Maybe You're Liars @asougi You cannot lie to him, but that doesn't stop you from trying. It's a reflex, at this point, to tell people you're fine. You are not fine. You have not been fine for a very long time. Most people believe you. Most people have only seen Klavier Gavin, the rock star you have not been in a very long time. Apollo sees you. He sees through every single one of your lies, no matter how small. 2 years 1.3K 1 2 Ace Attorney Teen & Up English Complete Angst Klavier GavinApollo JusticeKristoph GavinDaryan Crescend Klavier Gavin/Apollo Justice Character StudyPOV Second PersonMental Health IssuesHopeful Ending Read 1. Maybe You're Liars 1259 2 0