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Main Story Chapter 04

JOHN: Chapter 4 of the story, I bet it's about Geeky Love Nagisa's date with Geeky love Kurahashi.

NAGISA: Anyone can see that John.

TOKA: Knock if off you two, we need to get this chapter done.

AUTISTIC-GRIZZLY: Just one thing real quick.

NAGISA: Who the heck are you?

CRUSHERBOY93: His name is Autistic-Grizzly, he's the writer of the Story you're doing the Review of.

AUTISTIC-GRIZZLY: Yeah, I saw chapter 3. The pairings are not weird! They are interesting and unique.

NAGISA: Well we think they're weird.

AUTISTIC-GRIZZLY: That's because you're in the main pairing for the story.

CRUSHERBOY93: Easy Grizzly. We also came to an Agreement. Besides this story. You guys are going to do reviews of one shot Stories based in the Geeky Love universe along with a future sequel to it


CRUSHERBOY93: You guys do it or I'm killing off Yuma, Hiroto, Kotaro, Nagisa, Toka, Karma, and Rinka, and they won't be able to use the clones that are made to come back.

JOHN: You wouldn't dare…

CRUSHERBOY93: Try me. Also, if you don't complain again, I'll make something special happen in Hunter Classroom.


NAKAMURA: How many other Chapters will there be?

CRUSHERBOY93: I don't know. On with the story.

Nagisa looked at the time on his phone before gazing up, he knew he was a couple of minutes early, he knew he was nervous, he also hoped he looked okay, having chosen a light blue t-shirt with a dark blue over shirt, tan cargo pants and his blue, grey and black sneakers. Karma: Keeping it simple Nagisa? Nagisa: Shut up Karma, I wore the exact same clothes on my first date with Kayano. Kayano: It's true

"I wonder where she is?" Nagisa said

"Sorry, have you been waiting long?" Kurahashi asked as she walked up.

"A couple of...minutes," Nagisa said blushing, Kurahashi wore a simple light blue sundress which had green stripes circling the skirt, over top was a pale pink summer cardigan, she also had some light makeup on. Nagisa had to admit she looked cute, but in another way she looked beautiful. Kayano: Hey now… Nagisa: That's Geeky love me thinking it Sweetie, not me me. John: Aren't you guys the same person? Nagisa: Shut up John. John: I'm just saying Nagisa

"You okay, is my dress okay?" she asked saddened

"Of course, I was just admiring how cute you look," Nagisa admitted. Nagisa: Figures Geeky love me would say that. I have to complement my girlfriend, even if it's in a story and I'm the boyfriend of a different girl. Love you Kaede btw. Kayano: Ik, but that won't keep you safe for long. Nagisa: Come on Kayano, you know I wouldn't leave you. John: wasn't this conversation already done. Fuwa: Crusherboy93 is running out of things for us to say.

"Good to know" Kurahashi said "So shall we?"

"Sure" Nagisa said

"So the stop on our date is a comic book shop?" Nagisa asked. John: CALLED IT! Hara: Anyone could have seen that actually.

"Well we are geeks" Kurahashi said looking through the western trade paperbacks

"Man, DC Comics had some weird crossovers," Nagisa said. All Geeks in Group: Ain't that the truth.

"Such as?" Kurahashi asked

"DC Meets Looney Tunes, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman/Ghostbusters, Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica and let's not forget that time Superman helped out the Nesquik bunny" Nagisa listed off. Karma: Huh, those are weird crossovers. John: I've read a few of them, they aren't actually that bad.

"So that keeps things interesting, beside you can't talk Marvel's had some odd ones" Kurahashi said

"Like?" Nagisa asked

"Punisher meets Eminem, Archie meets the Punisher, Marvel Zombies vs the Army of Darkness, Star Trek/X-Men, New Avengers and Transformers and of course the weirdest one to date: Spiderman meets Ren 'n' Stimpy" Kurahashi smiled. Hinano: Way to go Geeky Love me, atta Girl. Taiga: That's my girl for ya, cheering for someone even if that person is herself and is dating another guy. Nagisa: Come on Okajima, it's only until Summer starts.

"To be fair, Archie also has met Predator and TMNT" Nagisa said "Plus they had Wolverine marry the Witchblade once"

"Seriously?" Kurahashi said

"Yeah, and how is the Avengers teaming up with the transformers weird, considering Marvel has done several Transformers comics in the past." John: The Avengers and Transformers teamed up? Nagisa: Yeah they did. It was very weird to read.

