Ultra Survey Report @xerxestexastoast
UB Cathode: Skreenitor

Skreenitor is the first apex predator in Ultra Plant to be documented. It sustains its tentacular metallic body with the biometals of the other native Ultra Beasts. It has four primary tentacles, one pair armed with sharp barbed hooks and the other bearing jagged pincers. It uses these to pin down its prey and drag it into the trap-like jaws on its torso. These extremities make it a powerful opponent in battle as well, allowing them to slash and crush their foes.

Skreenitor gets its name both from its face, which resembles a cathode ray tube, and its screeching vocalizations. Skreenitor is an often silent Ultra Beast, but when startled or enraged it lets loose a grinding, distorted scream at a high volume and frequency. This sound can paralyze or disorient both prey and rivals, and researchers have been removed from the field with serious hearing damage. The white noise and distortion often mask the true power of the sound. At close range, more timbres of the screech can be discerned, and listening to them in combination presents a potent cognitohazard. Hearing the noise can cause symptoms heart palpitations, severe sweating, and nausea in humans. Equivalent symptoms in Skreenitor's prey include sparking and static buildup at the extremities. Xurkitree and Xurkabl in particular tend to flicker uncontrollably. It also causes fainting and tremors, which is a symptom that crosses the boundaries of species.

If exposed to the sound for too long, victims may develop persistent paranoia, general anxiety disorders, agoraphobia, and an acute fear of cameras and electronic screens. Individuals exposed to the sound report the feeling of being watched when in the presence of a screen. If the mental state allowed to worsen, subjects will destroy screens in their immediate vicinity and flee from electronics until completely exhausted. The effects of the cognitohazard are reversible at any stage, though latter stages of infection require intensive therapy and the help of specially trained Psychic-type Pokémon.

Skreenitor's natural stamina, combined with this frightening ability, makes it especially suited to the niche of pursuit predator. They chase their prey to the point of total fatigue, often over many tens of kilometers of terrain. The secondary tentacles, used for locomotion, possess a variety of retractable extremities to help them navigate a variety of biomes. They have thick claws for climbing over rocks and gravel, broad conical pads for trekking across sand or snow, prehensile fingers for swinging through forests, and even paddles for swimming.

Because of their ability to migrate long distances, Skreenitor are believed to be incredibly widespread across the continents of Ultra Plant. They maintain no territory. They hunt wherever and whenever they can. Despite not staking out land of their own, they dislike crossing paths and will attempt to scare each other off with threat displays. If neither stands down, they fight until one of them surrenders or dies. A hunting ground can only ever be reserved for one Skreenitor, and others must wait until competitors move on or risk a confrontation.

When a Skreenitor sprouts, it's on its own. Adults are not above infanticide or cannibalism, and so the sprouts cannot afford to be, either. Newborns will kill and devour each other in a terrified frenzy, and the survivors flee to find easier prey. Juveniles prey on small Pokémon such as Xurkabl and Suchomyzon, and often form temporary symbiosis with Antenast in order to eat the Suchomyzon that attach to their roots. The roots of titanic Xurkitree are also a hotspot for the parasitic cables, allowing a young Skreenitor to feed and get the nutrients it needs to grow.

The only time Skreenitor ever come together nonviolently is during the mating season, where they seek out caves, hang themselves from the ceiling, and wait to pollinate each other. As they hang there, their screens flash strange images, some of which have caused migraines and loss of consciousness upon observation. In this state, they are only antagonistic when disturbed, batting away intruders with their tentacles. In some cases, squadrons of Xurkitree attempt to raid these caverns to kill their predators. These battles tend to end in stalemates, with a few Skreenitor lying dead on the cave floors in exchange for half or less of the attacking Xurkitree limping away in defeat.

Despite their violent nature, Skreenitor tend to ignore researchers. They seem to innately understand that human flesh is too alien to sustain them. However, they can become hostile if bothered excessively, and they will sometimes attack researchers to steal and eat their electronics. As such, all field researchers assigned to Ultra Plant are given analog navigation equipment, paper, and printers designed to interface with analytical devices.

1. URTF: Letter of Acceptance 443 0 0 2. Ultra Deep Sea 396 0 0 3. UB-01 Symbiont: Nihilego 926 0 0 4. UB Polyp: Nihilid 330 0 0 5. UB Shimmer: Yolawis 583 0 0 6. UB Drifter: Opixinia 568 0 0 7. UB Siphon: Phorayzoa 304 0 0 8. UB Strider: ? 272 0 0 9. Ultra Jungle 187 0 0 10. UB-02 Absorption: Buzzwole 751 0 0 11. UB Wriggle: Zwiggler 287 0 0 12. UB Behemoth: Sokkort 538 0 0 13. UB Compaction: Metascal 625 0 0 14. UB Harvester: Kanopi 535 0 0 15. UB Reaper: Harvespik 388 0 0 16. UB Skyveil: Yorennul 610 0 0 17. Ultra Desert 206 0 0 18. UB-02 Beauty: Pheromosa 747 0 0 19. UB Syringe: Irozei 756 0 0 20. UB Sandworm: Arrakayit 394 0 0 21. UB Shuffle: Emeritero 296 0 0 22. UB Whistle: Huacarina 751 0 0 23. UB Seaworm: Marine Arrakayit 369 0 0 24. UB Solute: Halaucus 278 0 0 25. UB Brine: Alkaloness 246 0 0 26. Ultra Plant 226 0 0 27. UB-03 Lighting: Xurkitree 1047 0 0 28. UB Sparkler: Xurkabl 268 0 0 29. UB Microwave: Radrazelit 781 0 0 30. UB Cathode: Skreenitor 777 0 0 31. UB Jumper: Suchomyzon 249 0 0 32. UB Broadcast: Antenast 373 0 0 33. Ultra Forest 456 0 0 34. UB-04 Blade: Kartana 889 0 0 35. UB Inu: Shinugami 232 0 0 36. UB Okami: Shiganari 674 0 0 37. UB Luscious: Mitsune 511 0 0 38. UB Tengu: Karasagei 406 0 0 39. UB Ascetic: Ajnole 412 0 0