Static: A modern Cinderella story. @staticfan
Chapter 3.

At Akkad's Arcade, Virgil had set up a secret meeting with Frieda and Richie. A sceret meeting so Frieda's body guards won't brother her and so Alva won't find out.

Frieda got to Akkad's Arcade first. She walked in and saw boys waiting for her. They looked like they were in a gang. All wearing yellow. "Is that her ?" One of the boys asks. "Yeah that's Frieda, the girl Hotstreak wants" Says another boy.

"I'm here to meet friends, not this Hotslip person" Frieda said. "It's Hotstreak, jerk" Said a angry man behind her.

She turned around and saw a man with red and yellow hair. He had a dark red tight shirt on. "I'm Hotstreak" He said pointing to himself with his thum.

"And you're coming with me" Hotstreak said. He grabbed her arm. "Lay off loser" Frieda said pulling away. "Feisty, I like that in a girl" Hotstreak says. A huge bag was thrown over her by one of the gang members. "Take her to the play ground hang out" Hotstreak said.


A few minutes later, Static flew in to the arcade. "I heard there was a scuffle" Static said. "You just missed it Static. One of them Bang Baby gang's took the President's Daughter" Said Mr. Akkad. "What !? They took Frieda ?!" Static said frantically.

"They put her in a bag and every thang" Said Mr. Akkad. "And y'all just let them get away with her ? Where did they take her ?" Static asks. "The big guy said something about a park" said Mr. Akkad.

"There's only one park with a gang" Static says as he leaves the arcade.


Now at the playground. Hotstreak was at the top of a big slide "I could have a any girl I want but I choose the President's Daughter" Hotstreak says to Frieda. "Once again get lost loser" Frieda talked back.

Hotstreak slide down the slide at top speed with fire at his heels. Frieda was surprised. "You're mine girly rather you like it or not" Hotstreak demanded. "I'm not any bodies girly" Frieda shout back.

"You heard the lady" They heard a voice from above. "She's not your girly" It was Static flying over them. "It's Static" Everyone shush.

"Watch out Static, he's fast and has fire" Frieda warmed Static. "Don't worry Frieda I got this" He said very confident. Hotstreak rushed him. He flew up to Static and hit him hard in the jaw. he felt to the ground "Maybe I don't got this" Static said laying on the ground.

Frieda ran to Static "Come on you can take him" Frieda said, sitting next to him. She pull him up from the ground by his right arm. Static looked worried. "Listen Miss, I know this guy. He's very tough even before he got powers. I don't know if I can stop him" he inform her. "You gonna try!" She spat.

"Give me my girl back!" Hotstreak said angrier. "Hey man, she clearly doesn't want to be your girl so back off" Static said standing his ground. He moved in front of Frieda.

Hotstreak created a small fire ball in his hands. "Backing off is for chums" He said. The fireball in his hands got bigger. "And you know what I do to chums ?" He said as the fireball got huger.

"I burn them alive" He throw the fireball with both hands like it was a normal at Static. Static made a electric shield but it wasn't strong enough. The fireball hit him in the chest. Smoke was coming from him.

He collapse to the ground, gasping at his chest. The upper part of his costume was burned and ripped open. His chest had a burn mark. Frieda looked horrified.

"That should teach him a lesson" Hotstreak said as he walk away. Static looks up and sees a metal slid. "Hey Hotshot" Static yells. "Never turn your back in a fight" Static levitates the metal slid and wraps it around Hotstreak. He falls to the ground.

"Static!" Frieda yells rushing to him as pasts out from the pain. She sat next him. "Poor man, thank you for saving me" She grabs his left hand. She gently rubs his face but his mask crumble in her hand. "Virgil!" She says shocked "I better take you home and heal you" She lefts him over her shoulder.


Later at Frieda's house. Virgil was laying in a pink bed. He woke up startled. "What ? Where am I ?" He asks. He was in a hot pink room. The walls matched the pink on the bed.

"Your in my room" Frieda answered him. She sitting next to him on a chair. Virgil notice's he's not wearing his Static suit. He's shirtless and notices bandages wrapped around his chest.