"Seriously?" Kurahashi said. John: Hinano, please tell me you actually knew those. Hinano: I did, must be a bigger Geek than Geeky Love me. John: Clearly.

"Yeah, heck they also did Godzilla as well" Nagisa said

"That I can believe, ah here we are."

"Gotham City Garage, I don't think I've heard of that one" Nagisa said

"Think Mad Max with the DC Comics girls being badass bikers, it was a web-comic before they published it as a pair of trade paperbacks" Kurahashi explained

"Oh nice" Nagisa said before spotting something "No way, the Red Goblin"

"Red Goblin?" Kurahashi asked, picking out a Wonder woman graphic novel and trade paperback. Yoshida: Nice choice man. Nagisa: I've made it very clear, that's Geeky Love me making the choices, not me me, John: We also made it clear that you're the same person.

"Oh yeah, it's the final story for the writer Dan Slott who'd been working on Spider-man for ten years, it's about Norman Osborne getting the carnage symbiote and going after several people in both his and Spider-man's life. John: OH, now that's a god one. I've only read a few issues of it, but it was seriously good" Nagisa said geeking out a bit before reining it in, "Sorry" Nagisa siad making Kurahashi laugh softly

"It's okay, you can be as geek as you want around me" she said softly while smiling

"really?" Nagisa asked

"Sure, now how about some lunch?" she asked as they paid for their new books. Chiba: A date after going to a place you both like, nice. Nagisa: You make it sound like that's actually me doing it. Hiroto: Technically… Nagisa: Maehara you finish that statement I'm kicking you in the balls. John: That is technically you though Nagisa, and you can't kick Hiroto in the balls because I finished that statement and not Hiroto. [John then got kicked in the balls by Nagisa] Nagisa: I know, that threat was also for the person who finished his sentence.

"You can't be serious" Kurahashi said as she bit into a dumpling

"I am serious," Nagisa said, chomping on some gyoza, "I'm telling you that Superman will lose to Wolverine." Hinano: You're joking right? John: I agree with Hinano, are you joking? Nagisa: Guys, it's my personal Opinion.

"How?" Kurahashi asked "No blade can pierce his skin" Kurahashi argued they call him the Man of Steel for a reason"

"Simple, he has adamantium claws" Nagisa said "Adamantium cuts steel like a knife through water." John: Water?! Come on Nagisa. Nagisa, Even I think that was a stupid choice. I would have said Tofu.

"Water, I thought it was butter," Kurahashi said.

"Water cuts easier" Nagisa said

"Yeah, but you can't exactly 'cut' water now can you, before once the blade moves, the water just reforms on the other side of the blade" she said smiling. Rio: She's got you there Nagisa. Nagisa: I'm not denying that, I agree with you.

"True' Nagisa said looking down as he took a sip of his drink, "So where to next?"

"I'm not sure" she shrugged, after they finished their lunch they went to the cinema, but they didn't see anything worth seeing, some of the posters for upcoming posters looked cool, but other than that, there wasn't much to see so they just left the cinema and walked around the mall, one shop grabbed Kurahashi's attention so she yanked Nagisa in there before seeing what she spotted and throwing it at Nagisa, who just shrugged and looked at the shirt Kurahashi threw him, it was a replica of the over shirt Noctis wore for Final Fantasy XV, one of Nagisa's favourites. Shrugging he tried it on, noticing it fit him well

"You look good in that." Kurahashi said. Kayano: [Glares at Hinano]. Hinano: C...C...C...come on Kayano, you know I would only do that to Taiga. Kayano: Still...

"I suppose" Nagisa said taking the shirt off and draping it over his arm, he looked around until he spied Kurahashi looking at a white dress that was her size, he smiled knowing she seemed to like it, but walked away, Nagisa frowned until he saw why; the price was a bit steep, even for him with the money he saved up from his job at Grind Finale. But he noticed the shape of it and the material, he could commission a replica of it from someone he knew. Either way Nagisa got the jacket and left the store. John: I sense foreshadowing. Nagisa: I do too.

It was getting late as the sun was about to set, so the pair waited at the bus station for the next bus, Kurahashi lightly dozing on Nagisa's shoulder as the pair waited. He smiled as he looked out into the sky as it was painted in hues of yellow and pinks. There was one thing plaguing his mind though, the Summer would be here soon and he knew that this had moved on from being fake, so instead of breaking up, he was going to do the opposite; he was going to confess in the summer. Nakamura: Awww. John: Foreshadowing. But the question is how would she react to it? He hoped it would be positive; well if the previous dates he went on with her were oaky that must mean he's doing something right; Nagisa continued to muse on his thoughts when the bus arrived. So he gently nudged his date awake. John and Nakamura: AWWWWW! Nagisa: I do that with Kayano too. Toka: We all know that, Nagisa.

