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A Geeky Love review @crusherboy93
Chapter 1

NAGISA: So let me get this straight, you want us to do a review of a story done by a different fanfiction Writer.

CRUSHERBOY93: That's right.


CRUSHERBOY93: Because if you don't I'll make you all die in Hunter Classroom.

TERASAKA: That's a little dark, and you're bluffing


TERASAKA: There's no way you would kill us all off, you would get bad reviews saying that you shouldn't have done that.

CRUSHERBOY93: … I'll put an extra 100 billion Yen in the joint account for absolutely no reason if you do the reviews


NAGISA: OKay, first Chapter of a Geeky Love, here we go.

Nagisa Shiota was not what one calls a hunk, he was kind of short, girlish in appearance and not to mention he was just plain average. Nagisa: not even through the first paragraph and it says I have a girlish appearance. I'm never going to lose that look, am I? John: Hey at least you're in that story. I could have been in that universe if Crusherboy93 did oneshots of his favorite scenes. But what most don't know was that he was a massive geek; western comics, manga, anime, video games heck he even enjoyed film, which is not really geekish if you think about it. Nakamura: My Nagisa, I didn't know you were into Comics. Nagisa: Oh shut up Nakamura. But over all Nagisa was a geek and one that didn't publicise that he was one, due to troubles at home with his mother, his dad on the other hand was probably the cause of his geekiness showing him Deadpool comics at a young age. Kamra: Deadpool Comics Nagisa? I'm surprised you didn't turn out like Fuwa with breaking the fourth wall. Fuwa: He was too young to have that happen to him, I was about 10 when I started to break the fourth wall. Anyway back on topic Nagisa was feeling morose due to the fact he was single and he was surrounded by couples; he couldn't date his original crush was unavailable since she was asked to join the idol industry despite being an actress. Kayano: So this story's Nagisa had a crush on me, how cute. Nagisa: Yeah, but if I didn't get with you in this story, who did I get with? He cursed her manager so much! Either way he was not looking where he was going when he crashed into someone, looking up he saw that he bumped into a girl with bright orange hair, and the most dazzling pair of peridot green eyes, he's mind then clicked what happened and help the up girl, one who was familiar to him: Hinano Kurahashi. Nagisa: Ouch. Sorry Hinano. Hinano: It's okay Nagisa, even if we didn't actually crash into each other.

"Um hi" Nagisa said

Hinano Kurahashi was what one would call a cheery and energetic girl with a love of life, and that a literal love of life, she studied Biology, Zoology and the odd bit of genetics-not that much. Hinano: That describes me to the letter. Aside from that Kurahashi was also kind of a geeky girl, she loved reading the adventures of western super heroes, diving into shojo and shonen stories as well as the odd josei title. She racked up dozens upon dozens of hours on different video games ranging from RPGs to FPS to RTS and she of course loved sitting down in the cinema watching the latest blockbuster film while munching on some freshly baked sweets from the bakery next door. Nakamura: So we have two geeks in the group. John: I just realized who the main couple is in this story. Everyone else but John: Who? John: Nagisa and Kurahashi. Kaede and Taiga: WHAT?! John: They're both geeks in this story. The story is called A Geeky Love. I simply put two and two together. She of course hid that side of her, because no one would be friends with her if they knew how much of a geek she was. Nagisa: did you really think that hinano? Hinano: Yeah, I was worried that you guys wouldn't be my friends anymore if you saw my geeky side. Toka: Girl, you need to get your head out of your ass. Of course we would still be friends with you silly. Taiga: Not to mention that you have me as a boyfriend, believe it or not I am a geek too. Everyone else but Taiga: Really? Taiga: Yeah, is it really that hard to believe? Everyone else but Taiga: Yes. But at the moment she was happy as she had just picked up the latest issues of her favourite comic books and was thinking about when she got home to read them when she crashed into someone, once she finished wincing she looked up and saw who crashed into her, he had long sky blue hair pulled back into a ponytail and had sparkling blue eyes, she knew who it was: Nagisa Shiota one of the best English students in the class who quickly started to help her up

"Um hi" Nagisa said

"Hey" Kurahashi said back to him. Kaede: Seems like the beginning of a cheesy romance movie. Everyone else: agreed

"So what brings you out here?" Nagisa asked

"Just getting something" Kurahashi said "What about you?"

"Same" Nagisa said looking down and seeing the dropped and scattered objects on the ground, so he darted down making Kurahashi do the same making the pair rush around to pick up their items, which one hoping the other wouldn't discover their comic books, Nagisa looked at the comic in his hand 'When did I pick up a Wonder Woman comic, I thought I had Captain Marvel' Nagisa thought Hinano: Captain Marvel Nagisa? Nagisa: I like Marvel comics

'I don't remember ordering a Captain Marvel, I'm sure that it was Wonder Woman I picked up, so where. Ah there it is in...Nagisa's...hand...SHIT!" Kurahashi said Nagisa: DC? Hinano: it's my version of the marvel comics that you like

'Wait does Kurahashi have my Captain Marvel comic...crap' Nagisa thought.