"You got banged up pretty bad" Frieda says as Virgil touches his bandage chest. "I tried patching you up the best I could" She says. "But you seem to be healing really fast" She looked very worried about him. "Sorry about your costume" Virgil realized he wasn't wearing his mask.

"It kept falling apart while I was bandaging you" She says. Virgil sat up on the bed. "Don't move too much" She said gentle pushing him back down on the bed. She sat next him on the bed "Y-you know my secret" He stuttered. "Promise you won't tell"

"Don't worry Virgil I won't tell anyone your secret, we're friends and friends keep each others secrets. If you want people to know your secret, you tell them your self. It's your secret to tell" She said. "Thanks Frieda"

"Since you saved me I want to reward you" Frieda takes a envelope from a drawer and hands it to him. "I don't save people for rewards Frieda, I do it cause it's right thing to do. I don't want your money" He says as he hands the envelope back to her.

"I know and that's what I like about you. It's not money, it's a invitation to a party for the President with friends and family. I want you to be my date to it" She states. Virgil open the envelope and sure enough it was a invitation for a party "A date ?...And you like me ?" Virgil asked surprised.

"I don't know if I can come, my dad won't even let me to the ball and I don't have a nice tux" He says. "I can get you a nice tux" She goes into her closet and brings out a tux, a shirt and jeans. "Here, you wear this on your way home" She said handing him the shirt and jeans. "You better get ready cause the party is to night"

"To night!" Virgil said shocked "Sorry, I want to ask you sooner but I hardly see you at school and your dad has our number blocked for some reason" Frieda explain. "Don't worry I'll definitely be your date to the President's party" "Great I'll pick you up at 7:00"


It was already 6:30 when Virgil walked into his house. "Where have you been ?!" Edwin Alva angrily asked him. "I um...was visiting a friend...invited me to a party tonight" Virgil stuttered trying to answer. He was hiding a bag behind him. He didn't want his tux getting ruined like last time.

"Your suppose to be doing your chores not being with your friends. Go to your room!" Alva yelled. "Yes father" He said dishearten. Virgil ran up the stairs to his room. "He's seen that Princess girl. There's only one party tonight and the President's party" Edwin says.

Edwin took a key off a hook next to the door. "I can't let him go to that party" He said to him self as he walked up the stairs. Virgil's room was at the tallest part in on the house like a castle tower.

"I'm going to that part rather Pop's or should I say father likes it or not" Virgil said. He pulls out his tux from the bag. "This is really nice. I wonder if I can Frieda to buy me better clothes" He said putting the tux over him and looking at a big mirror.

It was a nice light blue tux. Final he had the tux on. "I look fly" He spun around in front of the mirror. "I better get going" He said as he look at his clock on his night stand. But as soon as he got to the door him heard a Click! from the door nab.

"Sorry Virgil but I can't let you go to the President's party" Alva had locked his door. "But father the President's Daughter personally invited me" Virgil side down his door and sat on the floor. "What am I going to do ? A girl finally asked out on a date and I can't go"

Knock! Knock! Virgil looked out his window. Frieda was knocking at the front door with a body guard. Alva answered the door. "I'm here to pick up Virgil for a date" Frieda said. "I'm afraid he can't go on your date he's busy right now" Alva lied. "Oh man, she's already here. I know I'll call Hardware to bust me out of here" He got out a Shock Vox and press a button.

"Are you sure he can't come ? I can wait until he's done being busy" Frieda pester Alva. Soon Hardware arrived but this time he had a friend with him. She was dressed just like Hardware. He flew above a different window in Virgil's room. "I got your emergency alarm Virgil, what's wrong ?!" Hardware question.

"I'm trap in my room and I'm suppose to be going to the President's party" "That's all ? I thought it was something serious I even brought Technique with me for back up" Hardware gesture toward Technique. "Come on Curtis if he used the emergency alarm than this must be serious" Technique said.

