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and the way that you look at me (sure as the breeze) Ruya gets rescued. Noah gets hugs. Idony flirts with Marcus. Noah gets mad.

"Have at it." 

Noah grins, handing Chara one of Idony's handmade fire-bombs. Her eyes grow wide, and she hesitates before looking up.  "Uh... okay."  Taking it in one hand, Chara leans back to throw the flaming bottle at the Shippy McShipFace.

She pitches forward, chucking the bottle.

And just at that moment, Noah realizes that Berlyne, hanging onto the chain connecting the two ships, isn't alone.  There's another woman there, hanging desperately onto Berlyne's arm with one hand and the chain with the other.

"Ruya!" Noah yells, but it's too late.  The bottle strikes Berlyne's boot, catching the hem of her dress on fire, and with it Ruya's.

Berlyne's face is burning with anger as she glares up at Chara.  "I am going to kill you!" she shrieks.

Chara stumbles backward as a scream can be heard from below deck.

"Enel?" calls Marcus, concerned.

Noah steps forward, looking through the steadily growing flames on the Shippy McShipFace to the shimmering water below.  Ruya and Berlyne have doused themselves in water to put out the fire.  "Ruya!" he calls again, and she looks up.

"Get below!" she yells back, pointing at the Shippy McShipFace.  Noah's gaze follows her extended finger and his eyes grow wide.  Axe Man, kneeling before the little boy, points at Noah.

The only word he can make out is "curse."

Noah shoves his fire-bomb into Marcus' hand, grabbing Idony's arm.  "Marcus, stay here," he says.  "Idony, we need to get below."

They climb down the ladder to get below deck just as Apen pushes a door onto Enel, knocking him over.  "It's okay!" he says, climbing over Enel.  "I just dismantled the hinges.  It's not--"

He glances up at the crumbling spot where the Shippy McShipFace's anchor had gone through the Novalog.


Melly climbs on top of Enel, and he glares.  Noah ignores them, running to the window.  Outside, Marcus throws a fire-bomb at Axe Man's ship.

It hits a brown-haired man right in the stomach.

The man leaps headfirst into the water just as a big black weaver swirls through the waves.  Sticking his head up above the surface, the man looks over at Ruya and Berlyne.  Ruya yells something, presumably the man's name, and he reaches for her hand--but misses.

In just a second, his body is engulfed by the waves.

Red pools in the water.

Despite everything, Noah feels sick.

Eyes wide, Berlyne and Ruya climb up onto the Novalog.  Berlyne immediately collapses into Joe's arms, and Chara grabs the Silver Eye and cuts them free while Marcus starts to steer the ship away.

Ruya just stands on the deck, frozen.

"Ruya!" yells Noah, climbing up the ladder.

His voice seems to snap her out of her daze, and she climbs below deck just as Apen yanks Noah off of the ladder and onto the floor.  Ruya falls on top of him, and he wraps her in a tight hug.

"I thought I'd never see you again," he whispers, his face buried in her hair.

Her only response is to hug him back even more tightly.

Just then, Marcus climbs down the ladder.  Noah grins smugly up at him, not letting him through, but instead of his usual expression of helpless annoyance that Noah loves to make fun of, Marcus' face is blank.  Idony shoves Noah out of the way, and he glares.  Ruya lets out a muffled giggle from where her head is buried in Noah's chest.

"Marcus, are we underway?" asks Idony sweetly.  Noah pretends to gag.

Marcus only nods.  "He said yes," Noah translates.

Idony puts her hands on her hips.  "Marcus, you know I can't see you!  Just talk!"

"What are you doing, Marcus?" asks Noah, miffed.

"Um," replies Marcus, "I just felt like slicing some limes..."

"Oh, I would love to cut limes!" Idony exclaims a smile on her freckled face once again.

Enel shrugs.  "Eh, I can help."

Noah freezes.  Ruya grabs his hand just as it starts to clench around his arm.  "Don't do it," she whispers.

He closes his eyes, breathing deeply.  "Fine," he exhales.  "How did you survive, being on that ship?"

Ruya simply shakes her head.  "That's a story for later," she murmurs.  Noah nods in understanding, and Ruya smiles.

"Now let's cut some limes," she says, and Noah groans.

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