"You dropped this" The pair said as they held out the comics in their hands. Which was quickly traded back to their original owners before being placed with their other comics

"'re into comics as well?" they asked each other Karma: Talk about Ironic and awkward you two. Nagisa/Hinano: Shut up Karma.

"Serious?" Kurahashi asked as they sat on a bench

"Yep, my dad started me down the path of geekdom with helping me read my first comic book

"Which was?" Kurahashi asked

"Deadpool," Nagisa said, making Kurahashi look at him weirdly. Karma: Seriously though Nagisa, Deadpool comics? Nagisa: Yeah, I'm proud of what I like, so sue me.

"Seriously?" she said

"Yeah, I mean why not. what was your first comic, My little pony?" Nagisa said back. Hinano: Bold of you Nagisa to assume I read that stupid comic series. I may be a nature lover, but my little pony is something I despise with a passion. Nagisa: Just to be clear, it was my counterpart in the story we're reviewing who said that, not me. Ryu: It's still you Nagisa. Nagisa: YOU'RE NOT HELPING MY CASE HERE RYU!

"Of course not, its was Fruits basket" Kurahashi said

"Western comic not manga" Nagisa said

"Oh in that case it was...Power Pack" Kurahashi said "Then I switched over to Titans"

"Titans?!" Nagisa said "That comic series" Hinano: What's wrong with Titans? Hara: Yeah, I heard it's a good comic series. Both Nagisa and Hinano: Only Pre-New 52.

"It was quite good, during that time" Kurahashi said defending what she read

"Which was?" Nagisa asked

"Pre-New 52" Kurahashi said

"And yet you still read DC Comics" Nagisa smirked. Hinano: Doesn't matter, I love DC Comics. Nagisa: I'm not judging. Kotaro: But you are in this story. Nagisa: Shut it Kotaro.

"Of course, have you checked out the Court of Owls by Scott Snyder, it was a terrific story arc, heck the Court of Owls did something that the Joker never was able to do; they drove Batman mad, and they made you turn the comics on several pages to actually show it. It was pretty good" Kurahashi said. John: I read that series, that was messed up, but awesome at the same time.

"And then that was preceded by one of the most messed up Joker storyline; Death in the Family '' Nagisa said. Hinano: Looks like that Nagisa's read some DC comics. Nagisa: Yeah, except he got the name wrong.

"That was the storyline where they killed off Jason Todd, you're think of Death of the Family" Kurahashi said. Terasaka: Yeah Nagisa, come on. Get your storylines straight. Nagisa: Shut up Terasaka.

"Yeah that one" Nagisa said. Nagisa: There, you see, corrected.

"I suppose it is a bit dark, but not like Marvel hasn't done anything dark" Kurahashi said

"Name one storyline that was 'dark'" Nagisa challenged. Hinano: No one should challenge me when it comes to comics

"Fear Itself, Old Man Logan, Marvel Zombies, Demon in a bottle" Kurahashi listed off

"Which was a one shot" Nagisa interjected. Terasaka: can we skip this and not do any more reviews. John: Come on Terasaka, where's your sense for adventure. Terasaka: WHAT ADVENTURE?!

"True it is, Sins Past, Alias, Daredevil Born again, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Shall I go on?" Kurahashi smirked

"Death of the Family, Death of Superman, Final Crisis, Blackest Night, Watchmen, Injustice, Countdown, The Dark Knight Returns" Nagisa countered

"Okay, okay I get the point. So what now?" Kurahashi asked. Nagisa: I think I won that. Hinano: I see that too. So I concede defeat

"About what?" Nagisa asked surprised

"We know that each other are nothing but big geeks, so what shall we do?" Kurahashi said. Kayano: Yeah Nagisa, what shall you two do? Nagisa: Come on Kaede, it's not like I'm going to leave you for her. You know that.

"Well, what if we become friends, so that way we have someone to talk to and geek out with, I know it's been hard being the only geek in my group of friends, I bet it's the same for you" Nagisa said

"Yeah it is, well alright then, its agree, we're friends" kurahashi said

"Sounds good," Nagisa said "See you tomorrow?"

"Sure thing" Kurahashi said as the pair separated. Nagisa: Why do I have a bad feeling about this? John: I did tell you that you and Kurahashi get together in this story, again that's my theory.