"Fine" Hardware huff. "We'll help you out the window. Stand back" Hardware struck the window causing a loud crash. The crash was so loud it made Alva notice. Frieda still pestering Alva "Virgil shouldn't be that busy. Don't you guys have maids"

Alva stopped paying attention to her when he heard the noise. Alva walked throw the yard over to where the noise was and looked up. He became furious when he saw Hardware taking Virgil from the broken window.

"Unbelievable" He said under his breath. "How dare you ? First you destroy my warehouses, than you turned my employee Tiffany against me and now you're stealing my son!" Alva yelled at Hardware. "I'm not stealing your son, I'm saving him from you" Hardware yelled back.

"Yeah, you had him locked in his room" Technique shouted. "It's true he did lock me in my room" Virgil said in Hardware's arms. Frieda ran over to them. "There you are Virgil. Put him down you robot creep!" "Hey, I'm trying to save him. We're friends" Hardware said as he landed on the ground.

As they argued a cop car pulled up. A black female officer emerged from the cop car. "What is going on here ?" She question. "Oh thank god you're here officer, Hardware and one of my employee's Tiffany is trying to kidnap my son" Alva answered.

"We weren't trying to kidnap him we're trying to save him from Edwin Alva" Technique defending them. "It's true" Frieda says. "Which one of your sons are they trying to kidnap ?" She asks. "My son Virgil Alva Hawkins" Alva answers. "Oh well actually, I'm here to see Virgil and Sharon. It's about their mom" She says.

"What about our mom ?" Virgil asks as he get's out of Hardware's arms and walked towards her. "I'm Trina Jessup. I knew your mom, I was friends with her and she wanted me to check up on her kids after she died but you guys moved as soon as she died and I couldn't find were you moved" Trina said

"Up until now, I've been too busy with police work and personal stuff to find you all" She continued. "But it seems something's wrong or off" "You were good friends with my wife, thanks for checking up on us" Alva said as he tried to pull her after by her shoulders from everyone.

"But something is off Miss. Jessup" Tiffany spoke up. "I knew something was off. What is it ?" Trina asked. "Alva has been treating Virgil as a maid and keeping him from seeing his friends" Frieda says. "He's been really mean to me since mom died and today he locked me in my room to keep me away from Frieda." Virgil said.

"This sounds like child abuse" Trina said. Alva was furious at what he was hearing. "I've worked with Ava for a long time and he never seems to care or give his attention kids. I'm pretty sure his daughter hates me for spending so much time with him and acts like a brat cause of it" Hardware admitted.

"This isn't true, I don't abuse my kids. I give them enough attention" Alva said trying to defend himself "No you don't father" Said Jr behind them. Sharon and Sabrina were with next to him.

"Father I know think and treat Curtis like family but you don't treat us as family. You never spin time with us as family" Said Sabrina.

"I've never felt like I was apart of the family since our parents got married" said Sharon. "If you treated both of all us like family it wouldn't be a problem" Said Sabrina.

"Hmm, This sounds like neglect. I don't know what I can do, I'm off duty but I can take you guys to the police station to report this" Trina said. They walked to her police car.

Trina opened the back door of her car. Jr and Sabina got in first. Sharon sat in the front seat. "Thanks for helping us" Virgil said as he got in the car. "But can you take us somewhere first" He said.

"Sure where to ?"


Finally at the President's party. "Where have you been Frieda ?" The President asked his daughter. "I was about to send the secret service to find you" He continued. "Sorry to worry you dad, I had to pick up my boyfriend" Frieda said.

"You...have a boyfriend" He said happily surprised. "Yes, there he is" She pointed to him walking into the party with his siblings and Trina.

"This name is Virgil" She said as he walked up to them. "Hi Mr. President" Virgil said as went to shake the President's hand. He was a bit nervous meeting the President. "So you're my daughter's new boyfriend ?" He asked. "Yes Sir" Virgil answered.

"You seem like a nice guy. Don't break my daughter's heart" The President said. "Dad! he won't break my heart" Frieda grabbed Virgil's hand.

"Let's dance" She says. They slow danced. "I don't remember if I said thank you for saving me earlier" She said. "You're welcome" He said. "With you being my girlfriend, my dad maybe getting arrested and me staying with Trina I think I finally find my happily ever after"

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