"Is it here already?" Kurahashi cutely asked waking up

"Yeah it is" Nagisa helping her up and making sure she had everything before they got on the bus.

When Nagisa got home from walking Kurahashi home which was a bit away from where he lived, he decided to remove his shoes and sneak in. John: Not going to work.

"You're late kiddo" his dad said from the couch reading a paper John: Called it!, while his mother was a bit better she was still strict, but after middle school his parents got back together, meaning there was more of a balance and his mother's less stable attributes which meant many of things Nagisa had to deal with while he was with his mother were slowly getting better "So any good reason?"

"Yes I would like to know as well" his mother said walking in

"Oh um...I was walking my girlfriend home" Everyone at Nagisa: Can you be any less secretive? Nagisa said making his parents seize up so he tried to sneak away

"How long have you had a girlfriend?" Hiromi asked making Nagisa freeze up. Karma: Uh-oh, someone be trouble

"A couple of weeks" Nagisa said smiling making Hiromi look at him "Okay, okay the beginning of this week"

"And is she?" his dad started to ask. Rio: They're good.

"Yes, she's nice, she's funny, she's cute and I like her, maybe something more than like okay?" Nagisa said. John: Well I'm not telling you any secrets. Nagisa: Stares

"Sure thing Nagisa, we're just shocked by it" his father said smiling "And of course we're happy for you" he smiled

"We are," Hiromi said, smiling softly before Nagisa hugged both of his parents. John: Huh, you think she at least yell for hiding Hinano. Nagisa: Shut up John

"Thanks you guys" he said walking off to his bedroom

"So how did it go?" Sugino asked after ringing Nagisa

"Not bad, all we did was walk about the mall, had lunch and then walked around some more." Nagisa said as he placed his new books away. Karma: Basic first date. John: I know, me and Toka did that too

"Is that all?" Sugino asked

"Yeah man" Nagisa said before he worked on something

"So you think this will work?" Sugino asked excited as he knew the situation. Sugino: Straight to the point… Kanzaki: I like that. John: Same here.

"I'm hoping, after all I've got something planned" Nagisa said

"I hope they work out man, I think you should do it" Sugino said

"I will man, but I think some other things need to be revealed beforehand" Nagisa said

"Now that is a bold move dude" Sugino said

"Please, didn't you do the same thing with Toka?" Nagisa asked

"I might have" Sugino said

"Not sounding real confident there pal" Nagisa said as he finished fiddling with the object

"I'm serious, but what do you think she will do?"

"Not sure" Nagisa admitted

"Not sure" Kurahashi said. Hinano: I feel like GL Hinano and GL Nagisa said that at the exact same time. Nagisa: I agree. Kayano: I also think that.

"Come on girl, you got to be confident about these kind of things" Yada said

"I know, but this is kind of new to me" Kurahashi said

"Don't worry, I don't see what ever bad thing you're thinking of happening with him" Yada said

"I don't either, but it could happen," Kurahashi said gripping her pillow as she held her phone with her free hand.

"I think he may surprise you just yet, but I also think one other thing" Yada smiled

"What's that?" Kurahashi asked

"You've been hit by Cupid's arrow real bad" Yada said Toka: Damn straight GL me. John: Yup.

"I guess so" Kurahashi blush looking up at the stars and sighed "I think I'm falling in love with him"

"Dude, I think I'm falling in love with her" Nagisa said Hinano: Again, said at the exact same time John: Wouldn't be a ship involving Nagisa and Hinano if they didn't fall in love.

"About time you found your Jean Grey man" John and all the Geeks of the world: JEAN GREY?! Nagisa: Yeah man, that's the first one you can think of?

"Seriously, that is the first geeky girl you think of!" Nagisa said

"Okay, okay my bad. About time you finally found your...Pepper Potts" Sugino said. Sugino: That better for you guys? John and all the Geeks of the world: Much better.

"Better man" Nagisa laughed "See you later bro"

"Night man" Sugino said before Nagisa hung up. Once he did, Nagisa looked at the star again and smiled before getting ready for bed.

JOHN: Another Chapter bites the dust.

TOKA: I really like this story so far

NAGISA: To be honest, same here.

NAKAMURA: So we're now four chapters down, 18 to go.

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