Kyoko's Quest for Kyo's Heart @pklucky It's no secret Kyoko is Kyo Kusanagi's biggest fan. So, when the opportunity to fuck multiple versions of him arises, she does not even think about backing down. Well, until the real Kyo shows up, that is. [Originally posted on AO3 from Nov. 25th, 2019 to Jan. 30th 2020] 9 months 3.8K 0 0 King of Fighters Explicit English Discontinued Romance Kyo KusanagiCosplayer KyokoKusanagiKyo-1Kyo-2 Kyo Kusanagi/Cosplayer Kyoko Porn With PlotOrgyShower sex Read 1. Kyo Orgy 100% 2542 0 0 2. The Morning After 1235 0 0