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Todoroki & Iida VS Punctuality (Or Lack Thereof) 

V. Todoroki & Iida VS Punctuality (Or Lack Thereof) 

“We’re already late.” Shouto says, rather unnecessarily. 

“Yes.” Tenya agrees.

“Backup won’t get here in time.” Shouto continues.

“I would assume not.”

“Hm.” Shouto hums, in that tone of his that Tenya recognizes to mean he is thinking rather deeply. “I say we go for it.”

“I concur.” Tenya says, and kicks the door open. 

Their short interaction at the door proves to be the start of a series of unimaginable chaos and failure. Ten minutes later Shouto is unconscious and hanging limply from the scaffolding, feet and arms bound in black-tar rope. Tenya shifts in his own bindings, searching for a weakness, and finding none.

The villains around them appear amused at his futile struggle. “Not so strong without your boyfriend, huh?” She says, digging a finely sharpened nail down the side of his cheek with enough force to draw blood. “We’ve got plans for him. You’re just the bait. I promise we’ll take good care of you in the meantime...” 

Tenya does not give her the satisfaction of witnessing his fear or any reflection of the pain they inflicted upon him. His ribs ache and he’s sure his ankle will need medical attention. Above him, Shouto’s body spins slowly like a sick hovering display of art. Instead: Tenya, the hero Ingenium, sets his jaw and says: “It’s too late for you, I’m afraid. He’s already here.”

The villain draws back, confusion and alarm spreading across her cruel features like a storm moving in. “What does that --?”

A blur of green. The roof comes tumbling down, and a streak of green and black smears above his head. In another instant Tenya is free and running after the green lightning. “I heard you were looking for me!” Izuku calls out. In the dim lighting, his eyes practically glow with vicious energy. He steps out into the beam of light on the floor from where he burst through the ceiling.

Shouto’s head rolls to the side, tucked into Izuku’s neck. Tenya is grateful for the swoop of relief in his stomach at the sight of his steady breathing. “I had to cancel our reservations.” Izuku says mournfully. He gently kicks the arm of one of the unconscious villains on the floor. While Tenya scopes out the rest of the warehouse, Izuku re-adjusts Shouto’s limp body across his back. Despite the levity in his voice and posture, Tenya picks up on Izuku’s simmering worry underneath the mask. He also senses Izuku’s crushing relief the two of them are (mostly) unharmed. In the distance, sirens fill the air.

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