sanctuary @lunarsparrows Tears fill her eyes and start overflowing, sobs rising unbidden to her lips, shoulders shaking like a leaf in a storm. She buries her face in Y’shtola’s lap, dimly aware of the fact that her tears are soaking through the thin fabric of her breeches and they'll be uncomfortable to wear soon. or: the warrior of light grieves in y'shtola's quiet company. 2 years 3.0K 0 1 Final Fantasy XIV General Audiences English Complete AngstHurt/ComfortRomance Warrior of LightY'shtola Rhul Warrior of Light/Y'shtola Rhul FluffMiqo'te Warrior of LightFinal Fantasy XIV: Heavensward SpoilersFemale Warrior of LightGrief/Mourning Read 1. a budding sprout 813 1 0 2. a blossoming flower 2173 0 0