news on the nines @stanzas “This is ridiculous.” Izuku sighs. “I’m never going to have a day off if you two keep this up.” Todoroki and Iida are Pro Heroes themselves, but somehow they end up doing less of the ‘saving people’ part of their job and more of the ‘getting saved’ portion. Or: five times Iida and Todoroki need saving and one time they save somebody else. 2 years 7.3K 0 0 My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア Teen & Up English Complete FriendshipHumorRomance Izuku M.Shouto T.Iida T. Izuku M./Shouto T./Iida T. Established RelationshipPre-RelationshipGetting TogetherFuture FicSnapshots Read 1. Ingenium VS The Law of Gravity 2364 0 0 2. Entropy VS Naptime 1772 0 0 3. Ingenium VS Solid Objects And The Inability To Phase Through Them 749 0 0 4. Todoroki VS The Media  829 0 0 5. Todoroki & Iida VS Punctuality (Or Lack Thereof)  449 0 0 6. Deku VS Murphy’s Law 1168 0 0