i am ashes on a funeral pyre (i am war in a losing fight) @flyingfalconflower12 [ORIGINALLY WRITTEN ON 02/26/2020] After Snoke's death, Kylo Ren is alone for the first time in his life. No matter how abusive and terrifying Snoke was, he'd always been there. But now? Kylo's alone. And it's silent. And he isn't exactly sure what to do, or who to talk to. Until Rey shows up. Post-TLJ. 8 months 833 0 0 Star Wars Teen & Up English Complete Romance ReyKylo Ren/Ben SoloSupreme Leader SnokeLuke Skywalker Rey/Kylo Ren/Ben Solo mention of abusefluff and angst Read 1. Chapter 1 833 0 0