i won't deny it 'cause you saw what it was @flyingfalconflower12 [ORIGINALLY WRITTEN 02/25/2019] After the Novasquad gets to Levant, none of them really know what to do. They're stuck on the ship at the coast. Apen starts to wonder if the mission was really useless, after all, and decides to do what he promised Velvare he wouldn't. It doesn't even matter anymore anyway, does it? (Hint: Berlyne doesn't agree.) Post-chapter 17. 9 months 1.2K 0 0 The Silver Eye Teen & Up English Complete Romance Berlyne AlvaradoApen ShephardJoe AlvaradoNoah St. ClaireBhatair Hollingsworth/Velvare BamideleEnel Lanum Berlyne Alvarado/Apen Shephard hurt/comfortflashbacksfluff and angst Read 1. Chapter 1 1247 0 0