just let me adore you (like it's the last thing i'll ever do) @warriorcrazy Something weird is happening with Felix, Ingrid, and Sylvain. Claude is determined to get to the bottom of it. Or, alternatively, three times students at Garreg Mach were confused about Felix, Ingrid, and Sylvain, and one time they weren’t. 2 years 7.7K 0 0 Fire Emblem: Three Houses Teen & Up English Complete HumorRomance Claude von RieganFelix Hugo Fraldarius Sylvain Jose GautierIngrid Brandl GalateaHilda Valentine Goneril Felix Hugo Fraldarius /Sylvain Jose Gautier/Ingrid Brandl Galatea One ShotOther ships appear but they're minorOther characters appear but they're minor Read 1. one 7703 0 0