The next day at school Kurahashi was humming along when her friend Toka Yada came up to her looking panicked

"What is it?" Kurahashi asked

"Please...PLEASE tell me you have a boyfriend." Yada said. Hinano: I don't like where this is going already

"Maybe, why?" Kurahashi asked

"There's a bet going on between me and Taiga, on whether or not you have a boyfriend, if you do I get 1500 yen"

"And if I don't?" Kurahashi asked

"You have to go out with him" Yada admitted. Hinano: KNEW IT

"WHAT! I mean he's a nice guy but everyone knows what else he is" Kurahashi said. John: [Laughs] OH MY GOD. THAT WAS TOO HILARIOUS. Nagisa: Who in their right minds would date that fucking dweeb. Everyone but Terasaka, Karma, and John: NAGISA! Terasaka, Karma, and John: Damn dude, looks like you're no longer the innocent… Nagisa: Shut the fuck up you three, I had it with you three always fucking up my dates with Kayano. John: Hang on, I never… oh wait yeah I did.

"So do you?" Yada asked, looking worried, what they didn't know was that Nagisa was listening in. Kurahashi was in a full blown panic. Nagisa just sighed and looked at the window, while muttering, "I'm too nice a guy" Nagisa said getting up and walking over making the two girls freeze, smiling he leant over and kissed Kurahashi's hand shocking the pair "Hey honey, how are you today" Nagisa: I am too nice of a guy. All the girls: True.

"Nagisa?" Yada asked, she knew the guy mostly kept to himself, but other than that he kept to a small group of friends, but to be dating her best friend was something she had not been expecting. Kurahashi was just a shocked before she got an idea

"Excuse me, but I need to talk to Nagisa for a bit, isn't that right handsome?" Kurahashi asked

'Oh crap' he thought. Hinano: [Giggle] that was cute of you to think that Nagisa. Nagisa: Are we still forgetting that it's not actually me.

"Seriously, kissing my hand?" she asked. Karma: Yeah dude, too cliche. Nagisa: Shut it Karma.

"It was either the hand or the cheek," Nagisa said "So what's wrong?"

"Okajima might have a crush on me," Kurahashi said. Okajima: Might?!. Nagisa: This is that story's version of you we're talking about Okajima. Okajima: So, she's my actual girlfriend

"oh okay then, why is that bad?" Nagisa asked

"Because I see him as a friend only, so I was wondering" Kurahashi said making the red flag in Nagisa's head pop up "If you could be my fake boyfriend for a bit" John: [Laughs] Damn Hinano, can you be any less blunt. Hinano: Shut up John.

"How long is a bit?" Nagisa asked

"Summer break" Kurahashi said

"Okay, see you" Nagisa said

"Please don't, come on you have to help me out" Kurahashi said

"On what grounds?" Nagisa asked. Karma: That would have been my line Nagisa, can't wait to see what she says.

"1. I'm a girl, 2. I'm a fellow geek, 3. I'm cute" Kurahashi said smiling.

"1. Don't care, 2. So what, 3. I know the Yusaku Fujiki 3 things from VRAINS as well" Nagisa smirked. Hinano: Wow, you were cruel in that part. Nagisa: Why didn't I cave in like I unfortunately do a lot in this world. John: You're one to talk, you and your wives in Hunter Classroom, including my own wife, convinced me to put Tentacles in your and Karma's necks. Nagisa: So? John: So, you know that I caved, even though I started out with a firm no.

"Fine, I wasn't to do this, but if you don't be my boyfriend, goodbye secret geekdom" Nagisa: Would you have really done that? Hinano: Maybe [giggle]. Kaede: Back off Hinano. Hinano: Relax Kaede, you know I would never take Nagisa from you."

"You're bluffing" Nagisa said

"I am?" Kurahashi said

"Yeah you are."

"And why's that?" Kurahashi asked

"1. you'll have to lie about how you know that, 2. you're own geek status would be reveal 3. you'd never be able to prove it" Nagisa said. Hinano: Damn, those are some good points. Nagisa: Thank you.

"Try me" Kurahashi said

"Hey Kurahashi" Yada said making Nagisa distracted allowing Kurahashi to press her lips onto his and threw her arms around his neck, before adding the final touch, one of her feet daintily in the air, and as for Nagisa he was confused before he gained a deadpanned stare. Nagisa: [Hit's head against table] damn it Story me. John and Karma: [laughing their asses off]

'and right now, SUCKER is written on my face isn't it?' Nagisa said before he placed his hands on her hip tenderly and softly pulled away. John: DAMN STRAIGHT ABOUT THE SUCKER PART NAGISA. Nagisa: Shut up John.

"Sorry about that Yada" Nagisa said

"No problem, you just gave me 1500 yen, PAY UP!" Yada said walking into class

"So you agree huh?" Kurahashi said, walking back into class.

"And if this was a romantic comedy it would end with a flash forward to where we're standing in front of an altar and she says I do" Nagisa said "I'm way too nice" Nagisa said walking back into class. "I need coffee." he said. John: [places coffee cup next to Nagisa] Figured you can use this. Nagisa: Thanks man, I do love coffee. John: I know, that's why I made it for you.

Hara: So one chapter down, how many are there?

John: From what I gathered, 22.

Toka: I like how I made a bet with Okajima and got 1500 Yen from it.

John: Of course you would, next Chapter.

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