Ultra Survey Report @xerxestexastoast
UB Compaction: Metascal

Metascal is the king of the volcanoes of Ultra Jungle. Their bodies are formed from living metamorphic rock made pliant by extreme heat and minimal silica content. Ripples of color line their skin depending on the minerals present in their bodies. The shiny variety truly is shiny, sporting veins of gold against black marble where there are normally grey lines against white or greenish serpentine. Nevertheless, even the common variety enjoys eating its fill of various metals and minerals.

Like many Rock-types, Metascal is a lithotroph. Most individuals inhabit the mantle beneath Ultra Jungle's surface, consuming mafic magma and allowing the crushing pressure of the crust above to temper their bodies. When they surface, they maintain mobility with an internal temperature of over 1500 degrees Celsius and a surface temperature nearing 300 C. Their bodies have adapted to retain this heat with a combination of continuous activity and a poorly understood magma-based circulatory system. Metascal rarely leave the safety of their volcanic habitats, for if they exhaust themselves trying to keep warm, they must return to the magma to rest or risk freezing and dying, much like the Earthling Pokémon, Slugma. In particularly nasty cases, loss of their incredible internal pressure can result in them violently exploding. Captive specimens must be kept in their Poké Balls or a PC storage system as a form of life support.

Metascal activity is responsible for the high, jutting outcrops dotting the landscape. Territorial battles may cause massive upheavals of lava or stone, forming buttes and cliffs in seemingly random locations, though normally they just cause tremors. Some are formed deliberately near the bases of volcanoes to serve as waypoints for Metascal who wish to visit the surface without fear of solidifying. Caverns at the feet of these outcrops lead directly into magma chambers, serving a double purpose of relieving pressure in the volcano's chamber and preventing devastating eruptions. Only a small handful of plant species take root on the cliffs proper, as the average outcrop soars high above the canopy. Metascal consume fruit, water, and meat in addition to their diet of stone and lava. The cliff-base passages to the surface allow them to reach these additional nutrients, which they seemingly use for the more biological components of their anatomy.

Once they have surfaced, Metascal partake in a form of communal grooming that involves grinding their bodies against one another until their rocky skin is polished and smooth. The polishing behaviors assist in molting, remove unwanted stones stuck to the skin, and streamline their bodies for faster swimming once they return to the mantle. The social aspect of the activity softens rivalries, forms small clans of cooperative Metascal, and helps individuals find mates.

They have an uneasy relationship with Buzzwole. Though each would like to chase the other out of their territory, they are unable to do so: a fight between the two would prove deadly for both. A Buzzwole could easily shatter a Metascal in a single punch, but only at the risk of having its entire arm incinerated. For now, they try their best to ignore each other, and when tensions rise, they attempt to settle the matter with threat displays instead.

Metascal must not be touched or handled without proper protective gear. However, using heat-resistant suits, researchers will discover that Metascal are quite friendly and intelligent, understanding the risks posed by their own heat but still enjoying the occasional head pat from a heatproof glove. Researchers must also take care not to appear threatening, for Metascal are as territorial as their muscular rivals. They have come to accept deep bows as a show of submission from their frequent fights with Buzzwole, and once they know a human is safe, they will allow them to approach.

1. URTF: Letter of Acceptance 443 0 0 2. Ultra Deep Sea 396 0 0 3. UB-01 Symbiont: Nihilego 926 0 0 4. UB Polyp: Nihilid 330 0 0 5. UB Shimmer: Yolawis 583 0 0 6. UB Drifter: Opixinia 568 0 0 7. UB Siphon: Phorayzoa 304 0 0 8. UB Strider: ? 272 0 0 9. Ultra Jungle 187 0 0 10. UB-02 Absorption: Buzzwole 751 0 0 11. UB Wriggle: Zwiggler 287 0 0 12. UB Behemoth: Sokkort 538 0 0 13. UB Compaction: Metascal 625 0 0 14. UB Harvester: Kanopi 535 0 0 15. UB Reaper: Harvespik 388 0 0 16. UB Skyveil: Yorennul 610 0 0 17. Ultra Desert 206 0 0 18. UB-02 Beauty: Pheromosa 747 0 0 19. UB Syringe: Irozei 756 0 0 20. UB Sandworm: Arrakayit 394 0 0 21. UB Shuffle: Emeritero 296 0 0 22. UB Whistle: Huacarina 751 0 0 23. UB Seaworm: Marine Arrakayit 369 0 0 24. UB Solute: Halaucus 278 0 0 25. UB Brine: Alkaloness 246 0 0 26. Ultra Plant 226 0 0 27. UB-03 Lighting: Xurkitree 1047 0 0 28. UB Sparkler: Xurkabl 268 0 0 29. UB Microwave: Radrazelit 781 0 0 30. UB Cathode: Skreenitor 777 0 0 31. UB Jumper: Suchomyzon 249 0 0 32. UB Broadcast: Antenast 373 0 0 33. Ultra Forest 456 0 0 34. UB-04 Blade: Kartana 889 0 0 35. UB Inu: Shinugami 232 0 0 36. UB Okami: Shiganari 674 0 0 37. UB Luscious: Mitsune 511 0 0 38. UB Tengu: Karasagei 406 0 0 39. UB Ascetic: Ajnole 412 0 0