waterfalls coming out your mouth @sleepyhades Instead of finding warmth, she freezes in springs. Instead of familiarity, she fumbles with the unknown. Instead of comfort, she’s tormented by doubts and what-ifs. The books say the power is all-encompassing and everything they could want and hope for. Zelda just wants her mom back. Pre-Calamity. Snippets of Zelda's life as she deals (or doesn't) with her mom's death, comes to despi 2 years 7.7K 0 0 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Teen & Up English Complete FriendshipRomance ZeldaLinkRevaliUrbosaDarukMipha Zelda/Mipha One ShotCharacter StudyCanon CompliantPre-Relationshipuntil aoc comes out lmaoo Read 1. light through the wavetips 7702 0 0