Unspoken Words @lexa_alycia “Oh my god!” Luz slapped her hands to her cheeks. “We’re dating! Why didn’t anyone TELL ME?!” She wailed. Eda looked completely flabbergasted. She took a step back and then threw both hands forward. “HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW?!” Or the one where Luz doesn’t realize she’s in a relationship with Amity until about a month later. 2 years 5.4K 0 0 The Owl House General Audiences English In Progress Luz NocedaAmity BlightLilith ClawthorneEdalyn ClawthorneWillow ParkAugustus Porter Luz Noceda/Amity Blight canon divergencehurt/comfortfluff and angst Read 1. More than Friends 5381 0 0