Static: A modern Cinderella story. @staticfan
Chapter 2.

"You want me to join your gang ?! Why ?" Virgil question. "So when we get rid of F-Stop the rest of his gang won't bother you" Wade says. "No way man this is whack, I come from a rich elite family. If I get cause I could lose my fortune" Virgil says. "Plus it's wrong"

"Get ready y'all cause here comes Francis's gang" Wade yells to his gang as he got out his gun from his pocket. "Here Virg, if things get bad use this" Wade said and gave Virgil his gun.

Virgil looked at the gun in his hands with a sad look on his face. He runs to the water and drops the gun into the lake. "I'm not a murder" He says as he goes back to Wade's crew.

When he got back the gang war had started without him. Everyone was fighting each other."Oh man I gotta get out of here" He said. His new suit magically disappeared and he had his ruined suit on.

I guess it's past Mid night He thought to him self. He tried to avoid people as he left but he ran into F-Stop. "Oh hey F-Stop""Virgil Alva-Hawkins, wasn't excepting you here" Francis said grinning.

"I'm gonna punch you real good" Suddenly a light from above shined on them. The wind was moving fast. It was a helicopter. The sound of it got louder as it got closer."This is the police, please stop fighting and put your hand in the air" The police helicopter started shooting tear gas. "No way man we ain't stopin' " Said a man. He shots the light with his gun cause the copter to go out of control.

It shots a can of tear gas into canisters with toxic gas in it. The canisters exploded with purple gas coming out of it. People started couching and getting sick after breathing in the gas. "Oh man I really need to get out of here" Virgil said. He breath in the gas as he started toward a metal fence. He couches as climbed the fence and fells to the ground.

The next day Virgil woke up in his bed in his room. Electricity flow over as woke up. He was shocked that he was alive. "I can't believe I made it out of there alive" He said. He got out of his bed but his blanket kept sticking to him.

"Get off me dumb blanket" He said to himself. He throw the blanket to his bed but it kept coming back to him. Virgil throw the blanket one last time and ran out his room closing his door shut hard.

Virgil looked tried from fighting his blanket and from last night. "No slamming doors in the house" Alva said as he walked past Virgil. "Yes Sir" Virgil walked into the bathroom.

He was about to turn the lights but the lights came on before he touch the light switch. That was weird he thought to himself. Electricity flickered around him. What is happening to me ? Virgil question himself. I gotta tell Richie about this. Later at a junk yard.

"Hey Virg I'm here" Richie shouted. "Where is here ? He ask me to be and no where to be found" He said under his breath. A old car started flowing towards him. "What the heck ?" Richie said as he saw the car moving.

When the car got close to him he saw Virgil in it. "Check this out Rich, guess how I'm moving this car" Virgil said with excitement. "How are you this ?" Richie question. "Did you hear about the gas explosion at the docks last night ?" Virgil asks.

"Yeah" "Well I got powers from that gas" Virgil explain. "wait we're you there ? You could've gotten killed Virg, half of the gangs died there" Richie panics. "They did ? Dang I haven't watched the news yet. I discovered my powers and called you right away" Virg says.

" People who did survive got powers. You must be one of them bro" Richie says excitedly. "You could be a superhero " "I could couldn't I ? Everyone there were gang bangers, so crime is going to get more wack" Virgil said.

The next day at school, Virgil and Richie were at their lockers. "I got my hero gear ready" Virgil whispered to Richie. "Good you can show it to me later after school" Richie says. "I have a sketch of it" Virgil said digging in his backpack.

"Hey there" they heard behind them. They looked behind them, it was the girl from the Ball. "Hi do you remember me ?" She asks."Oh yeah the red rose from the Ball" Virgil joked. "My names Frieda, silly" She said. "Frieda Silly that's a interesting name" Virgil joked again. "It's just Frieda" She giggled. "I'm Virgil, sometimes my friends call me Virg, V and V-man" He said.

"And what friends are that ?" Frieda asks. "My friend Richie " He said as he pulled Richie over. "Hi" Richie said shyly. "Well I'm new to the school and wanted to say before going to class " Frieda says."Welcome to the best school in Dakota " Virgil said. "Well I must get to class, see you later Richie and Virgil" Frieda said. She left and waved bye.

"that was the pretty girl I meant at the Ball" Virgil said. "Huh. She's seems familiar" Richie says. "I know right. It's weird" "hey guys!" Chuck yelled from across the hall. "Did you hear the cool news ?" He asks as he walked up to them.

"The Bang Babies ? Yeah heard" Virgil told Chuck. "No, not that but that is pretty cool. I'm talking about the President's Daughter going to our school now" Chuck said. "Wah, that is cool" Virgil says.

"Man, I can't believe Frieda Goren the President's daughter is going to our school" Chuck said excitedly. "Frieda ?" Virgil question. "Yeah that's her name. She use to live here" Chuck said.

"The girl I meant at the Ball is the President's Daughter ?!" Virgil said surprised. "You meant her ? That's so cool. Tell me about it later, gotta get to class" Chuck said as he left.

Later after school in Virgil's room, Virgil was showing Richie his hero gear. He was wear a dark blue spandex outfit with a white lighting bolt on his chest connecting to lighting going down his left leg. He had a big yellowish brown coat and a hat with a M on it.

Virgil walked out of his closet wearing it. "I don't Virg don't you think it's a bit too much ? Richie said looking unsure about the costume. "Oh come man I look fly in this" Virgil said.

Back Pack's alarm started going off. "There you are Back Pack, I sent you to find Virgil last night but you didn't come back what's up with that ?" Richie question. "About that, I sorta took him with me to the Ball" Virgil said. "Vig what did you do with him ?" Richie asks.

