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Parting Words

"Hello, Link... Thanks to your courage, my spirit is now free. And Ruta, as well."

Following these words, Mipha materialized a few paces to his left. Link turned to look at the Zora Champion, and what he saw truly pained him. For in her eyes, there was a look of such deep, boundless love, he couldn't possibly comprehend why she felt such strong feelings for him. He stared at her, seeking the answer, that it may appear before him in a clear light. She must've seen how hard he was trying, so she came forward, embracing him. Benevolently, she spoke, barely exceeding a whisper, "Thank you, for I am now allowed by this freedom to be with you once again."

And, oh, something in the way she so tenderly wrapped her ethereal arms around Link's body stirred a memory, a realization he had that had lain dormant for 100 years. The gentle assuredness in her voice as she said, "I am now allowed by this freedom to be with you once again," had indeed sparked something in Link's heart. Despite everything that had just happened, the blight's blood tarnishing the once beautiful water he stood in, he had never felt such undiluted serenity.

She loved him. And, perhaps, he had loved her, too.

"You're wearing the tunic I made for you... That—" she sniffled, tensing up, "...that means more to me than I could express in words. I... I thank you once again."

He raised his arms to return her affection, only for them to phase through her. She giggled weakly, still appreciative of the gesture. "If... If I were still here, Link..." Mipha drifted away from him, looking down. She sighed, looking back up with a new show of hope in her eyes. "Would you want to spend more time with me?" Link simply nodded, knowing that she could read him better than anyone. It didn't matter how little he spoke. She understood him. Smiling softly, the princess took a few steps forward.

"Now, then... We must get back to the matter at hand. Since I am now a spirit, my healing power would be wasted on me. I have no need of it. So, therefore, I would like you to have it. Please accept Mipha's Grace."

She cupped her hands together over her chest, closing her eyes. Before long, a ball of light appeared before her. Mipha thrust it forward, and it landed softly in Link's chest. He felt her power raise him out of the water, absorbing it. After closing his eyes and hovering for a bit to take it all in, he gently floated back down, landing in the water once again. His whole body felt warm, as though he had been wrapped entirely in the delicacy of true love. Of course, he had, in a sense. He simply hadn't felt it until now.

"Yesterday, I was awash in a pool of tears." The voice of the Zora had retrieved him from his thoughts, causing him to open his eyes. "I had nearly given up hope and resigned myself to being trapped here, as a spirit, for the rest of eternity. But now you're here." Mipha gazed at him with the now-familiar look of unbridled devotion. "All this time, my hope was to see you once more. Promise me that you will not hesitate to call upon my power if you ever find yourself in need. Knowing that..." She clasped her hands together. "Will let my spirit rest in peace."

"I must go," she said quietly. "Ruta and I have our roles to fulfill." She breathed shakily, using some of her power to begin the process of sending Link away. "We... are both honored to be able to play the role of support. We'll annihilate Ganon together." He began to fade away. "Farewell. Save her, my love. Save the princess..."

"Save Princess Zelda..."

And with that, he was gone.

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