Dick or Kaldur?”

“Jeez, what kind of animal are you? Who pours the milk before the cereal?” She flipped him off with one hand and ate a spoonful of her cereal with the other. “Whatever. Anyways, it’s Kaldur this time. This mission is above board.”

“If he’s calling you in, how above board can it be?” Artemis asked, smirking. It was a fair question, because Will wasn’t technically in the League anymore. Artemis retained her place on the team, but she was a reserve member. Neither of them ever got the call anymore unless they needed rule breakers.

Or unless someone on the team was missing them.

“So. Is Kaldur actually going on the mission too?”

Roy’s cheeks pinked and he looked pointedly at the table. “Shut up, Artemis.”

“So that’s a yes. Anyone else going?” Artemis asked with a broad grin. This was one of her favorite things to tease Will about.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask.”

“Wait, is it actually a mission? Like, did he give any details? Or did he maybe call you for… something else?” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and Will glared and flipped her the bird.

It was a common hand gesture in their house.

“It’s a mission. Something about Gotham. Luthor’s been hanging around there and he wants to know why.”

“Right. Suuure,” she said with a knowing grin. She slurped her next spoonful of cereal extra loud, just because she knew it annoyed him.

“Shut up, Artemis,” he grumbled “I’m going to go wake Lian up. Will you cover her for the next couple days or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Any time. Especially if Kaldur needs you for a mission,” she singsonged, her last word dripping with innuendo.

It was too damn early for this conversation.

Will walked upstairs and returned a few minutes later, carrying Lian and trailed by Brucely, who trotted over to Artemis to receive good morning pets and then went to his bowl and tucked into his breakfast.

Artemis stole Lian out of Will’s arms, ignoring his affronted look, and twirled with her. “Good morning, kitty cat!” Lian giggled happily and hugged her, giving her a big smack on the cheek.

“Gmornin,” she yawned.

Roy looked at Artemis and arched a brow, mouthing “Kitty cat?

Artemis spun around with Lian once more before plopping her into her chair at the table. “She didn’t tell you? Yesterday she decided that since her mom’s Cheshire and I’m Tigress, she’s going to be a cat when she grows up too,” she muttered out of the side of her mouth as she grabbed her own cereal bowl to put it in the sink.

“Ah, of course,” he deadpanned as he grabbed an apple and started to cut it up for Lian. He worried about her being exposed to the hero/villain stuff too much, but at least, unlike Jade, Artemis showed at least some discretion. No suiting up in the house and Lian never saw her handling a weapon. Jade was… a little less subtle. She wore her mask around the house and sometimes left her sais on the table. Lian only knew about Tigress because she’d overheard a conversation between Artemis and Dick, but still. He worried.

Artemis dropped a kiss on Lian’s head. “How would you feel about you and me having a sleepover tonight?”

Will set the apple slices down on the table in front of Lian and started looking for something for himself. “Does Daddy have work?” Lian asked, brow furrowed as she took a bite of her apple.

“Yeah, he does. But you know what that means?” Artemis asked, leaning in close.

Lian didn’t exactly have whispering down yet, but she tried. “Double dessert?”

“You got it, kiddo. Double dessert,” Artemis whispered, smiling as Lian’s eyes lit up, sufficiently placated.

Will’s head popped out of the cabinet, “Wait, what was that?” he asked, grabbing a bag of trail mix that he thought may or may not have been expired.

“Nothing! We’re just going to order pizza and watch a movie,” Artemis said brightly, shrugging off Will’s suspicious glare.

“Uh-huh.” He grabbed a cashew from the bag and gagged. Definitely expired. Fantastic. He grimaced and tossed the bag in the trash and started grabbing the ingredients for a protein shake. “So what movie are you watching?”

He knew the answer. So did Artemis. Mulan. It was Lian’s favorite movie and Will and Artemis had both seen it so many times they could recite the lines from memory. And they did, to each other, constantly.

(Once, Will asked Lian why she liked it so much and she told him, very matter-of-fact, that girls with swords were cool.)

(“Yeah, Will. Girls with swords are cool. Duh.”

Shut up, Artemis.”)

“Lion King,” Lian responded happily, “cuz it has cats like mama and aunty Artemis!”

Will blinked, stunned. “Well… Alright then. That’s great! It sounds like you two have a great night planned.” He glanced at Artemis, who looked just as surprised as he felt.


He poured his shake into a to-go cup and gave Lian a kiss on the head. “Daddy’s gotta go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow night. Be good for aunty Artemis.”

Lian grabbed his cheeks and looked at him very seriously. “Kay, but you gotta be good too. Don’t get hurt.”

“You got it, boss.”

She kissed him on the cheek, a big, wet, kinda gross toddler kiss and nodded, dismissing him and going back to her apples.

“Have fun with Kaldur,” Artemis whispered in his ear as he grabbed his bag.

God, she would never let that go. So maybe he had a thing for Kaldur, and maybe their relationship seemed to be heading in a new direction. And maybe Artemis had helped that happen. But still. “Shut up, Artemis,” he grumbled. “Seriously though. Are you two gonna manage?” he asked, softly. He didn’t like leaving his daughter, even though he knew she was going to be fine.

“Yeah, we’ll have a blast,” she assured him. “Be safe, see you tomorrow.”

“Awkward sibling hug?” he asked with a broad grin.

Lian was a big Gravity Falls fan.

She laughed and nodded. “Awkward sibling hug.”

They wrapped their arms around each other stiffly and said, in unison, “pat pat,” as they patted each other on the back.

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