"I don't worry nothing bad happened to him, he just got turned into a car that's all" Virgil answered. "What ?!" "I meant this weird lady right before the Ball named Zatanna. She gave me this magical suit and turned Back Pack into a car" Virgil explained.

"Anyway why's his siren going off ?" "I don't know, let check" Richie said, turning on the TV. "This just in a man in a metal suit is attacking one of Alva's warehouses" Said the news anchor man. "I've got to stop him" Virgil said determined.

"But your dad's mean to you, why should you help him ?" Richie question. "Cause it's the right thang to do"

At the warehouse, the man in metal was destroying everything in crates. He was destroying guns, bigger guns and computers chips. "Sorry not sorry, Alva I can't let you keep making the crime rate worst in this city" Said the man.

He had a red and yellow helmet. Black tar covered his body. He had a sword coming out of his right arm from his metal suit and a big chain around his hip.

He was about to open another crate with his sword when electricity took his sword. "Sorry Not Iron-man I cant let you destroy Alva's tech" Said Virgil now Static.He was flowing above the metal man.

"I'm not destroying tech, I'm destroying weapons. Now get out of my way punk" Said the man. He grabbed his big chain and wrapped it around Static. "I ain't no punk, the names Static. I put a shock to your system" Static Said as he ripped the chains off with his magnetism.

"I hope you mean my body system cause no one misses with my tech suit system" Said the man. "Who are you anyway and what's your deal with Alva ?" Static asked. "The names Hardware. Listen kid, Alva is crooked. He's one of the crime lords of Dakota" Hardware said. The two landed on the ground.

"I've always joked that he was corrupt but never sure. Do you have proof ?" Static asks. "Of course I have proof. I won't be making a bold calm if I didn't. I hacked into his systems and discovered his dark secrets" Hardware said crossing his arms. "I tried going to the police with it he's so powerful he can't be arrested. So I've taking it to myself to stop " Hardware Said. "Maybe I can help you stop Alva" Static suggest.

"You're just a kid, I can't let you get hurt" Hardware said. "But I know Alva and his building really well" Static protest. "Fine you can help me" Hardware said annoying. "Alva is responsible for the Big Bang and if we get proof he could get arrested" Hardware said. "I can sneak us into his building" Static suggested.

"But I can also get us into the building" Hardware said. "What ? It's like you secretly work or know him" Static question.

Later under Alva's Industries in Hardware secret lab. "I have a fake key card and I can give you one too" Said Hardware. "But like I said early I can get us into the building, I have a key card" Static said pulling his card out of his pocket.

"Let me see that" Hardware said he yank his card out of his hand. "Hey" Static yelled. "Virgil ?" Hardware read from the card. "Wait your one of Alva's kids" "Yeah and ?" Hardware took off his helmet and then took off the black tar from his face revealing him self to be...Curtis Metcalf.

Virgil was shock. "Curtis ?! You're Hardware but why ? " Virgil said surprised. "After Alva fired me I went online to see if I can get out of my contract, like I said earlier I hacked into his computer system and find his illegal businesses. I tried to tell the police he's too powerful to arrested" Curtis said.

"If he's sooo powerful what makes you think we can get him arrested ?" Virgil question, crossing his arms. "He created the chemical that created the Big Bang and if I can prove it, he might get arrested since the Big Bang killed a lot of people" Curtis said.

Later Curtis and Virgil were in their normal clothes with labs coats. They were sneaking around Alva Industries. "The gas chambers should be around the corner" Curtis says he looked around the corner making sure no one was there. "Hey Curtis what are you up to ?" Said a woman.

"Oh hey Tiffany, I was just showing Virgil around" Curtis padded Virgil on the back. "Doesn't Virgil already know this place ? His dad is Edwin Alva after all" Tiffany said with her hands on her hip, looking suspicious at them.

"Yeah but he doesn't know about the new gas chambers" Curtis protest. "Fine" She huff. "I just want you to know your girlfriend Barraki called and wants to know when you're coming home for dinner" Tiffany said.

"Dang, I forgot my dinner date with Barraki. I'll call her back soon. I might be late for it. She'll understand" Curtis said. "Okay then. See you later" Tiffany said as she left.

"You got a girlfriend, you got a girlfriend " Virgil sang teasing Curtis. "Hey at least I got a girlfriend" Curtis said. "I might have a girlfriend" Virgil says. "What is this might ? Do you have a girlfriend or not ?" Curtis question."Well to be honest I like this girl but I haven't ask her out yet" Virgil confess.

Soon they were in the gas chambers lab. "Here it is, Quantum Juice" Said Curtis pointing to a big gas chamber with purple gas. He took out a camera and started taking pictures of it. "Taking pictures is good and all, but if we really want to prove my dad did this we should take a sample of it" Virgil suggested.

"Good idea" Curtis grabbed a vial. "Let's put on masks first" Curtis said. They put on face masks just in case the gas leaked. Curtis put on a glove, open the gas chamber and carefully put the gas in the vial.

Later in Curtis secret lab. "I'll give the sample and pictures to the police" Curtis said. "But if they still won't arrest him ?" Virgil question. "Than we'll have to stop him our self's" Curtis says.

"Great, you know I always wanted a sidekick" Virgil joked. "Don't push your luck kid. A sidekick ?! Boy you've only been a hero for like a day" Curtis said.

A week later and Edwin Alva still hasn't been arrested. Virgil was getting worried about it. It didn't help that Alva has been on edge since Hardware started attacking his warehouses and the Big Bang event and started getting harsher to Virgil.

Alva started keeping him away from his friends. Alva would keep him busy with chores and work to keep him away from his friends. Luckily he could still see them as Static when ever a Bang Baby caused trouble. The friend he wasn't allowed to the most Frieda but that's about to change.

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