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adventure together i wrote this in 2 hours and i didnt proofread it i just slapped that shit directly out of my brain dont @ me. i love hiram blythe this is completely self indulgent yes i named my outer worlds captain after my fallout new vegas courier

"Where are we even going?" Hiram demanded, as Six held his hand and dragged him down the hill, away from his sacred Devil's Peak.

Six turned back with a grin. "Just trust me! It's pretty! I'll keep you safe, don't worry." He turned back around and continued half-running downhill.

After a few moments, Hiram realized that they were beelining for the Devil's Peak caverns. Once it clicked, he was much more agitated. "Six!! Why are we going to the caverns?! You know that's Mantisaur territory!"

After a few moments, Hiram realized that they were beelining for the Devil's Peak caverns. Once it clicked, he was much more agitated. "Six!! Why are we going to the caverns?! You know that's Mantisaur territory!"

"Listen! I said I'll keep you safe!" Six said. He slowed down and stopped a little ways from the entrance. He let go of Hiram's hand. "Hiram, trust me. I want to show you something, and I'll make sure that nothing happens to you, okay?" He smiled at Hiram and unholstered his Vortex Mace. Hiram raised an eyebrow, concerned for a moment, before he gave in.

"Okay. I'm holding you to that, you know. I rather like being alive." Hiram responded. Six grinned and grabbed his hand again, before carefully walking through the cave entrance.

It took Hiram a little bit to adjust to the cave's darkness - he'd never ventured into the area. He had taken the mountain path, guided by Nyoka, before it was totally overrun by Mantiqueens and marauders alike. As they made their way down the narrow entrance into the caverns, Hiram noticed that there was a luminescent purple glow coming from the clusters of mushrooms around them.

Finally, they entered the cavern proper, a massive cavity from floor to skylight. There were other caves littered across the walls, giving way to darkness and other unknown tunnels. Bright illumination shone through a cluster of large holes in the ceiling. They were standing on a rock shelf, jutting out over a shallow underground lake. There were faint spots of blue glowing underwater, stagnant and reflective. All around the large cavern, Mantiqueens and Mantisaurs scuttled across land, some of them crowded around corpses and others wandering.

Six stopped and looked at Hiram. "Well? I told you it's pretty." He was obviously trying to hold back a smile nearly as big as the room they were in. Hiram took a moment, still entranced by the colors of the cave.

"I - I've never been here before. The most I knew was that there were caves," Hiram said, dazed. "I thought they were just tunnels, not this..." he trailed off.

Six's smile broke out into a grin, and he continued leading Hiram through the cavern. They weaved behind boulders, between columns, ducking under overhangs when they skirted just a bit too close to a Mantisaur drone, slowly and (mostly) silently making their way to higher ground.

"You showed me the cavern - now what are we doing?" Hiram whispered, shuffling behind Six as he noticed another Mantisaur.

"Well, I wanna show you something else," was all Six replied with before he pulled Hiram along, sneaking past the Mantisaur.

Just as Hiram was wondering, Is there really anything else?- Six finally came to a halt and put down his bag, drawing out a rifle. Hiram realized that Six had stopped at what could just barely be defined as "a camp" - there were a couple of large rocks shielding the side they came from, as well as a couple of chairs along with a small container tucked next to the rocks. A short wall of stacked stones were on the other side, guarding a long drop down to the water. They were much nearer to the ceiling of the cavern, now, and the light was turning gold as night approached ever-so-slowly.

"I found this spot a while back when I was exploring," Six started, "and I thought it was a great vantage point in here. You can see just about the whole cave, and everything in it," he said, eyes gleaming with excitement. "I've been practicing my aim and I wanted to show you!" He finally finished, his uncertain excitement sitting in the air. Hiram had to give him a smile - he didn't want to admit it, but the way Six got so excited and so proud melted his heart.

So he grabbed one of the chairs and dragged it nearer to the stone wall that Six had put his bag near. "Okay then, Six. Show off your skills." Hiram said, sitting down. Six gave him a huge grin before crouching down and picking up his rifle. He reloaded the gun before aiming down the scope, searching for a suitable Mantipillar to pop off. Hiram looked at him, watching, before his eyes followed down the barrel of the gun to see Six's target. After a couple of stagnant seconds, Six pressed the trigger, landing a dead shot on the Mantipillar. From the distance they were, Hiram could just see a burst and then its body flop over.

Six sat back and glanced at Hiram as he readied another shot. "See! I think I'm gonna try a Mantisaur drone next."

Shot loaded, Six leaned down and prepared another shot. They sat like that for a while - Hiram spectating from his chair, Six picking off Mantisaurs one by one. On occasion, Six would miss a shot and they'd have to crouch out of sight for a few moments. As the day sunk into night, the sun rays moved across the cave, and the light shifted steadily from bright illumination to a rich, dull amber. The colors of the cave ever so subtly shifted, too - the mushrooms seemed more magenta, the underwater illumination was crawling towards a brighter cyan.

Finally, Six sat back without firing. He turned to Hiram.

"...I think I actually killed everything in here."

"...That's a good thing, right?"

Six couldn't help but smile and laugh. "Yeah! I didn't even hit any of them with my mace! That's really impressive." He said proudly.

Hiram returned the smile, watching Six as he packed away the gun and got his stuff. It was just about sunset, and the sun rays were beaming through right onto the platform they were on. The shadows were steep and deep, and the light was saturated with amber and orange. As Six fixed up his items and brushed the dust off his pants, the little metal bits on his clothes and armor reflected the light, and his red hair had a golden gleam off of it. Hiram didn't realize that Six was holding out his hand to help Hiram out of the chair.

"Hiram?" Six asked, pulling Hiram out of his daze. He immediately blushed as he snapped out of it, but it didn't seem that Six noticed at all. "We can go now. It's getting late, after all."

Hiram took his hand, and Six pulled him up from the seat. Now that the cave was void of Mantisaurs, they could safely traverse back, unconcerned about noise or hiding. They filled the air with idle chatter as they made their way back to Devil's Peak, hand in hand.

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